Everyone Can Live Beautifully Rich Life

beautifully rich life

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”



What if i tell you that starting today, You have a rich and blissful life ahead? Did someone tell you recently that you are unfortunate? Or did you have a passing thought about your misfortunes. If you believe that you cannot be happy and live a rich life since you are following the spiritual path, YOU ARE WRONG.


The truth has not been told. You have a lot of lies around you. The problem is that there’s a lot of competition. People want to be happy and successful but they do not want others to get ahead.

In the Spiritual World also, ego and desire can easily creep in. The so called seers and gurus will tell you that according to law of karma, if you have done bad in the past, you will pay for your sins. While this may be true, the fact of the matter is that, the promise of a beautifully rich life is always with you.


Your true nature of bliss is always with you. The truth is that YOU ARE BLISS itself.


The suffering and bad luck is nothing but the dimensions of your dream nature that you can easily LET GO.


Your bad luck and misfortunes are part of your ego that you can easily disassociate with. Once you do that, your misfortunes will turn into tremendously blissful and rich experience.


YOU Cannot Be Destroyed

Yes that is right. Stop disbelieving your own nature. Stop crying and whining. If Buddha saw you crying and lamenting, he would become a ‘laughing buddha’ LOL.


How can the sky be destroyed? How can the vastness of this universe be contained? No, it’s not possible.

You ARE that sky. You ARE that vastness.


The only problem is that you do not believe in yourself. You doubt your true nature. The only thing that keeps you from attaining a rich life that you deserve, is YOU.

There is no OTHER. This is true for everyone. This is the beauty of the world. In a dream you can be frightened by your own shadow. In a dream you can do anything stupid. But once you are AWAKE, you understand that all this stuff in the dream is not true.

Similarly when you will wake up from this dream of life, you will see your indestructible nature.


Know Your True Nature, Be Effortless

It does not have to be painful. Life is not a struggle. Good things will start happening as soon as you sit back and rest in your true nature.


So, what is your true nature?

Your true nature is of Nothingness. You Are NOTHING. In this fact itself lies your greatest power. This nothingness is powerful. Everything comes out of nothing.


And when you effortlessly stay in this understanding, Miracles happen.


When you are fully aware of your own power, your bad karmas and bad luck just do not stand up. They burn in the bright fire of your own true nature.

This is how you KILL YOUR KARMA.


This is the secret of success. That is how you put all thoughts to rest. That is how you smother all notions of your misfortunes. That is how you go beyond what people tell you about your bad luck.


The truth is that everyone can be happy and live a rich life. You just have to see that it’s coming!


If you have read this far, come with me further. I will be sharing a program that you can enroll for. This is what i call the BRL (beautifully rich life program). In this I will show you exactly how you can start living a life that is YOURS for the taking.


This is not something that i give to you. This is something you ALREADY have. I will just show you how it is yours.


Beautifully Rich Life (BRL) Program

No it’s not a 2 weeks program. It is not something i intend to start for money. I’m not a money seeker. In fact the more i stay away from it, the more it seem to come.


This is a program for you for FREE. Just send me an email from the contact page on my website.

This program will feature meditation techniques, one on one session and mutual group disucssion.

So what are you waiting for? Send me an email.


Start Living Beautifully NOW

There is no one who can stop you. One moment of shift in your awareness and there it is, right before you.

Even if you are not believing all this, the spark is right there burning in you. The fact that you are reading this, indicates your intention of becoming spiritually awakened.

Start now and the best will not be far away!


Stay Blessed!

Zen And The Art Of Spiritual Health

Zen and Spiritual Health

Health cannot be defined. You can only define a disease. You want to be physically and mentally  healthy but do you know that when you have spiritual health, you automatically achieve a perfect state of health. Recently I was asked about how to get rid of physical ailments. In this article I would love to explain the relation between Zen, spirituality and health.


True health is when you are happy with yourself. It is not just an absence of disease. Health is just not being disease-free. It is about being happy in the great awakening.


What is health?

This is the beauty that you cannot define health. It is also a remarkable boon that you cannot define it 🙂

Precisely because you cannot define health, you can enjoy it thoroughly.


In the spiritual world, whatever you can pinpoint will become like a ‘pointed pin’ and will be painful.


defining enlightenment



Health is similar. The more you try to pinpoint health, the more sick you will become.


A perfect state of health is when you don’t even know what is health. It is only when you are sick that you start talking about health, medicines and so on.


On the spiritual path, once you become aware of the nothingness of existence, you allow perfect health to come into your life. This ‘Nothingness‘ is a great effortlessness. You become so lightweight that even a serious disease becomes ‘NOTHING’. You just laugh all the way.


Nothingness of Existence – An Open Gate

Your health will remain intact when life energy flows freely. It is like when you allow fresh air to come in and stale air to go out.

This is the principle of Yoga. You take in vital life force through eyes, nose, mouth. And you clear out the waste from your body exits. Once this continues unobstructed, you remain healthy.


Similarly when you understand the fundamental nature of existence, you attain perfect health.


The fundamental nature of existence is like ‘An Open Gate‘. This whole existence is full of ‘Emptiness‘. It is a vast space. A vast empty space with freedom to create anything. And everyone and everything in the universe is a ‘Nothing‘.

You, me and everything else is nothing. We are just spaces. This is realized after meditation. This is our true nature. A limitless and boundless freedom with unlimited health and richness.


Once you realize this nature of existence as your own true nature, you realize that the gates of your perfect health are OPEN. They are open 24 hours a day and they never close.


Nothing bounds you and nothing makes you sick except yourself. The more acute your vision of your existence, the more sick you become. The more ego-centric life you live, the sicker you will become. Let’s see how.


The Meaner you become, The Sicker you get

Spiritual health is about being awake to perfect health. The only health is spiritual. It is the base of all ‘healths‘.

Your doctor may have told you many times that health is, more often than not, a state of your mind. The more positive you feel about life in general, the better health you will have.

