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Category: Mysticism in Everyday Life

Simply Living – The Art Of Zen

Simply living your life, you can attain everything you need. As soon as you ask “How to live?”, you fail….

Not Seeking Versus Not Finding

“Not seeking, not expecting, she is present, and can welcome all things.” ― Lao Tzu   If you are on…

Experiencing The Divine – Right Now!

If more people could sing and dance, they’ll be closer to divine each moment! –Ankush   Are you looking for…

Overlooking the present moment and the endless search for something

Good morning! Are you there? You say ‘yes’ and then continue doing what you’re doing. You make a plan for…

The Miraculous Nature Of Non Living Buddhas

The stone, the water, the wood are all Buddhas. The miraculous nature of inanimate objects defies LIFE and DEATH and…

Everyday Life is Beautiful

Each day brings with it everything that eternity has to offer. This moment is the greatest show of all art…

The Miracle of Ordinary Life

The miracle lies shining all around You at this moment now! Yes, the ordinary life that you’re so bored of….

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