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Heart to heart sessions

heart to heart sessions with zen master ankush

Hi there fellow spiritual traveler,

Life is an event occurring moment to moment. Each day brings with it lots of good and bad with it. Most of the time, most of use live unaware of the wonder surrounding us.

Those who are not on the spiritual path continue in this manner. They fight, struggle, strengthen their ego and try to become somebody.

But life is following its own course. The irony lies in the fact that life happens to you when you are thinking about the future. Life is right here!  Those who have a glimpse of their true nature understand that the essence is timeless existence.

As long as you exist in time, you will be bound by the good and bad, sorrows and hope, life and death.

When you enter the spiritual path, you are confused. For the very first time you want to see something beyond your daily routine.

Irrespective of whatever path you choose to awaken, the destination is the same. You will ultimately reveal the true nature of your being. You will understand who you are. You will see the light that is shining since eternity.

You will see this within yourself.

This path of self-discovery is long and the presence of an enlightened person makes it easy.

I offer myself to help you discover this wonderful jewel of enlightenment.

It gives me immense pleasure to help you directly on the spiritual path.


Please Note:


Looking Forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful Spiritual experience with You!








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