The Endless Circle Of Life And Death (Perceive It and You’re Free)

circle of life and death

The circle of life and death is never-ending. Once you carefully meditate about the whole thing, you are set free! What will you identify with? The waves or the ocean? If you deeply ponder you will understand that you’re neither the waves nor the ocean. What can you call your own? Even your self is not your own. Get rid of all attachments and then the great spiritual awakening occurs!


The pattern of life and death is before you! What can you call your own? The wise do not possess and are not possessed by anything or anyone! They silently slip into the unknown!

circle of life and death


Most of us do not realize that it is a vicious circle. Life and Death happens continuously. Not one single moment it ceases. It is endless. So your attachment to anything is meaningless. Nothing is permanent. The moment you realize this completely, you are free from all identities.


The Circle Of Life and Death

Let us look closely at this circle. A life is born and then passes through youth, old age, sickness and finally death.


Life and death are happening continuously. The whole existence can be compared to the Ocean. Life and death are like the waves in this ocean.


Whether you believe in rebirth or not, the fact is that Life and death processes are happening continuously.

Somewhere around you a life is born and there is happiness there. And then somewhere around you is a death happening and there is gloom there.


If you ponder like this about life and death, you will understand that there is nothing you can call your own. You cannot possess anything. Death will take all away.


Ordinary people are too afraid to ponder over the issue of life and death. That is why they are tied in life and death processes and attached to things.

However on the spiritual path this leads to a great thirst for awakening.


A spiritual seeker looks beyond life and death and finds the eternal truth.


Seeking Beyond Life and Death

Once you begin to understand the vicious circle of life and death, you start seeking something beyond it.

Your spiritual quest takes on a different meaning.

However, beyond life and death, there is nothing to ‘seek’


There in lies the secret of spiritual awakening. Beyond life and death there is nothing to seek. Your very understanding of this vicious circle leads you right to the doorstep.


You should know who is it that seeks beyond birth and death?


Ask yourself this question over and over again. Who is it that seeks? If there is nothing beyond birth and death, What are you seeking?

Meditation will lead you to the awareness of the fact that there is Nothing to seek beyond the present moment. Meditation will help you get rid of the seeker and the sought. In reality, there is nothing to seek.


Many spiritual quests go haywire when you keep looking. You keep looking for something extraordinary. You keep looking for something magical, something extra-ordinary.


But the secret of spiritual success is to stop looking, stop searching.


No Object No Subject

In the transitory world, you don’t belong to anyone. Nothing belongs to you. There is no subject who perceives and no object perceived. There is only one eternity!


If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

~ Zen Proverb


Nowhere will you find an IDENTITY.


Your view, my view, or any other view doesn’t matter. It is just a viewpoint.

Things out there, in here or anywhere don’t matter. They’re just thin air.


Nowhere can you place a finger and say, “THIS IS TRUTH.”

Nothing can completely satisfy you.

Nothing can help you identify yourself with.


All efforts to pin-point the truth are useless. The truth is nondescript.

The beauty is that once you understand this, The truth is clearly visible.


So, the fleeting world is not just something to run away from. It is not just something to detach yourselves from in order to lead a spiritual life.

It is there to help you realize the drama.

It is there to make us understand the truth.

The formless beauty of the eternal self.


Once you realize this drama of life and death. Happening again and again and again……………….


This dead routine, dying and living and doing it for EONS.


The wise will simply break through. Just by watching the whole process of life and death. Just by viewing this process, a tiring and relentless occurrence.

The only thing left to do is coming out of it. You can only drop off from this endless cycle of life and death.


The natural process after eons of life and death cycles is to simply AWAKEN.

Awaken to the facts and awaken to the eternal music. Once you come out of your sleep, it will then be YOUR CHOICE to stay in this circle or simply drop out of it.

Great sages have the power to continue to be reborn or to quit this cycle.


A Bodhisattva choses to come back again. A buddha choses to come back again and again, just to help others get rid of the suffering.

