Stress Relief The Spiritual way!

stress relief

Stress relief comes naturally if you are truly spiritual. There may be turmoil in the outside world, but being one with your source brings immense peace! When you have the wand of spiritual light in your hand, you are always blissful.

deep breathing for anxiety

Stress exists! Yes it does. As per Oxford dictionary, stress is:

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.


There is a key feature of stress. “Adverse circumstances“. A circumstance is a condition which exists in the world outside. It is a fact to the outside world. Whatever exists, exists!

Now the other part. “Adverse“. This has nothing to do with the outside world.

Surprisingly, all circumstances are just circumstances. There is nothing adverse or beneficial about them 🙂

Stress relief therefore is a rather fictitious or vague term. In reality, you are already born to be stress-free!

Simply put:

  • Stress is the outcome of ‘external’ circumstance(s).
  • There is no such thing as ‘adverse’ or ‘beneficial’ circumstances.
  • You are already out of this ‘stress’. (explained later).


Stress is a myth

The key to stress relief is understanding the fact that stress itself is a myth.

The external circumstance may exist, but not stress. We have seen how stress is the perception of it being ‘adverse’.


Spiritual enlightenment brings awareness to the fact that you do not belong to the world of circumstances. Once you identify yourself correctly, you take all situations as just situations. They stop being ‘adverse’ or ‘beneficial’.

stress relief the spiritual way


When you become aware of your spiritual nature, you witness the beauty of everything around you. In fact being a witness is beauty personified. Stress relief comes naturally when you see that stress itself is not there at all.

Stress relief tips redefined

If you look at any stress management book or article on the web, it gives you many tips for alleviating stress. Some of these, they say, are as follows:

  • Listening to music
  • Talking to your friend
  • Laugh it off
  • Exercise
  • Deep breathing. (some say concentrating on breathing with eyes closed is ‘meditation’. That’s highly incorrect.)

While it may be possible to get rid of the stress temporarily using these tips, your stress always seem to return back with a bang!

There may be and there are many other ‘tips’ for stress relief. However, all these ‘tips’ are just…….. ‘tip of the iceberg’ . 🙂

You need to go deeper and find the full iceberg. Why just the tip? 🙂

Spiritual Relaxation

The spiritual way is to get rid of the stress, once and for all. And you do this by becoming aware of the fact that stress is a myth. Since ‘adverse circumstances’ do not exist at all, nor does stress!


One can argue that what if:

  • My money gets stolen
  • My wife dies
  • My house is destroyed in fire
  • I meet with an accident
  • etc. etc.

Yes those are circumstances and painful ones too if you identify strongly with those things. Your attachments to people and things will cause you trouble and you will take them as adverse conditions.


Spiritual enlightenment breaks this attachment. You merge with your source and nothing is left to desire or attach to. Meditate and you will realize this. The more you go deep into your own nature, the more your attachments will fall apart.


Then, wherever you go or whatever happens, you will never be facing adversity. Even though you have nothing with you, your house, your wife, your money etc., you will still be blissful.


So the only stress relief tip is to relieve yourself of the very IDEA of stress.


NOTE: Please do not take meditation as a stress relief method. If you take it as a stress buster only, you’ll miss the purpose of meditation. To meditate is to be aware of your eternal and infinite source. It is not a cheap trick for busting stress.

The only solution to beat stress is to tread on the path of spiritual awakening.

Start and do not stop. Humans have a strong will power and are wired up to take challenges. Utilize this spiritual force to walk and stay strong on the path of enlightenment.


Learn from Mother nature

There is a reason why the nature around you is called “mother nature”. The reason is that the nature around you is also your own ‘nature‘. It is Your soul.

There is no stress in mother nature.

Have you seen trees stressed out? Have you seen flowers, clouds, rivers , streams stressing out?

The fact is that their ‘nature’ is to flow. The trees flow, the birds flow, the flowers flow and the rivers flow. Everything is flowing; moving constantly in no particular direction.


This is your nature too. Go with the flow.

Do not do anything in particular. Do not see, eat, drink, act in any particular manner

This is the real spiritual secret.

You will be able to realize your spiritual nature only when you not doing anything in particular. Then you will have thoughts but no opinions.


