Everyone Can Live Beautifully Rich Life

beautifully rich life

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”



What if i tell you that starting today, You have a rich and blissful life ahead? Did someone tell you recently that you are unfortunate? Or did you have a passing thought about your misfortunes. If you believe that you cannot be happy and live a rich life since you are following the spiritual path, YOU ARE WRONG.


The truth has not been told. You have a lot of lies around you. The problem is that there’s a lot of competition. People want to be happy and successful but they do not want others to get ahead.

In the Spiritual World also, ego and desire can easily creep in. The so called seers and gurus will tell you that according to law of karma, if you have done bad in the past, you will pay for your sins. While this may be true, the fact of the matter is that, the promise of a beautifully rich life is always with you.


Your true nature of bliss is always with you. The truth is that YOU ARE BLISS itself.


The suffering and bad luck is nothing but the dimensions of your dream nature that you can easily LET GO.


Your bad luck and misfortunes are part of your ego that you can easily disassociate with. Once you do that, your misfortunes will turn into tremendously blissful and rich experience.


YOU Cannot Be Destroyed

Yes that is right. Stop disbelieving your own nature. Stop crying and whining. If Buddha saw you crying and lamenting, he would become a ‘laughing buddha’ LOL.


How can the sky be destroyed? How can the vastness of this universe be contained? No, it’s not possible.

You ARE that sky. You ARE that vastness.


The only problem is that you do not believe in yourself. You doubt your true nature. The only thing that keeps you from attaining a rich life that you deserve, is YOU.

There is no OTHER. This is true for everyone. This is the beauty of the world. In a dream you can be frightened by your own shadow. In a dream you can do anything stupid. But once you are AWAKE, you understand that all this stuff in the dream is not true.

Similarly when you will wake up from this dream of life, you will see your indestructible nature.


Know Your True Nature, Be Effortless

It does not have to be painful. Life is not a struggle. Good things will start happening as soon as you sit back and rest in your true nature.


So, what is your true nature?

Your true nature is of Nothingness. You Are NOTHING. In this fact itself lies your greatest power. This nothingness is powerful. Everything comes out of nothing.


And when you effortlessly stay in this understanding, Miracles happen.


When you are fully aware of your own power, your bad karmas and bad luck just do not stand up. They burn in the bright fire of your own true nature.

This is how you KILL YOUR KARMA.


This is the secret of success. That is how you put all thoughts to rest. That is how you smother all notions of your misfortunes. That is how you go beyond what people tell you about your bad luck.


The truth is that everyone can be happy and live a rich life. You just have to see that it’s coming!


If you have read this far, come with me further. I will be sharing a program that you can enroll for. This is what i call the BRL (beautifully rich life program). In this I will show you exactly how you can start living a life that is YOURS for the taking.


This is not something that i give to you. This is something you ALREADY have. I will just show you how it is yours.


Beautifully Rich Life (BRL) Program

No it’s not a 2 weeks program. It is not something i intend to start for money. I’m not a money seeker. In fact the more i stay away from it, the more it seem to come.


This is a program for you for FREE. Just send me an email from the contact page on my website.

This program will feature meditation techniques, one on one session and mutual group disucssion.

So what are you waiting for? Send me an email.


Start Living Beautifully NOW

There is no one who can stop you. One moment of shift in your awareness and there it is, right before you.

Even if you are not believing all this, the spark is right there burning in you. The fact that you are reading this, indicates your intention of becoming spiritually awakened.

Start now and the best will not be far away!


Stay Blessed!

Life Transformation – Are you still living in your comfort zone?

spiritual life transformation

Life Transformation is only possible when you are out of your comfort zone! Spiritual growth happens only when you stop the continuous mental rumination.

  • Are you one of those people who like to read books on spirituality, religion and derive a mental kick out of it?
  • Are you a person who likes to daydream and think it’s meditation?
  • Do you get excited about stories of spiritual powers, charm or magic?
  • Do you want to change your life and have been reading a lot and feeling dissatisfied?

If you answered ‘YES’ to above, chances are that you’re an escapist!

The transformation in life, that you’re seeking, comes from questioning your current ideologies. You can truly change if you’re willing to uproot yourself.


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The key to life transformation is to ‘STOP MENTAL RUMINATION AND START MEDITATING’. To Meditate is to be truly alive!


Meditation is not about sitting silently and stopping your thoughts. Meditation is when you are 100% aware of everything around you.

Stop imagining about life. Start living it. Feel the morning dew, Experience life around you. The Sun that rises in the morning. How many times have you woken up to see the rising sun?

The trees around you need your attention. How many times have you interacted with them? Just interact with them, water them, feel them. This is real meditation.

life transformation - being aware of the beauty of nature!


Do you Really Want to CHANGE?

Ask yourself first:

  • Am I really interested in changing myself or am I just interested in learning things and probably discoursing on it?
  • Do I really want a life transformation? Or is it just a way of escaping the harsh realities of life?
  • Am I an escapist looking for spiritual lollipops to refresh myself?
  • Do I only need a break from my hectic schedule, feel refreshed for a while and then go back to the same old rut?