More negativity in your mind will breed bad health.


An unaware mind has a limited view of self. When you are spiritually asleep, you don’t realize your boundless nature. Your scope is limited. Hence your chances of being negative are more. The chances that you will become sick is more.


The more ego you have, the sicker you will be.


It is as simple as that. More ego as a result of your false sense of identity will bring lots of anger, frustration, lust and bad energy. This will lead to poor health.

The more carefree and closer you are to your spiritual awakening, more healthy you will be.



Here it is interesting to note that on your spiritual journey, you develop a ‘SPIRITUAL EGO‘  which is stronger than a ‘Normal Ego‘.

Hence during spiritual journey, some people will find themselves more unhealthy and sometimes fighting with grave diseases like cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.


Hence one must leave ego behind. Learn how to Meditate properly.


The sooner you realize the pinnacle of your spiritual journey, the better it would be.


Spiritual Health and Zen Awakening

Zen does not distinguish health or sickness. In fact, we don’t care whether we’re sick or healthy. A zen student simply has no preferences.

Zen way is the natural way. And in following the natural way, we are naturally healthy!


Our way is easy and happy-go-lucky kind. Everything comes to us. We don’t choose and hence we appreciate everything.


The Zen Awakening brings a practical approach to spirituality. Zen masters and students are practical. We are not interested in concepts. We do not think a lot.

We just live our lives as is. The plain and simple way is our way. We eat when we feel hungry. We sleep when we are tired. We argue when it is necessary and we do what is necessary for the moment.

There is only one thing that we do at the end of the day. We let go of everything. Each moment is new for us. Each second is a new birth for us.


We are not constrained by anything. We do not constrain anything.


The great awakening is boundless and eternal. There are no restrictions anywhere. As soon as you realize this nature, you become happy and healthy.

This is the secret of spiritual success. Be it spiritual health, physical or mental health, worldly or outworldly success, this is the entry gate. You must realize this true nature of existence as yours.


Liberate yourself from your chains because there aren’t any! 🙂


It is not just about health. Anything that helps you will come to you automatically once you are in tune with your true nature. Become what you already are and then the ultimate source of happiness and freedom and health will be yours for the taking.

Stay blessed and stay fit!


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The Endless Circle Of Life And Death (Perceive It and You’re Free)

circle of life and death

The circle of life and death is never-ending. Once you carefully meditate about the whole thing, you are set free! What will you identify with? The waves or the ocean? If you deeply ponder you will understand that you’re neither the waves nor the ocean. What can you call your own? Even your self is not your own. Get rid of all attachments and then the great spiritual awakening occurs!


The pattern of life and death is before you! What can you call your own? The wise do not possess and are not possessed by anything or anyone! They silently slip into the unknown!

circle of life and death


Most of us do not realize that it is a vicious circle. Life and Death happens continuously. Not one single moment it ceases. It is endless. So your attachment to anything is meaningless. Nothing is permanent. The moment you realize this completely, you are free from all identities.


The Circle Of Life and Death

Let us look closely at this circle. A life is born and then passes through youth, old age, sickness and finally death.


Life and death are happening continuously. The whole existence can be compared to the Ocean. Life and death are like the waves in this ocean.


Whether you believe in rebirth or not, the fact is that Life and death processes are happening continuously.

Somewhere around you a life is born and there is happiness there. And then somewhere around you is a death happening and there is gloom there.


If you ponder like this about life and death, you will understand that there is nothing you can call your own. You cannot possess anything. Death will take all away.


Ordinary people are too afraid to ponder over the issue of life and death. That is why they are tied in life and death processes and attached to things.

However on the spiritual path this leads to a great thirst for awakening.


A spiritual seeker looks beyond life and death and finds the eternal truth.


Seeking Beyond Life and Death

Once you begin to understand the vicious circle of life and death, you start seeking something beyond it.

Your spiritual quest takes on a different meaning.

However, beyond life and death, there is nothing to ‘seek’


There in lies the secret of spiritual awakening. Beyond life and death there is nothing to seek. Your very understanding of this vicious circle leads you right to the doorstep.


You should know who is it that seeks beyond birth and death?


Ask yourself this question over and over again. Who is it that seeks? If there is nothing beyond birth and death, What are you seeking?

Meditation will lead you to the awareness of the fact that there is Nothing to seek beyond the present moment. Meditation will help you get rid of the seeker and the sought. In reality, there is nothing to seek.


Many spiritual quests go haywire when you keep looking. You keep looking for something extraordinary. You keep looking for something magical, something extra-ordinary.


But the secret of spiritual success is to stop looking, stop searching.


No Object No Subject

In the transitory world, you don’t belong to anyone. Nothing belongs to you. There is no subject who perceives and no object perceived. There is only one eternity!


If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

~ Zen Proverb


Nowhere will you find an IDENTITY.


Your view, my view, or any other view doesn’t matter. It is just a viewpoint.

Things out there, in here or anywhere don’t matter. They’re just thin air.


Nowhere can you place a finger and say, “THIS IS TRUTH.”

Nothing can completely satisfy you.

Nothing can help you identify yourself with.


All efforts to pin-point the truth are useless. The truth is nondescript.

The beauty is that once you understand this, The truth is clearly visible.


So, the fleeting world is not just something to run away from. It is not just something to detach yourselves from in order to lead a spiritual life.

It is there to help you realize the drama.

It is there to make us understand the truth.

The formless beauty of the eternal self.


Once you realize this drama of life and death. Happening again and again and again……………….


This dead routine, dying and living and doing it for EONS.


The wise will simply break through. Just by watching the whole process of life and death. Just by viewing this process, a tiring and relentless occurrence.

The only thing left to do is coming out of it. You can only drop off from this endless cycle of life and death.


The natural process after eons of life and death cycles is to simply AWAKEN.

Awaken to the facts and awaken to the eternal music. Once you come out of your sleep, it will then be YOUR CHOICE to stay in this circle or simply drop out of it.