Then you will flow with the eternal life. Then all circumstances will be your friends. You will not look upon anything as harmful to you.


When you and everything around you becomes one, then who will hurt you and what situation will you call unfavorable?


That is why it is so necessary to start on your spiritual path as soon as possible. This is very urgent. This article is not really a stress relief guide. Do not take meditation as a pill for killing stress. Instead cling to it as a life saver. Because it will lead you to your home. Once home, you can lay down your burdens and truly relax.


This is similar to coming back home from a tiring journey. You must have had this experience. When you come back from far away and enter your home, you feel truly relaxed and enriched.

It is the same with spiritual enlightenment. You come back to being what you are, your eternal home!

I wish you success on your spiritual path!

Stay Blessed!

Secret of Life – First You Lose Then You Win

secret of life

This is the primordial and timeless secret of life. First you have to lose, and only then you Win. The Spiritual discovery requires you to follow this Art.

Normally, people are too anxious to embrace success, peace or anything else they desire. It is not by chance that a great personality has said: “Patience is a virtue.

The universe in which we live holds in its heart a great secret. If you observe carefully and meditate on, it will be disclosed to you.

The universe all around us is not going anywhere. It is still and calm. Nothing and no one except us humans seem to be in a hurry

If we connect with this universal source, we too will discover our original calm and a state of unhurried peace. For this to happen you should understand a secret of life and that is to lose yourself first. Lose your ego first and only then you find true peace, happiness and success.

When you learn to lose your ego, you lose your impatience. The more you develop this virtue of patience, the more you begin to Win. You start winning the game of life!

Make way for the beautiful to happen

secret of life

First, you must admit that your life has become too stressed, unhappy and morose.

Second, you must be all set and ready for a complete change. Only then will you truly metamorphose.

Ready to lose your unhappiness and your stress?

Start by detaching yourself from your false identity. You must accept the fact that your ego is not higher than your own truth. Your name, fame and money you have accumulated constructs your false identity. Don’t be attached to it.

Work from a different center altogether. If you work from a state of ignorance and attached to your ego, you may seem to win the game of life in the beginning, but that will be your biggest defeat.

If you remain centered in your universal and peaceful source, then you start to build a foundation. It will be quite evident that while you are on your spiritual journey, you feel you are losing everything. You may not have enough friends, money or peace. But that’s the beauty. You are actually building the secret ‘KEY’ that will open the doors of eternal success in your life.

Losers start to win early and lose all later. Winners build their inner strength and therefore never lose!

Learn this art and secret of life. Learn to lose first. Lose your ego, your impatience and then if you have sown the seeds of this virtue, flowers will blossom.


Life is an art! – Practice it.

Winning by losing is an art in itself. It is the universal secret and the basis of all the mystery.  Life around us, the natural world is so calm and beautiful. You need to meditate to see this.

We have made life such a dead routine that we have almost forgotten that life is actually an art. This art of life needs to be practiced. There is beauty all around.

If we learn to give up and lose all our impatience, the desire to achieve something, we will connect to our original source of affluence.

Life is not a scientific model for study.

Life is not a religion to be followed.

Life is not a holy book that needs to be studied.

Life is an art which needs to be practiced. This Art requires that you lose yourself first. Lose your ego, lose your impatience, and if needed even be prepared to lose your life.

That is why it is important to be courageous. Because only the courageous can follow this path. Only the brave can give up, only the brave can incorporate patience in their lives and only the brave can follow this Spiritual path. Only the brave can uncover this secret of life.

A word of caution here. Bravery doesn’t mean physical or violent courage. Bravery here means the “Courage to let go“. Bravery means the courage to be detached even from your life itself.


The secret of life – Revealed!

It takes time to build real strength. Even though you have the spiritual source inside you, it is hidden. Also, the fact that you are too busy forgetting it, makes it seem a distant dream.

The more you attach yourself to the frivolities of life, the more you find it difficult to get back to your inner source. The time to act is now. Let go of all the stupid things that you have been doing. Let go of the materialistic goals you have been setting up for yourself. Let go of your desires to be rich, to be a celebrity, to be something. Because all this is unnatural.

