The Miraculous Nature Of Non Living Buddhas

The Miraculous Buddha Nature

The stone, the water, the wood are all Buddhas. The miraculous nature of inanimate objects defies LIFE and DEATH and is right before your eyes! We have never pondered over this. All the time we are busy in the living world. Do you ever notice that the world around you is all Awake!!  Even non living things are proof of eternal consciousness.


Once you look at a stone carefully, you will see its wonderful nature.

The Miraculous Buddha Nature

You will see that it changes its form. A stone may break and it can also disappear. It remains still when broken. A stone hurts when it hits us. A stone gives happiness to a child when he finds it on the shore. A stone is a stone and it follows its true nature, Always!


Most modern-day gurus will tell you to be MINDFUL. They will say, “Look at the seer”. “Look at the one who is awake! Look at the one who observes.”

But I say to you this:


There is no observer. There is no observed. There is no conscious or sub-conscious and no unconscious. There is ONLY THIS.


When you can enter this moment bereft of all concepts, you will achieve the ultimate. You will discover the wonderful nature of everything around you, be it a stone or your friend next door.



You and A Brick

There is absolutely No Difference between you and a brick. If you believe yourself to be superior, you are wrong.

In fact, A brick is superior to you. Let me explain.


  1. A brick is still.
  2. It does not waver in heat or cold.
  3. It is inanimate and cannot feel. Yet it is present in this moment, beautifully.
  4. You can use a brick but it does not hate you.
  5. A brick has the power to awaken your true nature.
  6. A brick is the inanimate Buddha.


YES, the brick is not spiritual or religious, It is itself. It is true to its nature!

That is why I say, “A brick is superior to you”.


Wash your self away and you will be a brick again!


The Healing Power Of The Five Elements

The earth, fire, water, air and space are powerful. Your body is composed of these elements.

You are alive due to the life force within you. This Life force is the fabric that brings all the elements together. Not to be confused with the ‘soul‘ or ‘aatman‘. The life force simply vanishes when the elements disintegrate.


When you are sick, just connect with these elements.

You must have observed that when you are not well, you want a break from your routine life. You want to go to some natural surroundings to rejuvenate.


The inanimate Buddhas bring life back to you! The living and the non-living are connected inextricably.


All dis-eases are born out of the weakness of elements inside you. Once you know what your body lacks, that element has the power to heal you!


As time goes by, the body ages. The elemental force decreases and you become frail. The five elements nourishes you as long as you want.

The ancient sages lived for a thousand years and as long as they wished. They knew the art of healing.


The point is this:

A stone has the wonderful nature of being just as You! Once you Awake, you will see it clearly!


The Miraculous Buddha Nature


When the broom sweeps away the dust, you can see the floor clearly. Where you sit is where you stand!



The wonderful nature quote


It is only when the clouds move away, do you see the Sun.


I write about spiritual awakening because i want to clear away your clouds. Pay attention to what I am trying to show you instead of what I write!


The whole effort of a Zen master is to sweep away the clouds. Once the clouds are swept away, your own light will shine!


The Buddha nature is your source. It is WHO YOU ARE.

Why is it wonderful or Miraculous?

This is because once you realize it as yours, it will put you at peace. Your mind will stop wandering. You will become the Buddha.


The supreme enlightenment or the realization of this nature as yours places you right in the eternal bliss.


There are moments in which a Zen student attains enlightenment. An ordinary cat, a stone, a stick or anything can bring about that moment of awakening.


There is great power in the natural way. There is an enormous beauty and potential in all things including the ones that are Non-Living or appears to you as inanimate!



Wake up in the morning and take time to observe. See and feel everything from a cup of tea to your newspaper. Spend time with the utensils in the kitchen. Listen to the kind of sounds they create. You may find the music that may enlighten you.


It is only when you learn the art of seeing, will the miracle unfold.


Seeing into your true nature, you will understand where the bricks originate.


The beauty and the wonder of it is that you will never feel disconnected. The cause of all your stress is that you feel disconnected. The more you feel separate from other things, the more you will feel unhappy.

The ultimate realization knits you again to the fabric of life. You are able to lead a stress-free life.


The world around you is your creation. It is your play arena. All the gates to happiness and bliss are open. You just need to open your eyes to it.


The enlightened ones do not see anything as living or non-living. All distinctions have dissolved for them. It is a state where life and death do not exist. It is the miraculous world of the Buddha.

You are not even an inch away from the land of freedom. It is right here under your nose. Your very own nature is shining brightly in everything.


Rise, awake and Be the Buddha you are!

Everyday Life is Beautiful

Everyday Life

Each day brings with it everything that eternity has to offer. This moment is the greatest show of all art that nature has to offer. Everyday life gives you an opportunity to discover its secrets. Do not miss out, PLEASE!