Great sages have the power to continue to be reborn or to quit this cycle.


A Bodhisattva choses to come back again. A buddha choses to come back again and again, just to help others get rid of the suffering.

You may not realize but this endless cycles of births and deaths is causing you great grief. And over and over again you fall into the same dreamy trap.

Even if you do not believe in the cycle of birth and death, you are not free. It is only when you awaken will you truly be free.


The time to start is NOW. Start watching life and deaths occurring. Ponder over sickness and death. Observe the trees flowering and then withering.


Observe how a child and an old person go through almost the same set of life circumstances. Both need diapers. Both need someone to hold them. Both need help.


Life has its own graph. If you observe carefully, when you are a child you are weak. Then you start accumulating energy. You gain a lot of strength and things. When you enter middle age you have everything. Then slowly you start losing your health, vigor vitality and energy. You become weak again. And then, Die.


Just see that you are not your body. Just see that you are not your mind. Just see that you are nothing. You are neither this nor that.


Once you clearly begin to see things, you will see your true self.


Then the circle of life and death will continue…….. but you will not be there. You will have disappeared in thin air. You will have become eternal bliss!


The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

the ultimate spiritual awakening

You want to be absolutely sure you have experienced the ultimate spiritual awakening. But is that possible? Recently I’ve received questions from seekers about the final self-realization. Yes there may be stages of attaining enlightenment. But spiritual enlightenment is not a science. This experience of eternity cannot be divided into segments of time.


You will obviously ask: “How do I know I have awakened?”

You are so eager to declare yourself ‘awakened’. You are so desperate to find something. You are in a hurry to find peace. You can’t wait to kick out despair and depression from your life.

Being this way, you are completely out of tune. You are no way near achievement.


The State of Mind You’re In

If you ask me scientifically, I would say, “Just watch your state of mind.”

If you insist on finding your ‘stage’ in awakening, just watch your mind.


You will find yourself correctly if you look into Your Own Mind.

  1. Are you still looking for something?
  2. Are you still comparing yourself with someone?
  3. Are you still searching?
  4. Are you still looking for a sign?
  5. Are you confused about your spiritual awakened state?

If you are doing all the above, you are not awake!


Because once you have awakened, there is no way you can’t see. Your doubts and discomforts will vanish.


Just watch your mind. Observe your mind. Observe how it behaves. Observes its actions.


Watching this way, you will ultimately discover your true awakening! When your doubts and discomforts vanish, you have achieved the ultimate spiritual awakening.



Your doubts and discomforts disappear!

I like to use this term to denote the ultimate spiritual awakening state.


What do we mean by ‘doubts and discomforts vanishing‘ ?


We discussed above how your state of mind depicts your awakening.

The state of mind in which it becomes boundless and unpredictable is what I call ‘doubts and discomforts disappearing‘.


When Your Mind touches the eternal, it becomes boundless and free. This is when your ‘doubts and discomforts disappear!


doubts and discomfort vanish



Whenever you find yourself in doubt about your own spiritual awakening, You are TRUE.


Of course if you are unsure of your awakening, you are right. You have not awakened. In the ultimate state, there is hardly a doubt left.


When your mind is completely FREE, you are free of all doubts and discomforts. Then you just do all the actions without restraint.


To summarize, your doubts and discomforts can be said to have vanished:

  • When you act without restraint. When you eat you simply eat, when you drink you simply drink. When you eat and drink you simply eat and drink. When you eat, drink and read the newspaper, you simply eat, drink and read the newspaper. YOU DON’T DOUBT.


  • When you think without restraint. When you put your point across like an ‘arrow straight out from a well-formed bow‘.


  • When you live without restraint. No fear of death remains. No negative or positive remains.


These three are probably THE ONLY TRUE INDICATORS of the ultimate spiritual awakening!


The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

the ultimate spiritual awakening


Spiritual enlightenment is like one water bubble crashing into another bubble. Once it happens there is neither two bubbles, nor one bubble, nor such a thing as a BUBBLE.


When the bubble of your intellect crashes with the bubble of your ego the true awakening happens.


Yes, the ego is your bubble of perception. Your five senses and its objects create the bubble of your Ego.


The bubble of your ego is your false perception of who you are. This is your physical ego. Your small ego.


Then there is the bubble of your intellect. This is your higher Ego. You feel closer to God. You find yourself as formulator of theories.


All agnostic people have bloated intellectual bubble.


When both these bubbles collide, When your smaller ego and your bigger ego collide, then the ultimate spiritual awakening occurs.


How does this happen?


When you are detached from the sensory objects and the five senses, Your small ego feels suffocated.

When you are detached from all intellectual theories and their nuances, Your higher ego feels suffocated.


When the above happens, You are neither satisfied nor feel comfortable. There is then, nowhere to hide. The two egos collide with each other. One ego tries to find solace in another which another fails to provide.

When the Higher and Lesser Ego fail to provide solace to each other, they collide just like two water bubbles colliding with each other.


What results is called, “The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening.


Both the lesser as well as the higher ego disappear. Only the Boundless Mind remains. This boundless Mind is the Buddha.



Spiritual awakening is the dawn of a new Mind. A completely unfettered and non-obstructing Mind. A mind which does not stop itself. A mind that does not hinder itself. A mind that does not seek itself.


Such a boundless mind shines brightly everywhere. The innumerable things and phenomenons which you see in this world are nothing but creations of this brightly illuminated non-obstructing Mind.


When you have achieved this Mind, you can be said to have truly attained Self-Realization.


The point to note is that THIS MIND already exists Here and Now!

If you are not enlightened, it simply means you are unaware of its presence.


This awakened state of Mind is of Not Staying, Not Returning. When you achieve awakening, you don’t stay there, nor do you return from it.


Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂


Therefore now to answer the question about the “final stage of self-realization“, I have only THIS to say:


Spiritual Awakening is a state of No Stay, No Return.


