Zen And The Art Of Spiritual Health

Zen and Spiritual Health

Health cannot be defined. You can only define a disease. You want to be physically and mentally  healthy but do you know that when you have spiritual health, you automatically achieve a perfect state of health. Recently I was asked about how to get rid of physical ailments. In this article I would love to explain the relation between Zen, spirituality and health.


True health is when you are happy with yourself. It is not just an absence of disease. Health is just not being disease-free. It is about being happy in the great awakening.


What is health?

This is the beauty that you cannot define health. It is also a remarkable boon that you cannot define it 🙂

Precisely because you cannot define health, you can enjoy it thoroughly.


In the spiritual world, whatever you can pinpoint will become like a ‘pointed pin’ and will be painful.


defining enlightenment



Health is similar. The more you try to pinpoint health, the more sick you will become.


A perfect state of health is when you don’t even know what is health. It is only when you are sick that you start talking about health, medicines and so on.


On the spiritual path, once you become aware of the nothingness of existence, you allow perfect health to come into your life. This ‘Nothingness‘ is a great effortlessness. You become so lightweight that even a serious disease becomes ‘NOTHING’. You just laugh all the way.


Nothingness of Existence – An Open Gate

Your health will remain intact when life energy flows freely. It is like when you allow fresh air to come in and stale air to go out.

This is the principle of Yoga. You take in vital life force through eyes, nose, mouth. And you clear out the waste from your body exits. Once this continues unobstructed, you remain healthy.


Similarly when you understand the fundamental nature of existence, you attain perfect health.


The fundamental nature of existence is like ‘An Open Gate‘. This whole existence is full of ‘Emptiness‘. It is a vast space. A vast empty space with freedom to create anything. And everyone and everything in the universe is a ‘Nothing‘.

You, me and everything else is nothing. We are just spaces. This is realized after meditation. This is our true nature. A limitless and boundless freedom with unlimited health and richness.


Once you realize this nature of existence as your own true nature, you realize that the gates of your perfect health are OPEN. They are open 24 hours a day and they never close.


Nothing bounds you and nothing makes you sick except yourself. The more acute your vision of your existence, the more sick you become. The more ego-centric life you live, the sicker you will become. Let’s see how.


The Meaner you become, The Sicker you get

Spiritual health is about being awake to perfect health. The only health is spiritual. It is the base of all ‘healths‘.

Your doctor may have told you many times that health is, more often than not, a state of your mind. The more positive you feel about life in general, the better health you will have.

More negativity in your mind will breed bad health.


An unaware mind has a limited view of self. When you are spiritually asleep, you don’t realize your boundless nature. Your scope is limited. Hence your chances of being negative are more. The chances that you will become sick is more.


The more ego you have, the sicker you will be.


It is as simple as that. More ego as a result of your false sense of identity will bring lots of anger, frustration, lust and bad energy. This will lead to poor health.

The more carefree and closer you are to your spiritual awakening, more healthy you will be.



Here it is interesting to note that on your spiritual journey, you develop a ‘SPIRITUAL EGO‘  which is stronger than a ‘Normal Ego‘.

Hence during spiritual journey, some people will find themselves more unhealthy and sometimes fighting with grave diseases like cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.


Hence one must leave ego behind. Learn how to Meditate properly.


The sooner you realize the pinnacle of your spiritual journey, the better it would be.


Spiritual Health and Zen Awakening

Zen does not distinguish health or sickness. In fact, we don’t care whether we’re sick or healthy. A zen student simply has no preferences.

Zen way is the natural way. And in following the natural way, we are naturally healthy!


Our way is easy and happy-go-lucky kind. Everything comes to us. We don’t choose and hence we appreciate everything.


The Zen Awakening brings a practical approach to spirituality. Zen masters and students are practical. We are not interested in concepts. We do not think a lot.

We just live our lives as is. The plain and simple way is our way. We eat when we feel hungry. We sleep when we are tired. We argue when it is necessary and we do what is necessary for the moment.

There is only one thing that we do at the end of the day. We let go of everything. Each moment is new for us. Each second is a new birth for us.


We are not constrained by anything. We do not constrain anything.


The great awakening is boundless and eternal. There are no restrictions anywhere. As soon as you realize this nature, you become happy and healthy.

This is the secret of spiritual success. Be it spiritual health, physical or mental health, worldly or outworldly success, this is the entry gate. You must realize this true nature of existence as yours.


Liberate yourself from your chains because there aren’t any! 🙂


It is not just about health. Anything that helps you will come to you automatically once you are in tune with your true nature. Become what you already are and then the ultimate source of happiness and freedom and health will be yours for the taking.