There are other questions you can ask yourself. But I am sure you know what I mean!

The fact is this:

Spiritual transformation does not happen to those who just need a break from their routine life and are looking to find something inspirational for a change and as a way to recharge themselves!


Real Life Transformation

So, how do you change and bring the real peace, happiness and success in life?

The answer is “Meditate to become fully aware of life and death

On the path of meditation you will learn the art of life. This effortless art will be revealed to you. Meditation will lead you to discover your true source of eternity. When you become aware of your eternal source, all sorrows, delusion, and mental derangement will disappear, like they never were!


How to Meditate?

Meditation is the key to spiritual secrets of life!  If you know how to really meditate, you have everything you need on the spiritual path.

Most people however do not know how to meditate. I will try to describe here, what meditation is not and how actually to meditate.

what meditation is not?

  • Sitting secluded in a lonely place with lots of thoughts going on in your mind IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If someone disturbs you when you are supposedly meditating and you feel irritated, then what you are doing  IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If you are chanting a ‘mantra‘, that IS NOT MEDITATION.
  • If you are sitting in a peaceful place and everything is quiet, you may not actually be meditating.
  • If you have closed your eyes and sitting silently and watching your thoughts, that is ALSO NOT MEDITATION.

And there are a million other ways of how not to meditate. In fact I can write a book on how not to meditate. Probably calling it ‘1,000,001 ways of how not to meditate’ 🙂

Meditation has nothing to do with sitting in a place and closing your eyes!

In fact you have to ‘OPEN YOUR EYES’ (literally) and then you can truly meditate!


Life Transforming Meditation (LTM)

The real meditation:

 Wake up early in the morning. Experience the rising Sun, the beautiful trees around, the birds, the river and anything that is connected with nature! Try not to think about them. Just spend time with nature and fully experience its beauty!

Do you normal chores and follow you daily routine, but with full awareness. When you are talking to someone, just talk to her/him. Listen to them intently

When you are eating food, just eat food. Enjoy the flavor. And do not hurry.

When you are driving a car, just drive the car. Enjoy the ride. And do not hurry.

When your boss is abusing you, well……….. I am not going to say ‘JUST ENJOY IT”…… haha.  But you can really do LTM (life transforming meditation) when he is insulting you. How?  Here is how to meditate:

Don’t react. Become fully aware! Listen to his words. Be fully aware of the path those words are taking. They come from his mouth…… enter your ear… enter your mind….. and if you are MORE AWARE…. they leave You the moment you are out of your boss’ chamber. SIMPLE, isn’t it. The key is to ‘leave it there’ and not carry!


This is real meditation. Meditation done in everyday life. Sitting silently is not going to help. If you want real transformation, you need to do life transforming meditation and that too 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Trust me, when you follow this path, you will connect to your true source of bliss! Your life will truly experience transformation.

Here is a nice inspiring article I read:

How to Rewire Your Brain (and Renew Your Life)

Avoiding The Truth – Why you are simply not fulfilling your potential


The truth is not out there somewhere. The truth is here. You appear fake and do not put your real self in front. You are not true to yourself. You’re just living a life of ease and not truth. Most of us are simply living through life like a blind person. Like a cat who has buried it’s face in the sand thinking that the dog is not around anymore. We like to feel safe. We feel safe around familiar objects. Yes, familiar objects! You simply like to grow old around your stinking false truths built by ego.

You have friends and you go around with them. Honestly, would you be willing to sacrifice your ego for them? No, it’s not possible. We like to help but only within our limits, so long as we are within our comfort zone. No one really has the courage to cross this comfort zone. The truth of this life, the mystery that’s hidden cannot be uncovered by staying within your comfort zone.

The frog in the well

Yes that’s the limit you create around you. This is my limit and i cannot go beyond it.


That’s the reason why there are not many enlightened people in the world. Most of us choose to be cowards. The truth is for the courageous. Those who have the courage to go beyond their comfort zone.

the truth is for the courageous

To surf the sea, you need to set sail. To experience the sky, you must JUMP off the plane. You must get out of the well.

Getting ready to take-off

Life is moving. And moving fast at that. You don’t realize but you’re slowly inching towards death. Each day you die!

One must learn to flow in this river of life. Because if you don’t know how to swim, you’ll drown. Life is a river flowing towards the ocean of death. If you see the truth, you can begin to learn to swim in this river.

You MUST begin now! Shake off your limitations. Breed courage and get ready to take the plunge. If you begin well, you can be sure the journey will be quite exciting.

Ever jumped off a cliff? You must look down and judge the depth of the valley? NO. You should just look down and jump. The title of this paragraph is itself wrong. I apologize. You simply can’t get ready. Because you’ll waste time in getting ready. My suggestion is to simply JUMP. The truth is not a boring subject. Trust me, it’s a super exciting journey and worth it.

Don’t Avoid The Truth – Because it won’t avoid You!