You can’t stay 24 hours in that state as long as you have this physical body.

You can’t return from that state in that you don’t fall from the bliss!


There is nothing else to say about it.


You must look into Your own mind. You must identify the state of Mind you are in.

And only then you can realize the nature of your own being. Only then you will realize the stage of your own spiritual awakening!

Stay Blessed!

How To Get Rid Of Ego? – Being Egoless Means Bliss

how to get rid of ego

A surprise awaits you. Although the topic of this article is ‘how to get rid of ego?’, the fact is that you are already egoless. If this is your spiritual dilemma, then it is time to SMILE. The good news is: You are already free. Ego seems to exist because of your false notions. In reality, ego does not exist.


When your false ideas drop away, you see the reality of the ego. You see that the ego is not there at all. Ego was never there. The whole spiritual journey is about ‘getting rid of your false ideas and opinions’.


Here in this experience which you’ll read, you will realize that ego does not exist. If you go through this article with deep meditation, you will understand. You will discern that ego is a shadow. You will realize how living moment to moment sees the END of your idea about the ego.


What Is Ego? (Your preconceived notions)

You believe you are somebody. Well, you are of course somebody. But WHAT IS this somebody?

If you ask this question genuinely: WHO AM I?,   you will realize that there are millions of ideas popping in your mind.

You have ‘N’ number of ideas about yourself.

I am this. I am that. I am a handsome hunk. I am a beautiful girl. I am the rich guy. I am a follower of Jesus. I am a Buddhist.

And So On…..


But do you know that these are all IDEAS?


Whatever you ‘think’ you are, is JUST an idea of who you are! ALL ideas ‘about you‘ are false.


Are you just an idea? LOL. Sounds silly and demeaning. The truth is that these are all false ideas. In fact ALL ideas ‘about you‘ are false.


The Idea Of The Ego


That is THE EGO. All ideas about you and these are all false ideas. 100 percent fallacy. So whatever you call ‘yourself’ is false. Your EGO is false.


How To Get Rid Of Ego?

You’ve seen how the EGO is false. So now if you ask me ‘how to get rid of ego?’, I will say:

What is the need to get rid of it? How can you get rid of something which is JUST AN IDEA? Sounds crazy.

Getting rid of the ego is as simple as not believing in that false idea. An idea is just a creation of your brain. All ideas about you and your truth are FALSE. They will mislead you.


Once you realize that ego is false, dropping it is as simple as spitting. You spit it out. Otherwise it will ruin your taste of truth.


Here is an interesting article by Sadhguru: What is Ego? Does it need to be destroyed?


If you have an idea about yourself, you will live with it each day. You will try to match up to that idea. You will defend your ‘image‘. You will do a thousand and one things to protect your ‘idea of yourself’, which is your EGO.


An interesting observation is that when you live ONLY in the present moment , you become free of your idea. You become free of your ego.

This is because you are not trying to hold on to your ‘idea’. You are not trying to put up with your ego. You don’t have any set personality then.


On the other hand, if you live in the present, you will have all the chances in the world to discover your true identity!


One of easy ways to get yourself rid of false ideas is to Meditate. You must learn how to meditate. The only WAY OUT of your suffering is to meditate. Meditation will bring you closer to the NOW. Meditation will bring the beauty of present moment awareness.


how to get rid of ego



Egoless – The true way of being (Your original identity)

Ego is always the subject matter of philosophy and spirituality alike. This is because it is the HUGE and STRONG door which hides your true identity. Although it is false but if you STRONGLY believe in it, you will be GREATLY affected by it. The more stronger your belief in your ego, the more difficult will it be to experience your true nature.


Behind the veil of false ideas, lies your true nature. Your reality lies beyond ALL your ideas.


The ideas are only good for the external world. An idea about a new scientific innovation is great and useful. An idea about improving external conditions is awesome. However, You MUST NOT have an ‘idea’ about yourself. Don’t experience yourself as an idea. Experience yourself firsthand.


That’s right. You have to face your true self. Do not form a false idea.

Only when you discover yourself as vividly and directly, you will come to know what true bliss is. This is what spiritual awakening is all about.


Once you are devoid of false notions, your mind and heart becomes light.

You become light-hearted. Because all the troubles of the world is because of your EGO.

Sometimes a false idea is more powerful than the truth. This is because you believe in it.

Your own belief in your ego strengthens it.


So the ONLY thing you need to do on your spiritual journey is to stop believing in who you are. Great motivators and positive thinkers will ask you to ‘believe in yourself’. All these motivators do not know that they are leading you MORE towards your EGO.


Stop believing in yourself. That is my advice to you.


Yes, because only then you will start on a spiritual journey. When all faith in yourself is lost, you can truly begin on your spiritual path.


There are only 2 paths after all faith in your ego is LOST. There are only two paths remaining when you completely stop believing in yourself:


  1. You commit suicide or plunge deeply into depression.
  2. You embark on a spiritual journey which is true to the bottom of your heart.


Almost all spiritual leaders have begun their spiritual journeys from deep depression. Deep sorrow, either of themselves or others have led these people on a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey which is so deep that out of that has come forth a religion. The Buddha, The Mahavira and others have experienced that abyss. They have experienced that deepest meaning of suffering. And out of that have evolved a quest that led them to spiritual enlightenment.


So, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT. Start today and give up your false identities. Become completely naked and devoid of pretenses. Live an authentic life.


Once you give up false ideas (your EGO), there is no other choice but to live moment to moment. Now there is nothing to hold on to. No identities.

The only true identity is ‘flowing continuously’ like water. Your true nature is like water.


Flow from moment to moment. From one moment to another drift like a leaf on water.

Flow; and in this flowing you will discover lightness. Your heavy heart will become light weight. Your sorrows will disappear into thin air.

Keep flowing, keep flowing and then…………….. When death comes, it will be YOUR CHANCE to experience complete divinity!