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

Mother Teresa

Have you been to a museum or a movie theater? They run their shows daily and are mostly open each day. A movie fanatic will eagerly wait for his show to start. An art love will wait for the museum to open eagerly. It’s their interest that makes them excited.

Now imagine the greatest show on earth called LIFE. It is happening each single second. At this very moment, planets are moving around, sun is shining, birds are chirping, a child is smiling, a flower is blooming! Even a seemingly ordinary activity such as the sound of the pages of a book moving in wind is beautiful.

It is important to also note that only beautiful things are happening! Anything you find sad or worthless IS YOUR CREATION of your own EGO!

Once you learn the art of discovering the eternal bliss, you will be able to see the blessings that nature has bestowed upon us. You will be enlightened.

Have a good bath, Eat your food!

  1. When did you last enjoy your bath?
  2. When was the last time you found playing with a child, interesting?
  3. When was the last time you fed the pigeons?
  4. Do you remember the last time you played a piano?
  5. When was the last time you painted or sang a song?
  6. When did you arrange a family get together last?


I can continue on this list endlessly. There are numerous beautiful things everyday that you go on missing because you choose to ignore them.


The daily life that we live is the music played by the eternity. Enjoy being at rest after working hard. Have a warm bath, prepare delicious food and eat it. Of course people these days do not understand.

They go to SPA and luxury hotels for eating. They try to make it lavish. They try to make simple things complicated.


You are responsible for your own mess. You have complicated your life too much. It’s time you SIMPLIFY!


A beautiful day is when you get up early morning refreshed. You do your chores in perfect balance serenely. You speak mildly to others. You are full of utter love due to the immense bliss you’re feeling around and inside you. You share it with others. At the end of the day, you sleep with grace!


Uncomplicated, stress-free!

A butterfly is hidden inside a caterpillar. A pearl is hidden inside an oyster. Similarly, the jewel of spiritual awakening lies hidden in YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.


Just because you are so much involved in your own greed and ambitions, you do not see it. You have made life into a serious business. You want things that are of no value.


You do not know that once you find that which is worth finding, you will automatically receive everything else!


More deviated you are from the present moment, more stress you accumulate.


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Everyday Life is Easy Life.

Stop looking at the future. There isn’t any.

Yes, believe it or not. This is not a negative affirmation. THERE IS NO FUTURE is not a negative statement. It is quite pleasant and removes a lot of stress from our lives.

It means there is nothing to plan for.


Wouldn’t it be great if you come to know that nature willed a life for you that is effortless.


You are here in this world to enjoy each day. To live carefree and delight in being ALIVE!


Your worries and your imaginations about future and past are deluding your true nature.

You are too much stressed out due to your own ego.


You need to LET GO of your plans about future. You need to LET GO of your thoughts about the past! Only then you can experience the miraculous nature of your own true self, your TRUE IDENTITY!


Everyday Life


Let me give you one simple exercise to practice:

Take a moment to calm down. Close your eyes. Relax and take a deep breath. Now thing about when you were a child. How you grew up. What difficulties you faced and what moments you cherished. Think about them.

Now slowly come back to the present moment. Open your eyes.

See it clearly now that all that is GONE.

Yes, you struggled and you enjoyed. But ALL THAT IS NOW OVER!  This present moment is all you have. Also notice how nature took care of you.


This simple activity will make you understand the importance of this moment!

You will notice that living each day AS IT COMES is the easiest thing to do.

That is how it is meant to be. Life is for living. When you thing about the future and the past, you MISS LIFE. You miss the opportunity to experience the wonder that everyday life has to offer.


So, the way to live easy is to LIVE NOW! This everyday life that you so dislike. This is where you need to start. At first you will not understand what I am trying to say. But as you start living more and more in the moment, you will begin to see the miracle happening in your life!


You will realize this profound truth that all the energy of the universe is concentrated here, right before your eyes. If you use this energy your life will be complete. All that the universe has to offer will be available for you!

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

Franz Kafka

Stay Blessed!

The Miracle of Ordinary Life

The Miracle

The miracle lies shining all around You at this moment now! Yes, the ordinary life that you’re so bored of. This life you’re living now is the door to eternity!

The daily life of a mystic and the daily life of an ordinary person has one difference. The spiritually awakened lives each moment beautifully. Each moment brings with it the wonder and joy of eternal life.

Even if an enlightened person is passing through misery and agony, he makes it beautiful.

Each day, the work that you do, the people you meet and the experiences you have are ALL your gifts!

The Miracle

You may ask:

What is so special with this day? What is special about THIS MOMENT?

The answer to this:

What makes you think so?

Just dig deeply into above question and you will find the miracle.


The bliss is overflowing. Will YOU join us?

It’s really sad you are missing out. Each second, the wonder of the life all around you is visible. Yet you are not aware.