Stay blessed and stay fit!


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What Does An Enlightened Person See?

Enlightened Person Vision

An enlightened person is like a white bean in a bag full of black beans. Looks similar, does similar things but with totally different quality of BEING! The enlightened person is not an OBJECT or an Individual. He is a PROCESS. A process that is eternal and effortless!

The awakened one sees nothing. He just sees. It is just a process with no object in or outside of it.

The world is created and eternal bliss becomes manifest with the one who is enlightened.

Enlightened Person Vision


The one who views the world as full of objects and subjects is sleeping. He is not enlightened.


The reason for this type of understanding is quite obvious. The world attracts you. Everything around you is built to catch hold of your senses. Obviously the senses including the mind take these as sense-objects.

A human being with average intelligence is always attracted by objects and is eager to possess them.


It does not matter whether you are intelligent or unintelligent. Intelligent people who use their brains cleverly also create object-oriented world. Their misery is more because they even create illusory objects.


I will try to put in words how the world looks to an enlightened person.


Nothing ever is important

For the wise, day-to-day life is all that matters. He has no ambitions and no plans. The reason is that he sees nothing worth achieving.

What is left to achieve once you are awakened? The greatest gift is already with him.

Living with his jewel of enlightenment he carries on his day-to-day tasks just as they come.


Once the day is over, all positives and negatives of that day are also over for the awakened.


During the day also, nothing special ever happens. What is considered of worth for ordinary beings is not noticed by the wise. Not because he is not present, but because he does not attach any importance to it.

This does NOT mean that the enlightened person simply ignores everything. All he does is this:

He allows the experience to happen and not makes it unique. For him it is just another moment!


Just like a river flows to the ocean without effort, the awakened one just goes on living each day effortlessly until he leaves his body and disappears to the ultimate.


24 hours a day?

I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein

The whole energy of a blissful being is concentrated on each day! Future does not exist for him. The future can be as simple and far as the next minute.


Eternity is found in each moment. Just as the moon is reflected completely in a drop of water. Just because it is a ‘drop’ doesn’t mean it won’t reflect the moon completely. Similarly for the enlightened person each day is door to eternity. He does not search far.


The wise lives his life completely this day. TODAY is the day for him.


His day does NOT have 24 hours. The awakened one has just 1 second in a day!


Each second is different from others. Each moment is alive and unlike others. Only because he experiences it different each time, he finds it unique!

For the ordinary, boredom sets up soon. The wise is NEVER BORED


Ready to die

No, he is not a fanatic. He is not even a nationalist or a religious freak. The enlightened individual knows that there is NO FUTURE.

‘No future’ does not mean pessimism. If a pessimist is reading this article he might confuse herself/himself.

The wise knows no death and therefore is ready for it.


He sees and experiences the eternal in each moment and therefore knows no death.

There is a story of a Zen monk who was faced by an angry emperor. The monk did not salute the king. When the king got furious he sought to kill the monk. The king said to the monk:

“…Don’t you know who I am? I will draw my sword and cut you in two, and not blink an eye..”

To this, the Zen monk replied:

“…Don’t you know who I am? I will stand perfectly still while YOU cut me in TWO and NOT blink an eye…”

Such is the awareness of an enlightened person. He knows no elimination. He knows no competition. He knows no challenge.


The nature of an enlightened person

Seeing into one’s own nature, a direct pointing to the truth and that’s all there is to attain.

The beauty of this nature is that it does not depend on words and language. What is eternal belongs NOT to the language but to the heart.

What i write in this section will not make much sense to your mind. But if you read ‘between the lines’ and OPEN YOUR HEART, you will understand.


It is my strong belief that what i say now will awaken you. Just OPEN your heart. DO NOT use your mind or your cleverness.


The richness of this world is a reflection of your own true nature. You are THE MOST powerful and THE ONLY thing that exists and can ever exist.

The fundamental element of this universe is You! When you find Yourself in everything that you ever see, hear, smell, touch or think, THEN you have AWAKENED!

There is no one you can dominate.

There is nothing you can possess.

There is nowhere to go.

There is nothing to achieve.

There is no death.

There is ONLY life.

The life which you are living NOW is the greatest miracle that will ever happen. Do not look for miracles. Even if you walk on water or disappear into thin air, this is nothing.


Once you are enlightened nothing bad or good ever happens to you. You still earn money, pay your bills, eat your food, buy stuff, love, hate, tell lies, quarrel 🙂

Yes, the negatives do not leave you.