The Infinite Source of Your Happiness, Wisdom and Peace

the infinite source

You want to be happy. You want to be smart and forever young. You want peace and prosperity. But do you know about the eternal and infinite source of all this? That source is your home. That is your soul. Once you are spiritually awakened, you are connected to it. Just like a mobile phone never shuts down when connected to a power outlet, you will never know weakness of any form once you discover your original source.

Read on and you will get a glimpse of this eternal and boundless source.


Trying is just not good enough

Your whole life is a struggle. Admit it. You work ‘hard’. You know only about working hard. You have created your lives around it. Struggle is what you love. There are innumerable stories of getting what you want through hard work.

Thousands of quotes and stories exist that motive people to work hard.

Your aim is always to ‘try’ hard…., harder……, hardest.

Even thieves and swindlers work ‘hard’ to get the easy way out.



Your whole life is nothing more than an endless struggle. This is contrary to who you actually ARE.


People who are awakened have something remarkable about them. Have you ever met such a person? An enlightened person stands out subtly.

  • He has a glow on his face. Some call it aura.
  • He appears gentle. (Ever seen signs of struggle on a tensed personality?)
  • He has a subtle calmness in his demeanor. An utter state of balance.
  • A mystical smile is visible.
  • A charm resides in him.
  • His worldly activities gets completed without strife or struggle.
  • He knows no challenges and ALWAYS wins the play of life.


An awakened person NEVER works hard. I say it from my experience.

Physically, yes i may stretch a little but mentally, NO. Mind is used only as per requirements 🙂

Once you discover this spiritual source, you don’t try. You automatically get everything as if it is served on a golden platter.

Remember, You are a King. Don’t behave like a beggar.

Meditate and start your spiritual journey as soon as possible. You too can discover your true nature and become one with your infinite source of strength.


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The Artless Art

Do you listen to music? If you love listening to music you would have noticed how different you feel when you listen to your favorite.

Remember how nice you feel during orgasm. No, it’s not a taboo. Anything that carries the quality of the eternal bliss cannot be a taboo.

The above two examples give you a direct glimpse of the nature of your being. This is the quality of your infinite source. This is the nature of your boundless source.

It is like an art which comes from within. A beauty that is not fake. A beauty that is 100 percent ORIGINAL.


The beauty lies in the fact that it is NOT contrived. Once you become awakened, you become 100 percent ORIGINAL. Anything which is pure and original has a beauty about it.


You must have heard that the remake of a particular movie was not as good as the original.

Why a duplicate version seem tasteless as comparison to the original? It is because the beauty in the fake version is lost.


You cannot recreate original beauty. That is artful without imposing itself.


A duplicate tries ‘hard’ to impress. Remember what we discussed in the beginning?


Your whole life struggle has become UGLY. This is because you have deviated from your origin.


Once you find back your original nature, you regain your beauty. Once you are spiritually awake, you find your original beauty. This brings immense happiness, peace and prosperity which was always YOURS for the taking.


Again, you should start Meditating and advance on your spiritual journey towards the origin. You should do it as soon as possible.



Infinite Source of Bliss and Spiritual power lies within. The kingdom is within

The shopping mall is a lovely place. You get a lot of good things to purchase. Things that catch your eyes and senses. You want to indulge. The urge is irresistible.

But how long can you stay in a shopping mall?

You enjoy doing parties and hanging out with people. Nothing wrong with that.

But can you do it forever? Will you be able to enjoy it forever.


The law of the universe is that the human being is born, he ages, is dis-eased and ultimately dies. That is the truth of the body.


You cannot base your happiness on external objects. Youth is a time when you want to have fun. But how long can you find happiness there? It is your attachment that will give you trouble.


Attachment to external objects will take you away from your original nature (source).


It is only when you go within, will you find true happiness.


The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.
The Bible (Luke 17 NIV)


There can be no argument against it. All spiritual seekers know where to look. It’s within.

Once you discover this kingdom, you will realize that you are the King. And so is everything else.


The outward differences will exist only as a dream. It will be easy to navigate to and from this outer world to the inner. The duality will, no more, be a dilemma.


Needless to say that this source is THE source of everything. To the spiritually asleep, this can bring forth pain, pleasure, calamity, fortune, ups and downs. BUT for the spiritually awakened, it brings only the TRUTH.

Once you are aware of your true nature, you automatically derive the best out of your origin.

You become peaceful, quiet and remarkably blissful.

Your original source brings you THE ULTIMATE. Everything your mind and body found impossible, is now possible.

The whole experience is so beautiful. It is not something that was CREATED. It is something that is ALWAYS PRESENT.


This is the original. This is the pristine. This is YOU!

Let us go back to who we are and let us not dwell in dreams anymore!

One Moment Please – How Your Life Can Change Instantly!

one moment heaven

You have a priceless gem with you. The beauty is that it’s present this moment. Even if you are in deep hell you can bounce back to heaven. All it requires is THIS one moment. Once you realize the miracle already present now, you can become free.


Imagine sitting with your worries and suddenly it’s gone. Suddenly a flash of imagination appears. You see a beautiful scenery. In that one moment of awareness you’re taken from hopelessness to hope. You see an image, a video, a child or anything that instantly puts you in the right frame of mind.


The whole process of spiritual awakening is only this. Waking up to this power of the present moment is enlightenment. Slowly but surely you make this awareness STRONG. When the power of the present moment becomes fully clear, you become enlightened.


Spiritual Awakening is the process of slowly realizing the power of the present moment!


When you fully realize this and never forget it, one is said to be spiritually enlightened. In this article we are going to see how we can develop this awareness so that suddenly we find ourselves, AWAKENED!


one moment heaven
pic courtesy: youbeauty.com


The power of now

Yes there’s immense power in the now. This moment now has all you need. It can give you everything. Beware though that the universe is neutral. It does not care what you think is good for you. It has its own wise mind which knows what’s best.