A candle lights up the whole world but JUST BELOW THE CANDLE there is darkness. Similarly Your eternal radiance lights up the whole world and yet you are gloomy.

How do you come out of this situation? Well it is really simple. You must see the truth with your Eyes!

You must experience this eternal truth. Then you will find the wonder all around you!

This is called entering the realm of Mystics. There is just ONE MOMENT that separates you from the eternal peace, and that moment is NOW. You can enter that realm now, if you truly see the nature of things.


The Ordinary Life

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to live an extra-ordinary life?

I know your answer. All of us want to live an Extra-Ordinary Life.

  1. You dream of becoming rich.
  2. You want to fly all the way to some other part of the world.
  3. You want to have a mansion.
  4. You want to have a luxury car.
  5. You want to have a super-suave lifestyle.

and the list goes on…….


Now imagine a person who:

  1. Lives here in this moment and does not dream of future.
  2. Enjoys his food daily and loves his daily drinks.
  3. Savors fresh air and loves living in natural surroundings.
  4. Does normal work each day.
  5. Lives peacefully and sleeps well at night.
  6. Is not afraid of Life and its hassles.
  7. Is not afraid of Death and its pain.


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The above 7 activities is what is truly magnificent. Each day if you can truly achieve these 7 acts, You will be free! The fact that you constantly try to escape the ordinary life is the reason you cannot see the miracle.


What You Are Missing Each Day

Let me tell you the importance of this moment!


  1. Whatever happening now is important. Whether you are eating or walking, in a meeting or relaxing, angry or happy, depressed or elated, THIS MOMENT IS ALIVE! You have the power to discover your true nature and the grand scheme of universe!

  2. There is Energy flowing in this moment. When you think about the past, you are applying the energy of the moment to things which YOU CANNOT CHANGE. When you plan for the future, you are using the energy of the moment to create something.

  3. Everything STARTS NOW! Whether you are trying to achieve anything on the outside or you are on your spiritual path, The moment to start is THIS MOMENT!


When you are NOT living here and now, You are missing the opportunity to CREATE THE FUTURE YOU WANT. You are also missing the Opportunity to be ALIVE. You also miss out on creating a STARTING POINT on your spiritual journey!



To Tap The Power of Now, BE ORDINARY!


Your attempt to be different, will lead you to suffering.


You will not be able to relax. You will be lost into a land of utter darkness. This will happen because you will be uprooted! Leaving your true self and trying to be something will lead you astray!

The marvel of the universe lies in this utter ordinariness. The awakened one knows and sees this wonder inside himself as his true identity.


Let me try to explain to you the miracle of this ordinary life:

Few months back, I met with an accident. There was a fracture in my right shoulder and it was severely bruised. Surprisingly i did not feel lot of pain when I met with accident. However when the nurse was applying medication to the wound there was immense pain. She told me to let the would be open since it was too deep.

This is an ordinary incident. However let me tell you how it was actually a miracle. During my moment of pain, i experienced it completely. I was not trying to put my mind somewhere else. The energy of the moment helped me overcome the pain since i am completely in the present. The experience of this pain made me aware of life and death in the most vivid manner. I was in pain but aware of my true and eternal self.


When you are absolutely yourself, you are not exerting yourself. You are simply what you are!


When you are spiritually asleep and not aware of your true nature, you do not live in the present moment. Since you are searching, you are NOT HERE. That is why you cannot see it!


The Miracle is Happening…….NOW!

Yes, the ordinary life in front of you has everything you need.


At THIS MOMENT, what is that which you lack?

Zen Master Rinzai


If you try to answer Zen master Rinzai’s question above, you will understand what i am saying. IT IS NOT THE ANSWER WHICH MATTERS.

This question is not an ordinary question. 🙂

Yes this question is a method to bring you to HERE and NOW! Just see right now, forget the past, forget about the future. When you look at this way, you will develop a vision. This is the Mystic Vision.


When you are present in this moment completely, you’ll be able to utilize the energy of the cosmos. All your dreams will have the energy to transform into reality!


Another important point to note about the present moment is that to be in it, you don’t need to exert yourself.

When you are completely here and now, you are at a position of eternal rest and ease!

This rest, this utter relaxation will bring all bring your true nature to the fore.


Be Here and Know Yourself

This is the ultimate secret. If you exist completely in this moment now, you will know everything worth knowing and you will achieve everything worth achieving.


The miracle will unravel and all your miseries will disappear. You will realize who you are. You will realize that you are NOTHING SPECIAL. You are the utter ordinariness, you are the mundane.

You will merge with everything around you so permanently that at the same time, two things will happen:

  1. You will lose your personal identity.
  2. You will gain eternal oneness and thereby realize your TRUE identity, Your true nature!