You may not realize but this endless cycles of births and deaths is causing you great grief. And over and over again you fall into the same dreamy trap.

Even if you do not believe in the cycle of birth and death, you are not free. It is only when you awaken will you truly be free.


The time to start is NOW. Start watching life and deaths occurring. Ponder over sickness and death. Observe the trees flowering and then withering.


Observe how a child and an old person go through almost the same set of life circumstances. Both need diapers. Both need someone to hold them. Both need help.


Life has its own graph. If you observe carefully, when you are a child you are weak. Then you start accumulating energy. You gain a lot of strength and things. When you enter middle age you have everything. Then slowly you start losing your health, vigor vitality and energy. You become weak again. And then, Die.


Just see that you are not your body. Just see that you are not your mind. Just see that you are nothing. You are neither this nor that.


Once you clearly begin to see things, you will see your true self.


Then the circle of life and death will continue…….. but you will not be there. You will have disappeared in thin air. You will have become eternal bliss!


The Beauty in Brevity

The Beauty In Brevity

Your life is slowly slipping away! Are you living each day fully? There is something marvelous about this fleeting life. You will discover the beauty in brevity of this life once you see it AS IT IS.

What torments you is not the lack of time. You are unhappy because you miss the moment.

You are too busy preserving it rather than living it!

If you take this moment and live it for what it is, you won’t regret.


Once you accept completely that life is fleeting, it becomes blissful.


There is so much joy everywhere if only you respect everything for what IT ACTUALLY IS.


When you let a happy moment be happy and a sad moment be sad, you will find the hidden bliss.


The castle in the sand is washed away by the waves but there is a beauty in it.

The Beauty In Brevity


You can paint a new picture. You can rewrite your story.

If you realize the importance of fleeting moments, you will begin to relish it. It is in the small things of life that you will find true peace.


Since you never live in the moment, you lose it. You miss the greatest gift that you have been bestowed. THIS VERY MOMENT is a great gift which you need to live.


You miss the joy in life because you want to keep improving it. The beauty in brevity is your doorway to freedom. You can only realize it when you relinquish your desire to improve upon this universal creation.


The awakened one does not find anything to do. He has no TO-DO list. Since he finds perfection in this very moment he is living. Nothing he finds to improve upon. For the awakened eternity lies in a fraction of a second. This very moment he finds true perfection.


The idea that you can improve upon something is the cause of your worry. People go on forming aims and ambitions because they think they can improve.


You are not satisfied with who you are. That is why the concept of time. You need more TIME. More time to improve. You need more time to enjoy. You need more time to develop.

What You do not see is that you are already there. You are already eternal and perfectly fine. There is nothing you can do to improve. Nature is already perfect.


Once you awaken to this truth, you will understand why Zen is about ‘doing nothing‘. “Sitting silently, doing nothing. Spring comes and grass grows by itself.”


That is Zen. That is the perfect imperfection which Zen finds. The awakening is just a moment away. And you find it in the brevity of existence. You do not need MORE time. One second is enough.


Why you want to keep improving? (Answered)

We believe that the world before us is less perfect. We actually ‘HATE’ it for what it is.


Therefore we keep trying to improve it. We keep trying to improve our lives.

On a physical and mental level you CAN improve. But on a Spiritual level, you CAN’T.


You need to understand why i am saying this. Meditative awareness will help you realize this fact.


There is ABSOLUTELY no scope to improve Spiritually.




You are already perfect!  You are already that which you are seeking!


It is because you do not realize this fact that you want to improve.


Spiritual evolution is a path that starts and ends at the same place. The enlightened person can help you realize this and SHORTEN YOUR JOURNEY! 🙂


Long is boring. Short is Sweet

Have you heard long lectures?

Have you traveled great distances?

Have you watched a long movie?

Something running non-stop will lose its charm.


It’s only when there is an End, will it be sublime and elegant.


