The Beauty in Brevity

The Beauty In Brevity

Your life is slowly slipping away! Are you living each day fully? There is something marvelous about this fleeting life. You will discover the beauty in brevity of this life once you see it AS IT IS.

What torments you is not the lack of time. You are unhappy because you miss the moment.

You are too busy preserving it rather than living it!

If you take this moment and live it for what it is, you won’t regret.


Once you accept completely that life is fleeting, it becomes blissful.


There is so much joy everywhere if only you respect everything for what IT ACTUALLY IS.


When you let a happy moment be happy and a sad moment be sad, you will find the hidden bliss.


The castle in the sand is washed away by the waves but there is a beauty in it.

The Beauty In Brevity


You can paint a new picture. You can rewrite your story.

If you realize the importance of fleeting moments, you will begin to relish it. It is in the small things of life that you will find true peace.


Since you never live in the moment, you lose it. You miss the greatest gift that you have been bestowed. THIS VERY MOMENT is a great gift which you need to live.


You miss the joy in life because you want to keep improving it. The beauty in brevity is your doorway to freedom. You can only realize it when you relinquish your desire to improve upon this universal creation.


The awakened one does not find anything to do. He has no TO-DO list. Since he finds perfection in this very moment he is living. Nothing he finds to improve upon. For the awakened eternity lies in a fraction of a second. This very moment he finds true perfection.


The idea that you can improve upon something is the cause of your worry. People go on forming aims and ambitions because they think they can improve.


You are not satisfied with who you are. That is why the concept of time. You need more TIME. More time to improve. You need more time to enjoy. You need more time to develop.

What You do not see is that you are already there. You are already eternal and perfectly fine. There is nothing you can do to improve. Nature is already perfect.


Once you awaken to this truth, you will understand why Zen is about ‘doing nothing‘. “Sitting silently, doing nothing. Spring comes and grass grows by itself.”


That is Zen. That is the perfect imperfection which Zen finds. The awakening is just a moment away. And you find it in the brevity of existence. You do not need MORE time. One second is enough.


Why you want to keep improving? (Answered)

We believe that the world before us is less perfect. We actually ‘HATE’ it for what it is.


Therefore we keep trying to improve it. We keep trying to improve our lives.

On a physical and mental level you CAN improve. But on a Spiritual level, you CAN’T.


You need to understand why i am saying this. Meditative awareness will help you realize this fact.


There is ABSOLUTELY no scope to improve Spiritually.




You are already perfect!  You are already that which you are seeking!


It is because you do not realize this fact that you want to improve.


Spiritual evolution is a path that starts and ends at the same place. The enlightened person can help you realize this and SHORTEN YOUR JOURNEY! 🙂


Long is boring. Short is Sweet

Have you heard long lectures?

Have you traveled great distances?

Have you watched a long movie?

Something running non-stop will lose its charm.


It’s only when there is an End, will it be sublime and elegant.


The End is very important. It is the culmination and perfection of the moment itself. If you become complete with it, you will attain your true nature!



Finishing with the moment itself (perfection explained)


If you follow this moment and be with it till the end, without fail; You will reach perfection. Not because the moment is perfect, but because You are perfect.


Live This Moment Fully - Cooperate with this fleeting moment and you will attain perfection


Do this simple activity:

Right now, whatever you are doing, concentrate on it. Do it with grace. Now listen to a voice/noise outside your room. Slowly bring your awareness from the thing you were doing to the noise outside.

Slowly progressing from this to the next moment, there is a moment of transformation. Watch that moment in between.


This exercise above will help you finish the moment perfectly.

You must understand that when you are done with whatever you are doing, you are done!


Live each day fully and die at the end of it. This will lead to liberation.


Once you find yourself in tune with the fleeting existence by not fighting with it, you will live each moment perfectly without effort.


This will be the dawn of a new era in your life. The life that was fleeting will look extraordinary. There is the beauty in brevity and there is the eternity too. Both are one!


Once you discover this secret of eternity tangled in fleeing moment, you will be free. You will discover the Oneness of existence! Your life will become a celebration.


Awake to this fragile life and discover the eternity in it.

There is no heaven up there. There is no hell. It is all here. In this moment itself lies the gateway to bliss!

Why So Serious? – The Spiritual Secret of Joy

why so serious | laughing buddha

Are you serious about life? If you ARE, let me ask you this: Why the heck are you so serious? To put it in a more urbane manner, WHY SO SERIOUS? If you are always grim or even sometimes serious, you have not discovered the secret of life. I will tell you about the spiritual secret of joyful life. Read on.