Once you are one with nature, Your heart will fill with LOVE for everything! The knowledge and wisdom will turn to LOVE. Your life will be transformed.


The End of All Spiritual Journeys Happens in LOVE. All your wisdom and realization will turn to LOVE once you are awakened.


When you realize your oneness with everything, your heart will be filled with so much love that sometimes on seeing agony and poverty and distress of people around you will cause you to Cry.

This is the final stage where you need to learn to live for others.

Realized humans live for others. They devote themselves to service of others.



This is the miracle of ordinary life. Do not set your target to become rich, wealthy, famous or anything else. All these ambitions will take you away from THIS PRESENT MOMENT. All these will snatch your true treasure and true source of richness.


The only way to achieve everything is to attain to the present. The wonder and the amazement of the world around you will fill in your body if you truly LIVE right now!


Look clearly at the world in which you live. See the goodness and beauty in simple things. A cup of tea, A newspaper, a bird chirping, the sound of crickets, shoes creaking, or any other thing which you hardly notice, all have the power to enlighten you.


Once you are able to hear this unheard music of the nature, you will begin to understand.

Then you will find pleasure even in such an ordinary thing as rain falling or dogs barking.

Once you merge with the present moment you will find bliss in ordinary things and only then will you truly awaken!

The Eternal Bliss And Futility Of Volition

eternal bliss and futility of volition

A step you take away from your being and you will miss the eternal bliss. Spirituality is not about the scheming mind. Anything you do will lead you astray! This is the reason why you are always tense. You are always trying to BE someone else.

The confusion is because you don’t know yourself. You are not aware of your real identity. You keep searching throughout lives but don’t find anything.


The only way you will find out yourself is to STOP doing what you are doing. Refrain and restrain yourself. Apply the brakes. This journey towards self-realization is beautiful.


Journey of Self-Realization – Starts Here Ends Here

People who are new on their spiritual paths need to understand this. There is nowhere to go. There is nothing to achieve. Realizing your true nature will NOT add anything to you. You will remain the same. The only thing that changes will be your experience of this world.


The eternal bliss springs forth from a fountain which is never depleted. When it flows inside and outside you, the experience is complete. In that experience, there is no object and no subject. There is only the vibration of that experience in the utter emptiness of this universe.


It is just like the reflection of moon in water. Before enlightenment only the reflection exists. After enlightenment, the real moon is seen. Both are already there at this moment!

eternal bliss and futility of volition


Look at the beauty of this fact. The spiritual enlightenment is here and now. At this very moment all is present. You illusions, your attachments and everything that you so desire. They all are reflections in water and will soon disappear when the tide arises. However your inner self, which is the moon in the above analogy, is forever.

You must depend on your true nature and forget the mirage of the world.


The Weakness in Willpower

Not everything worth achieving is achieved with force. The moment you decide to do something, you block other possibilities. The problem with going on a task is that you miss out on the variation.


In spiritual matters you only need determination for sticking on the path.


You do not need to force your way to enlightenment. THAT DOES NOT WORK.

Rigorous yogic postures and fasting and other trauma that you bring to your body simply won’t count.

The more willpower you accumulate, the more ego you may acquire. Moreover, the will is only needed for achieving some goal. On the spiritual path, you must not form any goals.


Act without doing;
Work without effort



You may not have noticed this. The day you spend less time worrying, you achieve more. Most of the work and effort you do is with your MIND.


This is the real meaning of doing less and achieving more. Most of your mind is occupied trying to be mentally strong and invincible. Instead it should be used less and made really weak on the spiritual path.


Eternal Bliss – Lost and Found

Spiritual awakening is like coming back home from a long journey. A journey that you do with your eyes closed. If you are unaware of the wonderful nature of your true self, you miss the grace. It is lost, not in the sense that it is not existing. When you open your eyes after a long sleep, you realize that it was already there.


You can only find your being, when you stop doing. You waste a lot of energy on the outside. How many times in a day you actually become fully AWARE?

Most of the time you spend on boosting your ego, your false self. Either you boost it or you protect it. That is what most of us do.

Instead of wasting energy on the above, you can preserve it. Invert the flow of energy INWARDS.


Again, it is important to note that on the spiritual path, you do not force things. When you let go COMPLETELY of everything, then you awake. Even letting go cannot be forced.


The only way to awaken is to let go of LETTING GO. The ultimate dropping of all things including let go attitude.


It is a place of utmost calm which you cannot force into. You must enter slowly.

Eternal Bliss

Enter Here and Slowly

This is a secret which is open but no one sees. Therefore it is a secret. How to awaken to your true self? It is a question which many people ask me. The answer is simple.

The answer is “Do not overdo things. Do not worry about being awake or dreaming. Do your day-to-day tasks without force. And it is only possible when you no longer exist within your ego.