The truth is that the body and mind continue to falter, while the awakened being dwells in his true nature.


The awakened one leaves no moment which is not lived. In this moment he finds perfection. He is finished and immaculate this VERY MOMENT.

Life Transformation – Are you still living in your comfort zone?

spiritual life transformation

Life Transformation is only possible when you are out of your comfort zone! Spiritual growth happens only when you stop the continuous mental rumination.

  • Are you one of those people who like to read books on spirituality, religion and derive a mental kick out of it?
  • Are you a person who likes to daydream and think it’s meditation?
  • Do you get excited about stories of spiritual powers, charm or magic?
  • Do you want to change your life and have been reading a lot and feeling dissatisfied?

If you answered ‘YES’ to above, chances are that you’re an escapist!

The transformation in life, that you’re seeking, comes from questioning your current ideologies. You can truly change if you’re willing to uproot yourself.


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The key to life transformation is to ‘STOP MENTAL RUMINATION AND START MEDITATING’. To Meditate is to be truly alive!


Meditation is not about sitting silently and stopping your thoughts. Meditation is when you are 100% aware of everything around you.

Stop imagining about life. Start living it. Feel the morning dew, Experience life around you. The Sun that rises in the morning. How many times have you woken up to see the rising sun?

The trees around you need your attention. How many times have you interacted with them? Just interact with them, water them, feel them. This is real meditation.

life transformation - being aware of the beauty of nature!


Do you Really Want to CHANGE?

Ask yourself first:

  • Am I really interested in changing myself or am I just interested in learning things and probably discoursing on it?
  • Do I really want a life transformation? Or is it just a way of escaping the harsh realities of life?
  • Am I an escapist looking for spiritual lollipops to refresh myself?
  • Do I only need a break from my hectic schedule, feel refreshed for a while and then go back to the same old rut?

There are other questions you can ask yourself. But I am sure you know what I mean!

The fact is this:

Spiritual transformation does not happen to those who just need a break from their routine life and are looking to find something inspirational for a change and as a way to recharge themselves!


Real Life Transformation

So, how do you change and bring the real peace, happiness and success in life?

The answer is “Meditate to become fully aware of life and death

On the path of meditation you will learn the art of life. This effortless art will be revealed to you. Meditation will lead you to discover your true source of eternity. When you become aware of your eternal source, all sorrows, delusion, and mental derangement will disappear, like they never were!


How to Meditate?

Meditation is the key to spiritual secrets of life!  If you know how to really meditate, you have everything you need on the spiritual path.

Most people however do not know how to meditate. I will try to describe here, what meditation is not and how actually to meditate.

what meditation is not?

  • Sitting secluded in a lonely place with lots of thoughts going on in your mind IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If someone disturbs you when you are supposedly meditating and you feel irritated, then what you are doing  IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If you are chanting a ‘mantra‘, that IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If you are sitting in a peaceful place and everything is quiet, you may not actually be meditating.
  • If you have closed your eyes and sitting silently and watching your thoughts, that is ALSO NOT MEDITATION.

And there are a million other ways of how not to meditate. In fact I can write a book on how not to meditate. Probably calling it ‘1,000,001 ways of how not to meditate’ 🙂

Meditation has nothing to do with sitting in a place and closing your eyes!

In fact you have to ‘OPEN YOUR EYES’ (literally) and then you can truly meditate!


Life Transforming Meditation (LTM)

The real meditation:

 Wake up early in the morning. Experience the rising Sun, the beautiful trees around, the birds, the river and anything that is connected with nature! Try not to think about them. Just spend time with nature and fully experience its beauty!

Do you normal chores and follow you daily routine, but with full awareness. When you are talking to someone, just talk to her/him. Listen to them intently

When you are eating food, just eat food. Enjoy the flavor. And do not hurry.

When you are driving a car, just drive the car. Enjoy the ride. And do not hurry.

When your boss is abusing you, well……….. I am not going to say ‘JUST ENJOY IT”…… haha.  But you can really do LTM (life transforming meditation) when he is insulting you. How?  Here is how to meditate:

Don’t react. Become fully aware! Listen to his words. Be fully aware of the path those words are taking. They come from his mouth…… enter your ear… enter your mind….. and if you are MORE AWARE…. they leave You the moment you are out of your boss’ chamber. SIMPLE, isn’t it. The key is to ‘leave it there’ and not carry!


This is real meditation. Meditation done in everyday life. Sitting silently is not going to help. If you want real transformation, you need to do life transforming meditation and that too 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Trust me, when you follow this path, you will connect to your true source of bliss! Your life will truly experience transformation.