Read all words carefully because what i am telling you now is going to transform your life SERIOUSLY. 🙂

why i am sad

Dead Or Alive?

Let me ask you one more question:

ARE YOU ALIVE or just pretending to live life?



We love to analyze life rather than live it!


So, the first secret of joy is:



Your logical mind will immediately start analyzing this secret. It will start to think and refute this secret.

It will give the following rationale to not accept LIFE as it is:

  1. Why should i not analyze? If i do not analyze things, i cannot make my life better.
  2. If i do not analyze things how do i know what is good or bad for me?
  3. How can i remain safe by not analyzing them? What if i want to avoid certain things and keep only the ones i like?




To all your logic against NOT ANALYZING LIFE, I have this to say:



  • How to be happy.
  • How to be safe.
  • How to be successful.
  • How to be healthy.
  • How to be positive.
  • How to excel.
  • How to be rich.
  • How to live.
  • ……………………….


And a thousand other HOW TO stuff that you want to know!!


Your True Nature Knows Everything. You Do Not Need Your Mind To Analyze Anything.


Let the Life come and make you blessed. Do not waste time analyzing it and be Dead!


The Image Or The Real Face?

The next question:

What would you eat, The food or the Menu card?

Who would you hug, your partner or his/her image in a mirror?


The Real Is Always Better Than The Image. The Original Is Always Better Than the Fake!


The next secret of joy:



No two things in the world are exactly alike. That is the beauty of existence. This is a message from the nature to stop looking for something else. Be Yourself and be original.


Did I hear your mind playing tricks again? 🙂

This time your mind must be feeling happy about this secret of joy. Am I Right?


Yes I am right, because it boosts your EGO.

BE YOURSELF, BE ORIGINAL can and does become an egocentric phrase. 


Being yourself does not mean you are SUPERIOR to others.

Being yourself does not mean you are BETTER than others.

Being original does not mean that you identify with the ‘ECCENTRICITIES of your mind’

Being original does not mean that what you do is GREAT or UNCHALLENGED.


Being yourself or Being original ONLY means that You ACCEPT WHAT YOU ARE!


This means you accept that you are crazy. You accept that you are angry. You accept that you are a fool. You accept that you are physically weak. You accept that you lie, steal or indulge in wrongdoing.

In short, YOU ACCEPT EVERYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF AND EXIST IN PEACE. This is called ‘Being Original‘. This is called ‘Being Yourself‘.


When you completely accept yourself as you are, You will start to see your REAL SELF.

You will drop all ego and You will STOP IDENTIFYING yourself from your outwardly characteristics. Your bond with your ego will BREAK. Your bond with your bodily identity will break.

That is how you will discover true Joy!

Does ego exist

Why So Serious?

The last question 🙂 :

What did you bring in this world when you were born?


And Let me also give you the answer this time 🙂




You brought absolutely nothing with you.

The last secret of Joy (don’t bother discovering more even if there are more) :



Let go of all that is NOT YOURS. (is there anything you really POSSESS?)

Let go of Everything because Nothing is yours.


Yes NOTHING is yours. When you Let go, You Let go of false identities, You let go of troubles, You let go of unhappiness, You let go of sadness


In short, When you really LET GO, you are letting go of What is not yours.


Only that which is truly yours will make you really happy


Why So Serious

When you brought nothing to this world, Why so serious? Life is not meant to acquire, to gain. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed to the fullest.


If you live now just for the sake of it and nothing else, it will be easy to LET GO.


Life is indeed a beautiful experience if you do not delude yourself. Once your vision becomes clear you will experience the joy of living.


There is bliss everywhere and life is too short to miss the adventure.


Start right now and open your eyes. There is beauty and charm spread all around you. The flowers, the river, the rain, the clouds ARE NOT STRIVING.


Everything in nature is in a COMPLETE STATE of relaxation. Only we humans have Ego. Once you let go of it, You come to your natural state. You become light-weight, light and relaxation personified.


If you have gone through this meditative experience article, you will SURELY experience Joy and happiness.

Once you discover your true nature you will no longer need precepts or ‘SECRETS’ to happiness.

Then you will naturally be joyful. You will attain supreme bliss!

Then every moment will become a celebration.


Stay blessed and All the best on your spiritual path!