You are already a hero. You are already a spiritual being. The source where you come from is the source of all the richness and beauty of the world.

The more you give up chasing the material world, the more you increase the possibility of attaining your true source of happiness and affluence. The secret to all this is to lose your false identity first.

Again, the secret of life is to lose your love for materialistic desires. Lose your love for your false identity, lose your ego. And once you understand it deep inside that you already have everything, it becomes quite easy to drop the ego.

If you learn this art of letting go of falsity and thoroughly practice it, the secret of life will be revealed to you!


I wish you good luck in your spiritual journey! May your light shine!

The spiritual secret of success

spiritual secret of success

Secret of success, not just worldly, but of a spiritual nature, lies in a simple thing. The trust in the ultimate. Trust in the universe! Whether you want to have personal success or you want professional success, you should utilize the power of the Universe to fulfill your dreams. The universe is all-powerful and can fulfill your needs. The secret of success lies in realizing this simple fact!

secret of success


Five Steps to achieve success through spiritual way

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Following are the five steps to sure-shot success in everything your heart desires:

  1. Know this well that the universe has the power to fulfill your desires.
  2. Patience is a virtue. You need to keep it throughout your journey.
  3. You must let it come in your life, not in your mind. Do not keep planning. Let the Universe plan it out for you.
  4. Live ONLY in the present moment. That is because all the energy of the universe is concentrated 100 percent in the present moment. That’s where your dream will come and meet you!
  5. Co-operate. Yes, you need to cooperate with the universe by working towards your goal (do the karma) and not fighting with others (compassion).


five spiritual secrets
five spiritual secrets


Once you follow the above five golden spiritual secrets of success, You will 100 succeed as I have.

Let me tell you my story:

I was practicing so hard and trying to awaken myself. I faced a crisis when i was supposed to earn bread for my family and I was devoting 100 percent of my time meditating. The tension was so much that I gave up both the desire to awaken and also the need to nourish my family.

Suddenly one day, all the tensions were no more. I arrived in the present moment. I lived moment-to-moment and suddenly everything fell into place. I realized that this moment now has the power to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Nothing Personal

Yes, nothing personal exists ever. You have many possessions and beliefs but in the grander scheme, those are not counted. Have you noticed sometimes how your deepest and honest prayers go unanswered? Somehow nothing happens according to your plan. That’s because it may not be a universally sound idea. But one thing you easily miss is how your needs are being met continuously, only if you trust this universal nature.

The faith in the grander universe and not over-exerting yourself is THE SECRET OF SUCCESS.

Just remember, Please don’t overdo and over emphasize yourself. The universe has a way of taking care of things. If you co-operate, flow and trust you’ll find it very easy to find happiness, success and whatever you may want!


Letting go v/s Letting it come

Most of us fear letting go. We do not want to let go of things,people etc we like. Letting go is not what we’re comfortable in. However you need not let go at all.

What you need to do is: “Let it come

People, things, money, food etc. you want in life only come to you if you allow them to come. The nature takes care of you. We must connect with this universal source if we want to succeed in getting what we want. As soon as you’re in tune with this universal essence, you relax and allow things to happen on their own. You’re not afraid to let go because you don’t have to. The things you want are always around.


Secret of success lies in relaxing

When i started meditating, i felt uncomfortable. I read many spiritual books including scriptures. I just wanted to achieve peace instantly. I forced myself but was quite unhappy inside. I was not able to attain peace inside. Feeling frustrated i just gave up on the ‘idea’ of being happy or peaceful or stuff like that. Many years later it all came naturally.

Yes, the effort is required. But only to realize that it was not of use.

Meditation brings you closer to reality. Once you get connected to your abundant source, you find that it’s quite easy to move through life. Yes, there will be challenges and tough times but those are only to add flavor to your life.

All challenges and tough times in your life bring something new to you that you’ll cherish! Again you have to be in tune with your source if you want to attain those goodies!

Life is a miraculous and beautiful journey. Please don’t waste it grumbling all along. Instead channel your energy in realizing your true source. The place where you and i come from. The source where we truly belong. That source is the true guarantee of our success. Once you realize and connect to it, there will be no secrets left!