One moment is all you need to enlighten yourself. It is not that hard, is it?

In his book, The power of now, Eckhart Tolle explains the miracle of living in the present.  Once you fully acknowledge that there is only this moment that is worth living, you are set free.


So the first step in our journey towards that one moment is this:

Realize the power of this moment. Realize that THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE. The past is only your imagination. The future is only your imagination. The present is the only thing which is real.


If you know well and truly and accept completely the present moment, you have begun your process of self awakening.


One moment please – focus on your breathing

This is considered to be the best meditation. Focus on your breathing.

This is actually a tool to bring your awareness to the present moment. With each breath, your attention grows stronger. The more you focus on your breathing, the more strong your awareness becomes.


This is the secret behind all meditations. To bring you completely in the present moment. All forms of spiritual powers and miracles are the outcome of being ‘completely present’ here and now!


So this is the second step and is more of an exercise. You must learn how to meditate and focus on your breathing.

Here is an interesting image to do this exercise. This image can be used as your personal meditation tool 🙂

deep breathing for anxiety


Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂


The more you become an expert in this, the more easily you can enlighten yourself.


The dawn of true happiness (BLISS) (FREEDOM) 🙂

Slowly as you practice this way, you will come to the peak. The peak of this moment. This is just like orgasm. Yes, you heard it right. The peak of your practice (of present-moment awareness) is the spiritual bliss.

The appearance of true happiness and dissolving of ego happens at the peak. When slowly your practice grows, there comes this ‘ONE MOMENT’ when you realize you’re free!


That is the magic of the single moment I spoke in the beginning. You don’t even realize when this moment came. When suddenly you realize that you have always been free. You’ve always been happy. You’ve always been living in bliss. You just didn’t realize this.


attention here and now


Then you realize that whatever you do is magical. The task at hand becomes your breath. The whole life becomes like breathing. Since focus on breathing is what you did to attain to the present. Now, this life seems like breathing. It pulsates with you!


This also gives rise to your beautiful Mind. Your superbly focused mind which I spoke about in my previous article. The superbly focused Mind brings with it a new quality to your Life. It seems like some magical power has been attained.


Once you gain complete awareness in the present moment, you become a magician. Everything starts to happen as per your wishes in a way you never thought. Sudden coincidences start to happen. You slowly start realizing your dreams and desires. Your life becomes magical.



To conclude (although nothing is final in the spiritual world 🙂 ) we just saw, in layman terms, how to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The more you develop this habit of living in the present moment, the more your life becomes less burdensome.

It is no hidden secret that this is the only way out. There are many fortune tellers and there are many past-lives readers. But all these sciences are not at all related to spirituality. KEEP IN YOUR HEART this little secret:


This present moment awareness is the ONLY way to find happiness.


The quickly you accept this fact, the sooner your life will change! And it all happens in this single moment. Whenever you are in deep worry, anger or frustration just remember: You are forgetting the present moment.

Do whatever you can to snap out of this UNAWARENESS. Your sleep, your unconsciousness is only because of two things:

  1. One, either you are dreaming of a bright future, OR
  2. Two you are regretting your past.


The only way to come out of this unawareness is to bring your attention to the present moment. Once you fully realize that LIFE exists HERE and NOW, you will be free. You will attain supreme happiness. You will attain immeasurable peace. Your life will become COMPLETE!

The Cure For Insomnia – A Spiritual Answer

the cure for insomnia

I have seen lot of friends on Facebook complaining about insomnia. So I decided to help them, and wrote this article. The Cure For Insomnia lies in Spirituality. See how a simple exercise will instantly put you to sleep. Get relief from insomnia!


Why You are Awake All Night (or major part of it)

Let us first see what scientists say:

As per scientists and doctors, the common causes of insomnia are:

  1. Psychological problems and emotional distress.
  2. Medical problems.
  3. Drugs and medicines.
  4. Work conditions. (eg; Night shifts)
  5. Home conditions. (eg; Television in the bedroom)


APART FROM MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND MEDICATIONS (which is exceptional case), All Insomnia is man-made.


The reason why you can’t sleep is simple:

You do not want to sleep.

Yes you heard it. Plain and simple.


And if you want to argue on the above point, you have proved my point.


It is simple. People will say that they “WANT TO SLEEP”  but the fact is they don’t.


You think a thousand and one things at night. You are more interested in them than your sleep.


the cure for insomnia
courtesy: instructables.com


Your attachment to things and people is leading to insomnia.


The Cure For Insomnia (The Exercise)

What I am going to show you is solid. This exercise will help you sleep even if you are suffering from medical conditions or are on medication. I am going to put this exercise in quotes. Here goes:


  1. Lie down in bed or couch in a comfortable position. You could also do this sitting. But if you sleep sitting you may fall 🙂
  2. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES COMPLETELY. Keep them half-shut.
  3. Keeping them half-shut, do not move your eyes.
  4. Just remember to keep your eyes half-shut.
  5. Slowly but surely you will sleep in 10 minutes if everything is done properly.


Now let me explain why this works.


When you keep your eyes half-shut and do not move them, your mind is confused. Continued this way for few minutes, the mind goes blank. You snap out of it and come into this moment.


Now the exact energy of the present moment in which you WANT TO SLEEP, will help you sleep!


Just remember, you have to come back to here and now. You have to snap out of your mind. When the mind stops working, at that very moment, a glimpse to present moment can happen. In that moment, anything you want can happen.

In a nutshell in order to sleep,

  1. You must want to sleep and not do something else.
  2. You must snap out of your mind.
  3. You must come back to this moment.


Tell me if this worked for you!

7 Spiritual Awakening Signs of Esoteric Nature

spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening is a process where you becomes YOU. The Yin and Yang of understanding (YOU) is a perfect state of being. The balance is achieved when the ultimate realization dawns. No matter which path we take on our spiritual journey, the goal is to achieve this flawless state. The process of moving from unawareness of this pristine nature to its ultimate realization is caused by a shift in consciousness. This is called Spiritual Awakening.