Here is a nice inspiring article I read:

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Meaning of Life – Understanding the Ultimate plan

meaning of life

The meaning of life needs to be understood. Life becomes beautiful when you understand the reason why you’re here! You truly realize your potential and succeed. Spirituality is just not about meditating and renouncing the world. It is about applying your mindfulness to the real world.

There is a reason why we are here. There is a reason you get up in the morning and live your day! Even if you renounce the world, you still get up and live your day!

This meaning of life needs to be understood. Why, irrespective of whether one is a materialistic person or a spiritual one, still needs to get up in the morning and LIVE his/her day? This meaning needs to be understood!

meaning of Life


Question yourself not God

So how do we go about discovering the ultimate plan? You might ask me about the meaning of life. The answer is different for different people. You are here for some reason and I am for another. However both of us can discover the ultimate plan by aligning ourselves with the ultimate.

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During tough times we tend to blame God or someone else. What we need to do is question ourselves. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you really enjoying what you’re doing?
  2. Are you caring more about your family than the money you earn?
  3. Are you contributing enough to the society?
  4. Are you giving back or simply taking from life?
  5. Are you satisfied with what you already have in life?

A lot of confusion will vanish if you can give HONEST answers to the above five questions. If the answers to these questions are mostly NO, then you’re meant to be somewhere else in life! So don’t question God, question yourself!


Be Yourself – Do it Yourself!

Once you ask yourself the ultimate questions, it’s time to seek what you truly love! Discover yourself and meditate! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Meditate daily at least 15 minutes. If you don’t know how to meditate, just send me an e-mail. I’ll help you.
  2. Don’t over exert yourself. Life is a non-serious stuff. It is easy to understand and live if you ‘take it easy’. Allow things to happen.
  3. Slowly and surely you’ll start to enjoy certain activities. Do that more often.

I’m 100 percent sure this three-step formula will help you understand Your meaning of life. In the process you’ll discover that you’re not separate from this universe. You are a part of this infinity and that you are eternal! Tremendous bliss will descend on you!


The Ultimate Plan

There’s a saying in Zen:

Sitting silently, Doing Nothing. Spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

The grass doesn’t need to strive. It grows when the time is right. The grass is COMPLETELY in tune with the ultimate plan. It does not strive. It does not exert itself. It does not plan.

That’s the Ultimate plan that there is no plan you need to make. No plan is the ultimate plan. Because then you’re not stiff. You’re not a hard tree which breaks down in storm. You’re like water which flows without hindrance.

Have you ever seen a water stream? When it encounters hindrance it changes its course but KEEPS FLOWING! That’s how you do it!

Keep Going – How awareness in daily life can help you succeed

keep going strong

Life is a continuous journey. Even death doesn’t stop it. You see everyday people dying, babies born. Every day something is added and something is lost. It’s a cycle that never stops. You get up in the morning, do your normal chores, do your duties, eat your food, chat with friends and family etc. And then in the night you go back to sleep. Don’t you do the same thing over and over again?

The new age meditation gurus will tell you to stop, pause and reflect. Yes that’s true only for a temporary relief. According to my experience meditation is not some still lifeless exercise where you stop your mind and just sit. Meditation is more about keep going attitude.

keep going

Most of us have dreams and aspirations. Those are future based. We think a lot about how we can shape our perfect future. That’s one way of looking at things and how you normally keep going. However, that consumes most of your PRESENT. Out of the 16 hours we are awake in a day (assuming we sleep 8 hours), we spend approximately 12 hours thinking about future. And the rest of it we waste in futile pursuits that don’t enrich our lives.

Daily Active Meditation

Meditation helps us become more aware of the lost hours of a day. My meditation is not something to be done by sitting with eyes closed. I am more interested in how to live my daily life as gracefully as possible and not losing any moment.

This is an art. You must be like a ball that keeps rolling and like a river that keeps moving. Because the more ‘in flow’ you are, the more fresh and energetic you’ll feel. You just have to practice and keep going. Over a period of time you become like a streamlined flow of energy. Not staying anywhere and not attaching yourself to any situation. In the previous article, i had discussed about how to toss yourself and give everything to what you’re doing. Once you give your 100% to any activity, you become fully aware. That’s what real active meditation is all about.

This active meditation brings you in tune with the universe. The real mystery of life and death is about the energy that keeps flowing. If you stop anywhere, you attach to an entity and that can become part of your ego. You identify with a particular set of traits as belonging to yourself. However when you actively involve yourself in whatever comes your way, you slowly lose your ego. Then you’re a part of grander scheme of things.