All the imaginations of the mind, its resolutions, its will, its stubbornness are going to lead you ASTRAY. Come out of the delusion.

So all goals including some mentioned below are not worth pursuing:

  • I will find spiritual enlightenment in this life itself.
  • I will join a religious organization.
  • I will not let anyone hamper my spiritual progress.
  • I won’t follow any other religion except mine.
  • I will practice celibacy.
  • I will renounce the world (and go to the Himalayas) 🙂
  • AND SO ON…………….

All the above resolutions are your EGO speaking. Do not heed to any of them.


The wise do not make any goals. They are the last in the row.


By being irresolute, you truly awake! The wise DO NOT KNOW.  This not knowing is the greatest knowledge.


This awareness of delusion is what is called as spiritual enlightenment.


Those who have great realization of delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings.

– Dogen Zenji (1200 – 1253)


I just hope my words can describe my experience. Do not plan for awakening, instead drop what stands in its way. That is the only way to see your vastly unbound SELF.


Once you realize who you are, life will become worth living. Then even death becomes magical. Everything becomes a door to heaven. Wherever you go, you find yourself!

Spiritual Evolution: Blessings you don’t notice

spiritual evolution: natural falling towards center

Spiritual Evolution – What is it anyway?

Spiritual Evolution thankfully does not depend on humans. The universe and its ways are independent. Universal benevolence happens to you without you knowing about it.


There are many definitions of spiritual evolution. But they are like candles shown to the sun. Evolution is a term used to describe changes happening over a period of time that are supposed to make for better adaptability. An evolution that is spiritual in nature will bring spiritual growth and ultimately, enlightenment.


The universe is not concerned about individual enlightenment. The natural way is to keep everyone blissful. Therefore, Spiritual evolution is not individual but happens on a cosmic level.


A human being will awaken when his consciousness is exactly in tune with the universal consciousness.

The great benevolence – Your constant providence

The original nature of this universe is blissful and full of wonder. Any deviation you see or experience is an outcome of your own effort.


The universe is wired to remain constantly at peace with itself. Spiritual evolution brings everyone to this core. The great energy around you always aims at maintaining this state.


spiritual evolution quote


In a day, 24 hours, you are constantly worried. You are occupied by thoughts of how to keep yourself happy. You make a lot of effort. Some efforts yield good rewards while others do not. This is the law of cause and effect, the law of karma.


A human being will continue this way until spiritual spark is ignited in him. For the first time, he sees something more. Spiritual evolution manifests itself beyond the law of karma. This force works even when you are not doing anything. It is beyond you and that is good!


The beauty of universal consciousness is its nature. No matter what happens, the eternal peace is always present. You and me are part of this consciousness. Even if we create a chaos, the eternal quiet is present.


The mechanism of spiritual evolution is always functioning. The great oneness will always work in favor of you. No matter how far you wander, you will always be brought back to the blissful center. This is how spiritual evolution works.


The white background – The Quiet behind the hullabaloo

Have you ever noticed how black looks awesome on a white background. Just like this page you are viewing now!

There is something marvelous about it. It is like the sun shining behind the clouds. Even though the clouds temporarily ban the light, the sun will come out.


Spiritual evolution is the white background. It’s always there and present. It functions independently of whatever happens in the foreground.

spiritual evolution

Believe it or not, this mechanism of universe is functioning. It is always bringing you closer to spiritual enlightenment.


You may not know this. A stroke of bad luck in your life can suddenly turn into a bright future. Continuing to fall into despair you can see the hope. How does this happen?

Keep in mind, i am NOT giving you dreams to knit. I am not talking about worldly hope and despair. I am only indicating the strength that we are born with.

This eternal source of being is our true nature. And this world that we live in is nothing but the process of spiritual evolution itself.


There are many things which we are unaware of. Following are certain examples:

      • You think nobody loves you. The fact is that you don’t know who loves you.


      • You feel you are not wealthy. The fact is that there are thousands of people who are poorer than you.


      • You feel you are powerless. The fact is that there is nobody like you in this world. You are unique.


      • You think you are unhealthy. The fact is that you are NOT doing healthy things. (like eating good food, exercising etc.)



These are real world examples intended to indicate limitations of your knowledge.

The fact is this:


The truth is beyond all ideas about it. The truth is unrelated to what you think or do!


The white background will always make you superior. It is your support. It is your divine providence. It is the machinery of spiritual evolution.


The mystic phenomenon – There, but in oblivion

Your senses are limited. You brain is limited. Is there anything you can use to experience the mystery of this nature?

The answer is NO.

The above answer does not mean that you cannot discover this mystery. When you come out of the circumference of your senses and the mind, you will experience it.

Spiritual evolution is always happening. It will lead you to bliss and grace. The only thing you need to do is, RELAX.