The End is very important. It is the culmination and perfection of the moment itself. If you become complete with it, you will attain your true nature!



Finishing with the moment itself (perfection explained)


If you follow this moment and be with it till the end, without fail; You will reach perfection. Not because the moment is perfect, but because You are perfect.


Live This Moment Fully - Cooperate with this fleeting moment and you will attain perfection


Do this simple activity:

Right now, whatever you are doing, concentrate on it. Do it with grace. Now listen to a voice/noise outside your room. Slowly bring your awareness from the thing you were doing to the noise outside.

Slowly progressing from this to the next moment, there is a moment of transformation. Watch that moment in between.


This exercise above will help you finish the moment perfectly.

You must understand that when you are done with whatever you are doing, you are done!


Live each day fully and die at the end of it. This will lead to liberation.


Once you find yourself in tune with the fleeting existence by not fighting with it, you will live each moment perfectly without effort.


This will be the dawn of a new era in your life. The life that was fleeting will look extraordinary. There is the beauty in brevity and there is the eternity too. Both are one!


Once you discover this secret of eternity tangled in fleeing moment, you will be free. You will discover the Oneness of existence! Your life will become a celebration.


Awake to this fragile life and discover the eternity in it.

There is no heaven up there. There is no hell. It is all here. In this moment itself lies the gateway to bliss!

Secrets of life and death – Not For Intellectuals

secrets of life and death

The Secrets of life and death are not for the intellectuals, period. The effortless art of living cannot be cultivated by the mind. It belongs to the heart!

This journey of discovering a jewel that you already possess begins with intellectual reasoning but the intellect cannot take you to it. At a certain point in time, you’ll have to drop it to proceed further!

Any spiritual discourse or a teaching that gives you a hint about this art of living cannot be perceived by the mind. That is why there are not many who are interested in spirituality in the first place. It is quite difficult and challenging to drop your own intelligence! 🙂 There are those who never give up.

You must be like a child to understand this secret.

secrets of life and death

Surrender your intellect!

Again, spirituality is not for your intellectual mind. It is not a subject in school or college. It is the ultimate subject of life and death. Stop chasing it with your intellect. You will never get it.

Yes, there are doctorates and degrees in philosophy. M. Phil. s and PhD s exist, but really they are just nonsense things to possess. Merely reading books about religions and spirituality and critical analyses of those subjects WILL NEVER make you spiritual.

It is the Jump which is discussed in a previous article, which is needed to reach that ultimate point.


What is lacking in the intellect?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Albert Einstein

What a great thought about that which thinks! Our analytical mind tries to count our Buddha mind. The Buddha mind is that mind which really matters (counts). This mind can also be called your ‘intuition’. Remember this is just a name. Again your analytical mind races to understand it. But it will not be able to fathom.

Your analytical or intellectual mind is actually an integral part of your ego. Unless you drop it, you won’t understand this art of life and death.

Both these minds are in different realms. So you cannot use the analytical mind to understand the Buddha mind. Also since both are essentially connected to the same source, they are in essence, ONE. This is known as the dilemma of the rational mind. Both of these minds are separate and both are unified. Take that! 🙂

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The Buddha mind is our identity. It is who we are. This mind doesn’t think. It is called the ‘HEART’. The jewel , the secret lies in here.

The secrets of life Unravel

When you put your mind aside, you become a noble person. There are Buddha’s four noble truths. You can easily understand them if you have successfully dropped your intellectual mind.

It is like a child loving you unconditionally. This unconditional detachment from your ego is called refraining from using your analytical mind. The child is innocent and has immense potential. That’s because she does not have the analytical mind a.k.a the ego.

The spiritual journey may begin with your intellect bending towards the subject. But you’ll only cover less than 1 percent of it if you remain stuck with your mind.

The jewel, the secret, the art of life, the spiritual and the eternal are the source of immense bliss and happiness. You MUST devote yourself to it instead of just letting it be an intellectual subject for discussion and argument.