In Zen Buddhism, Enlightenment is called SATORI –

Satori is the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism (in Chinese: wu). It is a key concept in Zen. Whether it comes to you suddenly seemingly out of nowhere as found in the Enlightenment process called Aparka Marg, or after an undetermined passage of time centered around years of intense study and meditation as with the female Zen adept Chiyono, or after forty unrelenting years as with the Buddha’s brother Ananda, there can be no Zen without that which has come to be called Satori. As long as there is Satori, then Zen will continue to exist in the world.

Satori roughly translates into individual Enlightenment, or a flash of sudden awareness. Satori is as well an intuitive experience. The feeling of Satori is that of infinite space.



What is this enlightened state anyway?

Ordinarily, people believe that spiritual awakening is only for SPIRITUAL or RELIGIOUS people. They think that it is not part of the ordinary life. This is the greatest mistake. Everything is happening for all of us. Everyone of us is involved in this process of spiritual evolution.


The greatest mistake we humans make is considering spirituality as separate from ordinary lives.


So what is a spiritual enlightened state? Let’s hear it from some of the masters themselves.


The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.


That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person.
Eckhart Tolle


You can have a tremendously transformational experience, and it doesn’t immediately get rid of all of your contradictions and confusions. Sometimes your deepest shadow comes up after your deepest awakening. Often we have to begin by admitting what is still churning within us.


Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realization that everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realization that everything is as right is it can be. Or better, everything is as It as it can be.
Alan Watts


Spiritual Enlightenment is only a remembering, it is only a reminding, it is only a recognition. You are already enlightened; you are just not aware of it. It is awareness of that which is already the case.


Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.
Chögyam Trungpa


Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.
Zen Proverb



This last one is exactly the sign of spiritually awakened individual. When you see the original returning in your life with a different kind of awareness to it, this is spiritual awakening!

Many things have been said about signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening. These are changes in body, mind etc.

However let us find out 7 signs that are not known to 99% people. These are hidden and help you develop spiritual powers.


Spiritual Awakening Signs

  1. This present moment now becomes extraordinary.

this moment now

One of the most esoteric spiritual awakening signs is that the present moment becomes extraordinary.

The ordinary objects seem brighter. The experiences and the objects seem to merge together. Imagine the bright sunlight enveloping everything. In bright sunlight everything seems like a light.

Similarly day-to-day simple experiences like sitting on bed is marvelously exciting. This is because after spiritual awakening you become totally aware of the present moment.

Let’s see a real life example.

Eckhart Tolle is an awakened being. He talks about his experience. Here is an excerpt from his discourse: (source: YouTube)


An awakened human being does not know anything except THIS MOMENT NOW!

He uses the power of the present moment to create anything he likes.


  1. Ordinary objects and experiences seem to make an impact.


When it’s time to get dressed, put on your clothes.
When you must walk, then walk.
When you must sit, then sit.
Just be your ordinary self in ordinary life,
unconcerned in seeking for Buddhahood.
When you’re tired, lie down.
The fool will laugh at you
but the wise man will understand.
Lin Chi (Zen master)

Another not well-known sign of spiritual awakening is this. You start finding happiness in ordinary things. This is because you start moving out of time. There is no past and future. There is ONLY this present.

the present moment awareness

As soon as you come closer to spiritual awakening, your past and future begin to die. You start seeing beauty all around. The ordinary objects start reflecting the eternal radiance.

This is not because the objects and experiences are themselves radiant. It is because when you are awakened, only your awakening remains.

The radiance of your spiritual awakening rubs on to daily activities and objects.

  1. Time does not move

Life and Death become one. Anything does not seem to be happening. The act and it’s effect are on the spot. You transcend your world.


Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.
C. JoyBell C.


Many people may have glimpsed this briefly in their lives. You may remember an incident where you were not aware of time. When everything seems to have paused. These were the times when you suddenly transcended your mind. A strong emotion perhaps, a death in the family, a shock.


In that moment you transcend your mind temporarily. Spiritual awakening is beyond your logical mind. Don’t think that you can grasp it as a concept.

Only when you go beyond your mind, will you experience it.


timelessness quote

Spiritual awakening brings timelessness with it. Your worries disappear. Your expectations disappear. You live in the moment. Time is a concept that is relative. When absolute happens, time disappears. All relative concepts disappear.


  1. True Love Arises


True Love is born from a deep understanding.


Spiritual awakening is the understanding of the phenomena of the eternal. An understanding which encompasses every living and dead being. It is an understanding that everything is ONE. Everything and everyone belongs to this ONE UNIVERSE. And nothing is going anywhere. They’re ALL HERE and NOW.


This deep understanding brings with it True love. A love in which there is a deep compassion. A love which cannot hurt anyone. A love which nourishes everyone.


When one  becomes this way one can see its magic. Things start to happen. Hatred and violence cannot enter you. This is calling the magical power of love that does wonders. Only a spiritually awakened being can realize its power. True love can bring immense peace in the world.


  1. Fear Disappears

This is a remarkable experience. Spiritual awakening is noticed by a stark and complete absence of fear. You feel yourself beyond death.


My fear and doubts have vanished like mist
into the distance, never to disturb me again.

I will die content and free from regrets.
This is the fruit of Dharma practice.

Milarepa, from ‘Fruit of Dharma Practice


Fear exists because you don’t know what you are. Once you realize your true nature, all fears disappear, Forever!


There is a story of a great emperor who was so powerful that he almost ruled every country on the earth. Once he met an old monk lying on the side of a river enjoying the calmness of a river

The old monk did not move on seeing the emperor. This made him angry. The emperor said: “How dare you not greet me? Do you know who i am? I can stand here and cut you in two with my sword and not blink an eye”  To which the monk replied: “Don’t you know who i am? I will keep lying down while you cut me in two and NOT BLINK AN EYE!”