You think you’re successful? You think you’re rich? You think you’re super awesome. I agree. BUT if you avoid the truth of life and death, it’s all useless. The possessions of the world are nothing as compared to realization of this universal mystery. Because it gives me and you the immense and unlimited success, richness and everything that truly makes life worth living.

And the beauty is that if you avoid the truth, you will regret it at the time of your death. It usually happens. Death is something everyone has to face. If you hold the gem in your hand, you’ll never regret anything. But only the super courageous can tread on this path. Start early and tread steadily on this path.


The Truth Of Life and Death in Spiritual Awakening


Don’t forget you’re not out of this scheme of things. You’re not separate from the universe. In a way you can’t avoid it. It follows you. It’s in you. You are born out of it. Just like the fish can’t avoid the ocean.

SEE IT and realize the truth. you won’t regret!

Never gives up – The human spirit

never give up

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali

The spirit of going on without stopping or giving up is the human spirit. This human spirit is essential even in the path of meditation.


One must use it to endure the affects of leaving the ignorance behind. Ignorance is just like a disease. One doesn’t know the truth, that’s ignorance. To cure a dis-ease, one must take pills.


Meditation is a pill that cures the ignorance, not once but for ever.

This human spirit endures the pain and never gives up when the strong bonds of attachments are destroyed.


The path of self awareness is long and arduous. Unlike the often-heard zen quote of ‘sitting silently doing nothing’, it actually takes a lot of effort to tread this path. And the only thing which gives you the courage to go on… is this Human Spirit. Once must never ever give up or even think about it.

never give up the bold human spirit




Of course there are types of human beings based on whether they heed to this spirit. Deep inside there lies hidden your divinity. It’s actually shrouded in ignorance and attachment to worldly things. It’s up to each individual to realize this by constant meditation practice using the courage of the undying human spirit.

The Endless Road Ends – the human spirit prevails

That’s true. This life that seems so hard to tread becomes so much more bearable once you have the courage to face it. Not just the life but death too.


This circle of life and death can seem endless but once you become aware of this system, you can get out of it.


Once you’re aware of the uselessness of the whole thing, you’ll laugh. This long journey of self awareness or enlightenment seems a joke in the end. Everything is so clear so calm. The bonds that appear so hard to break are not non-existent. That’s the truth and that’s what you realize at the end of this journey.


However one mustn’t forget that you can undertake this journey of self realization ONLY if you don’t give up. Just don’t let the HUMAN SPIRIT die and you can be sure that you’ll see the HOLY SPIRIT.

Inner Peace – Simple Life Brings Everything To You!

secret of life

Inner peace will bring everything to you! From material success to spiritual fulfillment, nothing is left unattainable. Being in tune with your spiritual source, brings you serenity. This is the experience of spiritual enlightenment

I am reminded of the story of a great emperor who was so powerful that he almost ruled every country on the earth. Once he met an old monk lying on the side of a river enjoying the calmness of a river

inner peace brings success outside
serenity inside

The old monk did not move on seeing the emperor. This made him angry. The emperor said: “How dare you not greet me? Do you know who i am? I can stand here and cut you in two with my sword and not blink an eye”  To which the monk replied: “Don’t you know who i am? I will keep lying down while you cut me in two and NOT BLINK AN EYE!

From my experience i can say for sure that once you discover this serenity inside you, not even death can scare you. There have been great people who will tell you that just by not losing their focus and maintaining calm inside, they’ve been able to succeed in life.

You are frozen in your inner peace in such a way that you will never come out of it. This is the crux of spiritual enlightenment. Meditation will bring this to you. It enables you to connect to your deepest source.

Now the MOST IMPORTANT POINT. This peace inside that i am talking about is not the one you would normally assume. It’s not like an ‘i don’t give a damn’ attitude or ‘come what may’ thing. From a spiritual point of view this is totally different.

This peace is of a mind that has stopped wandering. When there’s nothing left to be done or achieved. Everything comes naturally and effortlessly. The universe around us is not driven by us. When you realize that we’re just ‘like‘ a speck of dust in the vast universe and we don’t own it, immediately we’re at peace. I can vouch this from my meditative experiences. Once you’ve tried everything and failed, you realize that the moment you give up and hand over your reins to this invisible force, you attain this peace.

Meditation brings us this calmness as a gift. The more we give up the futile attempt to control, the more we become closer to this state of mind which is totally serene. The only way to achieve this is to meditate. To meditate is to go inside yourself and become aware of this universal peace.

Once we attain to it nothing is impossible. True success is achieving this state of awareness and the rest comes easily and effortlessly.


Inner peace is your light that will never go out!

When you do everything on the outside from a center inside that is always balanced and calm, you are guaranteed to succeed. Your actions will be articulate, suave and perfect.

The ancient art of samurai swordsmanship is based on this concept. When you are perfectly balanced, your moves will be perfect!

This inner peace which i am talking about is not superficial. It is achieved only when you are one with your eternal source. This is NOT attained by controlling your mind or forcing anything on yourself.

True inner peace is achieved only when you discover your spiritual source and be one with it. This is achieved when you attain to supreme spiritual enlightenment.