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Understand that very well. You are the gold dust that belongs to universal quiet.

Nothing special needs to be done to achieve enlightenment.

This process is natural and is expedited by you understanding of this simple fact.

This is known as allowing things to come to you. This is the great mysticism that lies before you, yet you do not notice.

There are many words which can be used to describe our incapability to understand our own true nature. Call it unawareness, frustration, desperation, arrogance or anything.

The great forgetfulness about who we are is only laughable matter. Because it is right before you to see, yet you are always blind to it.

Yet, spiritual evolution won’t leave us wandering forever. You will come home sooner or later. Sooner is better, always


That is to say, even if you forget God, God won’t forget you. There are blessings you do not see. There are people helping you don’t see. This eternal mystery is forever hidden. Only when you are ready to let go of yourself, can you see through it, SOONER.

Spiritual Enlightenment And The Music

spiritual enlightenment music

“Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.”

Alan Watts

The music you listen to can ignite spiritual enlightenment! Spiritual awakening is beyond all religions and so is music! Once you understand it, the mystery unravels! Music has a timeless resonance that easily co-relates with your source of being.


Not all music relates to your source, though. Loud, harsh and obviously distasteful sounds are NOT music. To understand what I am saying, first you must understand what Music is.


Music is not about sounds, but the silence that it creates. Sounds confusing? Read on.

The music that originates from the heart and goes to the depths of your consciousness, brings spiritual enlightenment one step closer to you!

spiritual enlightenment music

Music is what comes out of an eternal emptiness.


Music – The eternal emptiness

Music is the sound coming out of nothing. When the sound originates from emptiness, it becomes music.

Have you ever noticed a unique feature of musical instruments?


All musical instruments are hollow!


Yes, the music is only produced when you have empty space. A flute has empty space. A banjo, a band, an accordion and even a piano. All the musical instruments carry empty space.

This empty space is also the source of your being. You come from nowhere into this world. When you die, you return to nowhere.

This empty source of your being is also the origin of the music!

While listening to the music you can feel this inside you. If you listen intently, you will go beyond the limitations of your body. This is a timeless experience.


Anything that is beyond time is empty. Empty of all characteristics and therefore peaceful, blissful and soothing. That is why the music which soothes you has the power to bring spiritual enlightenment!


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Returning to the timeless source

Why does music relax you?

Some answers:

  • It has the same source as yours
  • Music takes you to a timeless zone. You forget your past and future temporarily.
  • It brings you closer to eternity.


If you meditate then you should listen to music. Meditation is in fact music itself. Meditation is another form of music. Anything that leads you to a timeless state of being is music.


Those who are on the spiritual path should always listen to the music. It will help you in attaining spiritual enlightenment. Music will bring you closer to your timeless source. Not only that it becomes a process of meditation itself.


Music is Meditation is Music

Wonderful title isn’t it. 🙂  That’s true. Both are similar and there is absolutely no difference.

Once you understand this fact, meditation becomes easy. The path of spiritual awakening is quite natural and easy. People find it difficult because they think that there is a technique of doing it. The fact is just the opposite.


There is NO TECHNIQUE of meditating. Meditation is as simple as breathing or listening to music!


Meditation and Music is a similar process. Yes I have not used ARE and PROCESSES. They are one. Once you understand my statement, you will clearly go beyond doubts and attain happiness.


When you are listening to music you are actually meditating. And when you are meditating you are actually listening to music!

When you are meditating there is an unexplained happiness inside you. There is no reason to it. When you are listening to music, you cannot explain the bliss inside you.

This remain unexplained because the experience is beyond time. You are experiencing yourself. When you experience yourself, it is beautiful.


Spiritual Enlightenment – Experiencing yourself

You have five senses. You spend twenty-four hours a day experiencing this world. A normal person spends all her time experiencing this world. Even while sleeping you dream. You dream about this world.

A person on the spiritual path must however experience himself. Meditation will help you in this. Meditation helps you experience yourself. And music helps you do this EASILY.


Music is the aid that helps you awaken!


NOTE: You must understand that music, like meditation is a cure for a disease. It helps in curing self-delusion. Once you are awakened, you don’t need this ‘outside music’. Once you attain spiritual enlightenment you BECOME the music. You realize that you ARE the music.


Then the bliss flows by itself. You do not need meditation, music or any other aid. Then you create the music. You become a musician! 🙂

This art is rare and it is yours. You are the original artist. You are the original musician. Once you awaken to your true source of being, you create the music. And this Music resonates with the universe.


Spread the Love – Celebrate!

I have never written about love. You cannot write about Love. However, music sprouts love. When you share your wisdom and work for others you exude love.

A spiritual seeker must help others after experiencing himself. This is spreading the love. Once you are enlightened, there is nothing left to achieve. The only thing you can do is to help others.