Life is short and time is less. Get introduced to your true nature as soon as you can. This is of urgent importance! And you should start on your journey as soon as you can.

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Life becomes beautiful when you uncover the secrets of life. We are really born to connect to our true source. This journey is originally intended to be playful and joyous. But most of us live life with a long and sullen face.

Wake up, rise and shine! Claim your true place in the world and enjoy the beauty that lies around!

Death – Does it really exist?

Death does it exist

Does death really exist? What is the basis of your fear? Is death real or just another idea in your brain? If you see it clearly, the concept of death disappears.

Are you scared the world is going to end? Are you scared of losing everything? If you want to understand the truth of death read on..

The body dies and along with it it’s ego and it’s possessions. You cannot preserve this body forever. However this body is not your true identity. The thing which inspires you, the spark in you that lives, your energy are all part of your true identity.

What is it that dies?

The body which is composed of five elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space make your body and upon aging, just like any other machinery collapses. You can’t keep a machine alive for too long, can you? Even big industries have to replace junk.


There is a full stop after the above quote. That is true. Death does occur only to the body. The spirit inside you, lives. No, this spirit is not some form like ‘aatma’ in Hindu Mythology. This spirit is not something that ‘lives’. Death does not happen to it.

Death is for those who are at a low level of consciousness. People who just know about their routine life. Death is for those that know nothing beyond this body. Death is for those that are scared of losing their bodies. The MORE you identify yourself with this body, the more you cling to this ‘concept’ of death. Death is for the weak and the meek. Death is for those that are attached to the world of forms only.

By the word ‘body’ i don’t mean just your body or a human body. I mean all things tangible

So the more you love those tangible objects, the more you WILL die. Death WILL happen to you.

Death – Where it does NOT exist

Really, it’s easy! Death does not exist when YOU exist. The moment you realize that you’re not the body, you’ll start on a journey. This journey will lead to you know who you really are.

deathDeath is a concept in the mind. When you are in tune with your truth, it vanishes. It is not a stoppage, it is not a deterrent. Nothing is going to stop just because the body has died.

It is not a matter of religious belief as well. It does not matter if your religion says death exists or it says death does not exist. You should see the reality as is. Make no more concepts around death.

Another interesting fact to know is that as soon as the concept of death disappears, the concept of eternal life is gone! There will be many who teach you that they can provide a glimpse to the eternal life. They will provide ‘how to guides’ for achieving immortality. The Truth is:

Eternal life is already present HERE AND NOW! There is nothing blocking us from enjoying this bliss!

You were made to live in bliss. Open your eyes and see! Everything happening at this moment is your opportunity to wake up.

Death is not something to be feared. A life truly lived will bring such awareness which will rid your mind of this concept.

Eternal Life – A simple proof that YOU are forever!

eternal life

This simple fact that you’re about to understand will change your life forever. You ARE ETERNAL. There is nothing to do to achieve it! Sounds crazy? Read On..

When i was a child i used to wonder where i came from. I pondered deep about life, whether it is just temporary or eternal. I used to get really excited simply by this thought running in me that we have been here in this universe forever? Has this place existed forever? The place where you and i and all things seem to exist and live.

You and i are not different from this universe. We are it’s inherent parts. All the troubles of the world are only because we feel we are separate from this universe. The fact is this:

You, me, plants, animals, mountains, valleys and anything you can think or not think of ARE INSEPARABLE PARTS OF THIS ENTITY that we call the universe. In reality, this so called ‘universe’ is also our companion in that it is also a part of “THIS“.



The universe is itself a part of what i am trying to explain. In deep meditation you’ll discover this. It has been here since eternity and it will be here forever. It’s eternal. The body or the ego with which you identify yourself is like a bubble in the ocean. It’s not you. When you connect yourself to the eternal reality that is your own, your troubles will vanish. This eternal ‘thing’ which i am trying to explain is the only substance that is present in this universe and beyond. And you, me and all universes are an integral part of this ‘thing’.