Succeeding even when you fail

The life that is lived in such a way that nothing holds you back will be a real success. If you practice this active meditation you are like a ball of energy that just keeps rolling. Nothing can stop you then. All failures will lead you to greater success.

For me, the more i am in tune with the universe, the more i can succeed. The more i am in tune with my ego, the more i will suffer. As simple as that.

I just hope you have gained something from my experiences. And to me success is NOT about money, wealth etc. It’s about being in harmony with mother nature, universe and the grand scheme of things and for that we just have to keep going according to the greater plan. Life your life to the full and let the universe play it’s music through you. If you know what i mean 🙂

Thank you so much once again for reading my blog.

Cya later!

How does truth remain hidden truth- Removing layers of ignorance


Life teaches us at every second. How can you learn? Well, imagine you’re in a class and the teacher is lecturing. If you look outside the class for a minute to enjoy the scene, you’ll miss what’s taught. Same is the case with hidden truths that life doesn’t actually hide. It’s clear and right in front of you.

I was using my cooler for past few days since it’s hot summer in India. I was wondering why it’s not cooling. Today i checked the cooler and found that the holes that made the matting wet were blocked. And so it was obvious why it was not cooling. Since i had not used it since last summer (almost 1 year) , the layers of dust had settled over it.

The hidden truth can simply be revealed by removing the layer of ignorance that has settled in our minds. It is just like sun hiding in the clouds.

hidden truth? truth is out there

We do not need to search for the truth. It’s right under your nose. Meditation can help you realize this. This universal hidden truth has to be experienced. Once you experience it, it’ll pervade within you and naturally you’ll be successful.

Once it appears from the layers of ignorance it shines brightly. It permeates all aspects of your life. You become tuned to it and draw enormous powers of the universe that help you gain more bliss, peace and success in life!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Cya later!

Inner Peace – Simple Life Brings Everything To You!

secret of life

Inner peace will bring everything to you! From material success to spiritual fulfillment, nothing is left unattainable. Being in tune with your spiritual source, brings you serenity. This is the experience of spiritual enlightenment

I am reminded of the story of a great emperor who was so powerful that he almost ruled every country on the earth. Once he met an old monk lying on the side of a river enjoying the calmness of a river

inner peace brings success outside
serenity inside

The old monk did not move on seeing the emperor. This made him angry. The emperor said: “How dare you not greet me? Do you know who i am? I can stand here and cut you in two with my sword and not blink an eye”  To which the monk replied: “Don’t you know who i am? I will keep lying down while you cut me in two and NOT BLINK AN EYE!

From my experience i can say for sure that once you discover this serenity inside you, not even death can scare you. There have been great people who will tell you that just by not losing their focus and maintaining calm inside, they’ve been able to succeed in life.

You are frozen in your inner peace in such a way that you will never come out of it. This is the crux of spiritual enlightenment. Meditation will bring this to you. It enables you to connect to your deepest source.

Now the MOST IMPORTANT POINT. This peace inside that i am talking about is not the one you would normally assume. It’s not like an ‘i don’t give a damn’ attitude or ‘come what may’ thing. From a spiritual point of view this is totally different.

This peace is of a mind that has stopped wandering. When there’s nothing left to be done or achieved. Everything comes naturally and effortlessly. The universe around us is not driven by us. When you realize that we’re just ‘like‘ a speck of dust in the vast universe and we don’t own it, immediately we’re at peace. I can vouch this from my meditative experiences. Once you’ve tried everything and failed, you realize that the moment you give up and hand over your reins to this invisible force, you attain this peace.

Meditation brings us this calmness as a gift. The more we give up the futile attempt to control, the more we become closer to this state of mind which is totally serene. The only way to achieve this is to meditate. To meditate is to go inside yourself and become aware of this universal peace.

Once we attain to it nothing is impossible. True success is achieving this state of awareness and the rest comes easily and effortlessly.


Inner peace is your light that will never go out!

When you do everything on the outside from a center inside that is always balanced and calm, you are guaranteed to succeed. Your actions will be articulate, suave and perfect.

The ancient art of samurai swordsmanship is based on this concept. When you are perfectly balanced, your moves will be perfect!

This inner peace which i am talking about is not superficial. It is achieved only when you are one with your eternal source. This is NOT attained by controlling your mind or forcing anything on yourself.

True inner peace is achieved only when you discover your spiritual source and be one with it. This is achieved when you attain to supreme spiritual enlightenment.