The joy of discovering oneself is so extreme that it spills. Like a river overflowing you start celebrating life naturally. Life becomes a celebration. Then you automatically want to help others become awakened.

This is the true purpose of your life. Know who you are and then share the joy that you find.


Life is a celebration. Death is a celebration. Everything is a celebration.

Do not feel left out. You are the center of the universe. Meditate and experience music to find this gem of spiritual awakening.

The river of bliss is flowing constantly. It is right before you. You need to TUNE in to your own source. Music is an easy way to bring about this understanding.

Just like the musical notes, let your radiance shine and resonate!

Stay Blessed!

This Moment Now is your last!

this moment now

This moment now is your last moment! This very second you are alive! A moment ago you WERE, A moment later, you MAY NOT be! This is the greatest freedom! Here lies your greatest opportunity to be free from the stress of life and death. The present moment is a part of the eternal. As soon as you focus your mind on the present, all worries disappear.

If you worry about future, you miss the opportunity to find the Eternal life. I say to you Do not miss these moments. Can you tell me what will happen in next 1 minute? You can’t. That’s because that next moment is still not present. You only have THIS MOMENT!


When you enter the moment, you actually go beyond the limitations of your physical body. This is because it is beyond any concept of time.

At this moment you may be:

  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Doing some boring work. (in office?) 🙂
  • Fighting (with your friend?)
  • Sick
  • Frustrated

The list is endless.

This moment now you can be in any state of mind. But remember, this is going to end! That is the beauty of it! Dying is an art, a beautiful one, and death is not something to fear.


It is like a water drop dropping in the river. The present moment is when you are all set and ready to drop. To really ‘live in the moment’ is to learn this art of dying.

You can only learn this art of life and death, if you are one with your existence. When you are fully aware of your spiritual source which is also the source of all that which you see around you.


this moment now
this moment now is your last


Living is Dying

If you have NOT been a regular reader of this blog, you may feel a bit perplexed about this fact. What I have experienced, I am sharing with you.

Life looks paradoxical and it IS so. Since life and death are the only secrets worth discovering; and they are the two sides of the same coin.

The fact is this:

When you learn the effortless art of dying, you would know how to live!


This moment now quote


All your worries, stress, problems will disappear when you die to them. Dying to them does not mean running away from your responsibilities. Dying to them means you do everything in a NON-serious manner. If you succeed, you succeed, If you fail, you fail. It doesn’t matter.

So all these are interconnected:

  • You learn the art of dying
  • You start living in the moment
  • You say goodbye to modern-day stress and worries.



The Art of Dying

When the fear is gone, life becomes livable. It becomes lively. You are alive!


“Life and death are important. Don’t suffer them in vain.”



  • You are not born to suffer.
  • You are not born to stress out.
  • You are not born to worry.


  • You are in this world to enjoy and relax.
  • You are alive to live in the present moment.
  • You are alive to discover your true nature.
  • You should devote your time to understand the true source of yourself.

The art of dying is to detach yourself from your false identities and to connect with your true nature. When you are free from these burdens that you carry:

your ego, your possessions, your money and everything you call YOURS.

You will be able to live truly in this moment NOW.


Seeing your true nature

A special understanding outside the scriptures,
No dependence on words and letters,
Direct pointing to the heart of man,
Seeing into one’s own nature.

A Zen Verse


Your fear of dying will vanish when you have seen your own true nature. When you are fully aware that you are beyond any life and death issues. YOU are NOT an object of life and death. Instead you are a witness that SEES life and death.

There lies a great secret waiting to be uncovered. You already have that within you. Your own nature is always with you, whether you know about it or not.

This present moment is where you will eventually find your own true nature, your true source. Running around, doing rituals and religious ceremonies will not help. When you stop in the moment and die to everything else, you will discover your own identity.


This moment now is your last.. and key to your everlasting peace!

When you enter the present, you are actually PRESENT. Otherwise you are absent! Or shall I say ‘absent-minded’. Acting from such a state of mind is in fact, absent-mindedness.

It would be wise to say that you may not have really experienced ‘the present’.

The present is actually beyond any theory. It is THE ONLY moment you have and that is why it is always your LAST moment. If you think about what it is, you will miss it!


You can only enter this moment NOW. There is no preparation for it.

In fact, if you prepare to live in the present, you will never be able to experience it. The only way to do it is to die to everything else. You should not start to conceptualize this wisdom. Dying to everything else does not mean discarding all else. It only means the importance you are giving to your ego, your possessions etc. is to be forfeited.


Once you attain your true nature, one that you never lose, you start to experience this moment. All your worries, tensions and stress disappear like they never were.

An uninterrupted bliss descends on you. You come back to being what you always were but overlooking due to the mirrors of greed, ego, lust etc.