How do you realize this eternal ‘THING’?

In deep meditation. Yes it’s like plugging a dead cellphone into a socket of electricity! The only difference is that this ‘electricity’ is subtle and calm. The nature of this eternal thing is not of turbulence. It’s more like a subtle blue cool and pacifying energy. You have to meditate to experience it. Once you’re connected to it you become that. This means there is only ONE that remains and you disappear.

Then the normal troubles , worries of daily life seem not to exist at all. They’re are there they just don’t ruffle you. You become calm, quiet but not inactive. You continue to perform your daily chores. This is what is excellent as far as i know. This is brilliance and the only thing a human being must persevere to achieve. This brings you success and happiness. This makes you a real human being!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Cya soon!

Life and Death – Two sides of the same coin!

Life and Death

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

Khalil Gibran

Life and death are the only events that are spiritual. If you can understand them, you will rest in peace. This is the ultimate mystery.

We are so busy in our normal routine that we fail to witness this fact. Life and death occurs simultaneously each day. Did you ever notice?

Every breath you take in IS life. Every breath you give out IS death.

The difference between an enlightened person and a normal person is this:

An enlightened person lives fully aware every moment in a day.

An ordinary person doesn’t even know what life is or whether he/she is even alive.

As long as you are dreaming, there will be pain. As soon as you wake up, you are enlightened and you will begin to see life and death as they really are!


Once you realize the beauty of this moment now and live in it, you will start Living


Is it The beginning or the End?

Life and death are probably the only mystery that needs to be solved. The conundrum needs resolution if peace is to be attained. All the activities that we do daily are related to these two aspects.

Life is a mystery. And so is death. Once you are able to see through this mystery, enormous peace will descend.

Let me try to explain life and death:

In a day, there are 24 hours. You wake up and do your daily chores. You eat, sleep, do other things and in the night, go back to sleep.

Just observe this journey that continues each day. Life is when you wake up in the morning. Death is when you sleep at night. It is very easy to understand.

I was listening to the news today and it showed how a huge earthquake had claimed many lives. Really, such news is shattering and disturbing. Life and death are probably the only phenomena in this universe that are more mysterious than any other. Once you discover this mystery, you’re free. The only problem in this world are either related to ‘life’ or ‘death’.


But are life and death totally different? Once a baby is born it starts breathing which is inhaling and exhaling. Every incoming breath is life and every outgoing breath is death. They’re really two parts of the same stuff called breathing.

life and death

If you look carefully everything in this world is composed of two very different parts, very unique, yet have the same root. Birth and death, pain and pleasure, hot and cold, black and white, yin and yang etc. Life and death are the parents of other dual phenomena. In other words, life and death give rise to all other dualities. And duality leads to problems.

The seers and sages have always stressed the need to understand the phenomena of life and death for this very reason.

Life and death – Both the unity and duality

It’s beautiful. The mystery is discovered when you flip the coin. How do you see both sides of the coin? You flip it and toss it in the air, right? That’s the beauty of this thing called life and death. To discover it’s mystery, just flip and toss it up. I mean, literally, be so light and playful that you see both life and death in your daily life. 24 hours a day see both life and death by being aware. Listen to the news of the earthquake, go out and enjoy the rain, laugh, cry, give it everything. JUST TOSS IT UP!

Once you toss yourself and take the plunge by breaking all attachments, you’ll see this mystery. I have personally experienced it. It’s just awesome and out of this world experience. Just go all out and live every moment and you’ll see both sides of the ‘coin’. You’ll see the beauty!


Stay blessed~

What is the truth of life – A zen approach

truth of life

Today i sat down to eat my dinner. I switched on the television and started watching the news. There was this political party meeting organized to support the causes of poor farmers. As i watched it in detail i was surprised to hear that a farmer came to the meeting and in front of all the leaders committed suicide by hanging himself.