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Once awakened, there are no impossible things out there. You can achieve anything your put your heart at. This comes from the power of fearlessness.

  1. Instant Results of Actions (Karma)

You may have heard about the saying:

As you sow, so shall you reap!


After spiritual awakening the delay between sowing and reaping is minimal.

In fact one becomes fully aware of this cycle of action and result. The enlightened one enjoys what he is doing. He does not attach himself to the fruits of the action. The cycle of action and results becomes a video game for him.


Life is never a serious affair after enlightenment. Everything is done very lightly. Karma becomes a game to be played till death of the body. Everything is just like a dream.


  1. The power to change things around you develops

This is the most esoteric spiritual awakening sign. You develop the ability to alter things. It is not that you gain this power. You only realize that it has been with you forever. It is not something acquired, it’s realized.

This ultimate realization of power within you is exciting. Now I am not saying you can freeze water by looking at it. Spiritual awakening does not make you a magician. Yes there are miraculous powers developed on realization. But these are more related to a superbly focused Mind.

When you become a master of that mind, only then you attain the spiritual power.

Spiritual enlightenment is itself a great miracle. It is a wonderful thing. It is an achievement in itself.

The power to change which develops is on a personal level. You turn bad to good, unfortunate to fortunate, sick to healthy and so on.


People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All are miracles.
Thích Nhat Hanh


When you awaken, you will find ordinary things doing miracles. And all the while you thought only You could do it.


These were the spiritual awakening signs that are less talked about. Once you awaken to the reality, you’ll notice them easily.


The Ultimate Miracle

the ultimate miracle


When ego is no more, you can see the dance of the universe. And you are SO very much a part of it.


Entering into enlightenment is like entering daylight after a lot of sleep. Suddenly there is light all around. In this light you can’t see your small ego, your small self. It vanishes. During the course of day-to-day life you will notice your ego. As long as you live ego will be there. But now it is powerless.

You have discovered that it exists only as a dream. The ego is only a part of your dream. When you are spiritually awake, you no longer have a false sense of self. Your falsehood and your conceptions disappear.


This is the ultimate miracle. You are doing something without your ego troubling you. Isn’t that wonderful?

You dance without ego. You play without ego. Trust me it’s a different ball game altogether after awakening.


What also happens as a result of awakening is that you go beyond words. Your actions become more important. Not in what you do but ‘how you do’.

How you sleep, how you speak, how you eat, how you walk; your light is reflected in your way.

You acquire a charm. People recognize you as if they have seen you before.


There is nothing that stops you. After awakening you know no obstacles. The road becomes clear. Your vision becomes clear. You become stress free. You achieve everything easily. You are like an artist that performs effortlessly and with grace.


Have you ever seen a dancer performing? When you become the dance and there is no dancer remaining, the act of dancing becomes perfect. Then there is neither ‘dance’ nor ‘dancer’; there is only ‘dancing’.


The universe is a phenomena. It is a process. There are no objects. There are only processes. It is a constant river flowing. It is constantly moving, yet not moving to anywhere. It is moving but in no direction. It is ‘just moving’.

When you realize this nature of universe, you will be free. Then there is no identity crises. In a flowing river the water has no identity. There is only a river. The water in the river is identified as only River. The water in the ocean is identified only as ‘the ocean’.


Flowing this way, your life becomes beautiful. You realize the ultimate and never go back to sleep.

How to Meditate and Find Peace

How To Meditate

It has been the secret of the sages. Now it has become a need. Meditation will lead to pure bliss and a stress free life. Let us learn how to meditate so that it may lead to total peace and spiritual enlightenment.


How To Meditate


Look at the picture above.


This picture sums up the answer to the question: How to Meditate?


Meditation is NOT:

  1. A sleep inducing exercise.
  2. Done with eyes closed.
  3. Sitting comfortably.
  4. Done to relax temporarily.
  5. Related to Buddhism or any other religion.


Meditation IS:

  1. Talking to your child.
  2. Cycling.
  3. Skydiving. (As shown in picture)
  4. Cooking.
  5. Exercising.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Singing.
  8. Playing games.
  9. Walking.
  10. Everything.


The difference between what meditation IS and what it IS NOT is this:


When you are fully present in whatever you are doing, You are Meditating.

When you are thinking about something else while doing something else, You are Not Meditating.


In the above picture, while skydiving one hardly is thinking about other things, hence it is a form of meditation.


By sitting idly any thought can come into your mind. And this will make you lazy. You will begin fighting with thoughts. Although mostly used, this form of so-called meditation will be tough and is not normal


How To Meditate

what is meditation

If you really want to find true peace, you will learn to be completely present.

Here’s how you meditate in your daily life:


Do not take out any separate time for doing this. Simply involve your whole being in whatever you are doing.  That’s Meditation. Forget the past and ignore the future. Simply LIVE in the present moment. That is how you meditate.


The beauty of this form of meditation is that you go beyond all concepts.

The moment you are beyond all concepts, you will be free.

By meditating this way you will be free from past and future.

This freedom from past and future will create SUPREME BLISS AND SATISFACTION in your life.


Trust me, there is no other way to enlighten yourself. There is no other way to meditate.


People these days do meditation only for relaxing. They think it is a pastime. It is not.


Meditation is not something that is to be used just as a tool for stress relief or relaxation.


Meditation, if made a way of life, can bring about a complete transformation in your life. You will become whole and free.


Meditation will lead you to your own truth. It will make your life playful.

Most importantly, it will help you realize the Unity of all things. You will not feel left out. You will feel yourself a part of this cosmos. You will find yourself one with everything. The fear of death will vanish.

You will let go of the need to be in control. You will enjoy all moments in your life and even in death there will be complete peace. You will experience beauty in giving, sharing and loving.


Meditation is walking when you walk, talking when you talk, sitting when you sit. It is the act made perfect in itself.


Just follow this way of meditation and you will surely find bliss and content in your life!

Stay Blessed!