This is why spiritual awakening is considered as coming back home. Heaven is not some place far and beyond. It is not up in the air. It is not given to you by anyone. It is this moment now, which you have to enter by unlocking the door which separates you from it.

Living in the moment leads you beyond your physical body and hence this art is called ‘conquering death’. It is timeless.


Let us not waste our moments in past or future. Let’s cherish each moment. Life is composed of these moments. There is a possibility that you will find eternity between these moments. But when you think about the past, future or analyze things, you waste these precious jewels.


I exhort you to dive into your spiritual nature and discover it before you die. You won’t want to miss it for ephemeral things and materialistic possessions.

Wish you all the best in your spiritual endeavor. May your own light shine and show you your present moment!

Recommended Reading: Zen teachings of Huang-Po

Secret of Life – First You Lose Then You Win

secret of life

This is the primordial and timeless secret of life. First you have to lose, and only then you Win. The Spiritual discovery requires you to follow this Art.

Normally, people are too anxious to embrace success, peace or anything else they desire. It is not by chance that a great personality has said: “Patience is a virtue.

The universe in which we live holds in its heart a great secret. If you observe carefully and meditate on, it will be disclosed to you.

The universe all around us is not going anywhere. It is still and calm. Nothing and no one except us humans seem to be in a hurry

If we connect with this universal source, we too will discover our original calm and a state of unhurried peace. For this to happen you should understand a secret of life and that is to lose yourself first. Lose your ego first and only then you find true peace, happiness and success.

When you learn to lose your ego, you lose your impatience. The more you develop this virtue of patience, the more you begin to Win. You start winning the game of life!

Make way for the beautiful to happen

secret of life

First, you must admit that your life has become too stressed, unhappy and morose.

Second, you must be all set and ready for a complete change. Only then will you truly metamorphose.

Ready to lose your unhappiness and your stress?

Start by detaching yourself from your false identity. You must accept the fact that your ego is not higher than your own truth. Your name, fame and money you have accumulated constructs your false identity. Don’t be attached to it.

Work from a different center altogether. If you work from a state of ignorance and attached to your ego, you may seem to win the game of life in the beginning, but that will be your biggest defeat.

If you remain centered in your universal and peaceful source, then you start to build a foundation. It will be quite evident that while you are on your spiritual journey, you feel you are losing everything. You may not have enough friends, money or peace. But that’s the beauty. You are actually building the secret ‘KEY’ that will open the doors of eternal success in your life.

Losers start to win early and lose all later. Winners build their inner strength and therefore never lose!

Learn this art and secret of life. Learn to lose first. Lose your ego, your impatience and then if you have sown the seeds of this virtue, flowers will blossom.


Life is an art! – Practice it.

Winning by losing is an art in itself. It is the universal secret and the basis of all the mystery.  Life around us, the natural world is so calm and beautiful. You need to meditate to see this.

We have made life such a dead routine that we have almost forgotten that life is actually an art. This art of life needs to be practiced. There is beauty all around.

If we learn to give up and lose all our impatience, the desire to achieve something, we will connect to our original source of affluence.

Life is not a scientific model for study.

Life is not a religion to be followed.

Life is not a holy book that needs to be studied.

Life is an art which needs to be practiced. This Art requires that you lose yourself first. Lose your ego, lose your impatience, and if needed even be prepared to lose your life.

That is why it is important to be courageous. Because only the courageous can follow this path. Only the brave can give up, only the brave can incorporate patience in their lives and only the brave can follow this Spiritual path. Only the brave can uncover this secret of life.

A word of caution here. Bravery doesn’t mean physical or violent courage. Bravery here means the “Courage to let go“. Bravery means the courage to be detached even from your life itself.


The secret of life – Revealed!

It takes time to build real strength. Even though you have the spiritual source inside you, it is hidden. Also, the fact that you are too busy forgetting it, makes it seem a distant dream.

The more you attach yourself to the frivolities of life, the more you find it difficult to get back to your inner source. The time to act is now. Let go of all the stupid things that you have been doing. Let go of the materialistic goals you have been setting up for yourself. Let go of your desires to be rich, to be a celebrity, to be something. Because all this is unnatural.

You are already a hero. You are already a spiritual being. The source where you come from is the source of all the richness and beauty of the world.

The more you give up chasing the material world, the more you increase the possibility of attaining your true source of happiness and affluence. The secret to all this is to lose your false identity first.

Again, the secret of life is to lose your love for materialistic desires. Lose your love for your false identity, lose your ego. And once you understand it deep inside that you already have everything, it becomes quite easy to drop the ego.

If you learn this art of letting go of falsity and thoroughly practice it, the secret of life will be revealed to you!


I wish you good luck in your spiritual journey! May your light shine!