None of the political leaders came to help. On the contrary they were busy with their speeches which kept on mentioning the poor farmers and their state of affairs in the country. What is even more surprising is that the farmer was right in front of their sight and they were even discussing about him. But no one came to the rescue. Eventually the farmer died.

This brought me to a remarkable truth about life. There are many truths however this one is great. It is this:

“The Menu is NOT the food”

the food is to be eaten, not the menu
The food is not in the menu

Talking about food is not going to ease your hunger. “The menu” is really not the food. One of the fundamentals of zen mysticism is that you SHOULD NOT LEAD AN ARTIFICIAL LIFE. Be true to yourself. Don’t eat the menu. Eat the food please.

The more we live a life that’s true to your deeper self the more we live a fulfilled life. Zen meditation is all about seeing eye to eye with whatever is. No running away. Once you know how to live like this there is no fear from death as well. Being true , being naked, being zen.

Until next time.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Cya later!

Find your balance – The Ultimate Guide to Happiness

finding your balance

Finding your balance is THE most important thing in life. Not just in the spiritual world but also for ordinary people. Once your find it your life becomes peaceful. You start realizing your true potential. This balance is a state of utter harmony with the universe.


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton

finding your balance

It seems we’re not in control of our lives. Some strange power is making us work and harder for nothing. If you look around, you’ll find all of us running. From morning till night we just follow a routine and live like zombies. We have forgotten the art of life. We are completely out of tune.


We’ll discuss how we can achieve this balance in our lives.

The only way out is to realize our true nature. We must know who we are. Once you realize that you are NOT this body and you are NOT the mind, you find peace. This moment of spiritual awakening is the key to finding your balance.


For spiritual awakening, awareness of your spiritual source  is a step forward towards inner peace. What you are out to find is already present. The equilibrium you want is already the way of this universe. You just have to tune into it.


Ever listened to a radio? The music is already on air. You just need to tune into that frequency on which it is playing.


Life is an art

An artist when creating a masterpiece is completely immersed in his art. A masterpiece is created only when he is completely engrossed, forgetting about everything else. This is a kind of detachment. When you are completely immersed in the present moment, you are detached.

This sense of detachment is again misconceived by many as not caring about the world you live in. It’s actually the opposite. Once you are detached, you’re not greedy anymore and you can GIVE.

You can start to care about others. You become more aware of the unity of life. More particularly about life and death. Even life and death are one and the same thing.

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Again, you must not overdo. Spirituality is not for people who want to gain something. It’s about people who want to SLOW DOWN and DEMYSTIFY existence.

Finding my inner balance is very important to me. I have faced numerous instances in my life where it was a DEAD END. It seemed like I should just give up. But magically something inside me pulled me out of all such situations.

How to find your balance

Meditation is needed to find your inner balance. This equilibrium is essentially present in the nature around us. You just need to be more aware.

Get out and enjoy the beauty of the trees, plants, butterflies. They are all enjoying the wonderful stability and rhythm of nature. Nature is already balanced and perfect.

We just need to open our minds and hearts to this fact. You don’t need to do anything. As soon as you are in tune with the nature, you find your balance.


Bliss is the rhythm of universe.

Once you are completely in tune with nature, you rest in this equilibrium. The silence of the universe descends on you. You become quiet inside and more aware.

This is like a soothing music playing. Finding your balance is as easy as listening to the music. Spiritual awakening makes you come alive to this music of the universe.

Listen intently, beyond your worries and tribulations, beyond your egoistic world, beyond all your conceptions and beliefs, lies this precious gem. Music of the universe is constantly playing.

This is the art of living. How to leave all your worries and monotony behind?

You don’t have to accumulate or learn anything. The secret is to leave and drop what you are clinging to. That is why you will not find me teaching anything to you.

All i am saying as per my experience is this:

To find your balance aka the bliss, don’t accumulate or learn anything, Unlearn and let go!

Once you get rid of this burden that you are carrying, you will find true spiritual freedom! The door of spiritual enlightenment will open!

Start meditating now!


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