7 Spiritual Awakening Signs of Esoteric Nature

spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening is a process where you becomes YOU. The Yin and Yang of understanding (YOU) is a perfect state of being. The balance is achieved when the ultimate realization dawns. No matter which path we take on our spiritual journey, the goal is to achieve this flawless state. The process of moving from unawareness of this pristine nature to its ultimate realization is caused by a shift in consciousness. This is called Spiritual Awakening.


In Zen Buddhism, Enlightenment is called SATORI –

Satori is the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism (in Chinese: wu). It is a key concept in Zen. Whether it comes to you suddenly seemingly out of nowhere as found in the Enlightenment process called Aparka Marg, or after an undetermined passage of time centered around years of intense study and meditation as with the female Zen adept Chiyono, or after forty unrelenting years as with the Buddha’s brother Ananda, there can be no Zen without that which has come to be called Satori. As long as there is Satori, then Zen will continue to exist in the world.

Satori roughly translates into individual Enlightenment, or a flash of sudden awareness. Satori is as well an intuitive experience. The feeling of Satori is that of infinite space.



What is this enlightened state anyway?

Ordinarily, people believe that spiritual awakening is only for SPIRITUAL or RELIGIOUS people. They think that it is not part of the ordinary life. This is the greatest mistake. Everything is happening for all of us. Everyone of us is involved in this process of spiritual evolution.


The greatest mistake we humans make is considering spirituality as separate from ordinary lives.


So what is a spiritual enlightened state? Let’s hear it from some of the masters themselves.


The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.


That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person.
Eckhart Tolle


You can have a tremendously transformational experience, and it doesn’t immediately get rid of all of your contradictions and confusions. Sometimes your deepest shadow comes up after your deepest awakening. Often we have to begin by admitting what is still churning within us.


Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realization that everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realization that everything is as right is it can be. Or better, everything is as It as it can be.
Alan Watts


Spiritual Enlightenment is only a remembering, it is only a reminding, it is only a recognition. You are already enlightened; you are just not aware of it. It is awareness of that which is already the case.


Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.
Chögyam Trungpa


Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.
Zen Proverb



This last one is exactly the sign of spiritually awakened individual. When you see the original returning in your life with a different kind of awareness to it, this is spiritual awakening!

Many things have been said about signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening. These are changes in body, mind etc.

However let us find out 7 signs that are not known to 99% people. These are hidden and help you develop spiritual powers.


Spiritual Awakening Signs

  1. This present moment now becomes extraordinary.

this moment now

One of the most esoteric spiritual awakening signs is that the present moment becomes extraordinary.

The ordinary objects seem brighter. The experiences and the objects seem to merge together. Imagine the bright sunlight enveloping everything. In bright sunlight everything seems like a light.

Similarly day-to-day simple experiences like sitting on bed is marvelously exciting. This is because after spiritual awakening you become totally aware of the present moment.

Let’s see a real life example.

Eckhart Tolle is an awakened being. He talks about his experience. Here is an excerpt from his discourse: (source: YouTube)


An awakened human being does not know anything except THIS MOMENT NOW!

He uses the power of the present moment to create anything he likes.


  1. Ordinary objects and experiences seem to make an impact.


When it’s time to get dressed, put on your clothes.
When you must walk, then walk.
When you must sit, then sit.
Just be your ordinary self in ordinary life,
unconcerned in seeking for Buddhahood.
When you’re tired, lie down.
The fool will laugh at you
but the wise man will understand.
Lin Chi (Zen master)

Another not well-known sign of spiritual awakening is this. You start finding happiness in ordinary things. This is because you start moving out of time. There is no past and future. There is ONLY this present.

the present moment awareness

As soon as you come closer to spiritual awakening, your past and future begin to die. You start seeing beauty all around. The ordinary objects start reflecting the eternal radiance.

This is not because the objects and experiences are themselves radiant. It is because when you are awakened, only your awakening remains.

The radiance of your spiritual awakening rubs on to daily activities and objects.

  1. Time does not move

Life and Death become one. Anything does not seem to be happening. The act and it’s effect are on the spot. You transcend your world.


Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.
C. JoyBell C.


Many people may have glimpsed this briefly in their lives. You may remember an incident where you were not aware of time. When everything seems to have paused. These were the times when you suddenly transcended your mind. A strong emotion perhaps, a death in the family, a shock.


In that moment you transcend your mind temporarily. Spiritual awakening is beyond your logical mind. Don’t think that you can grasp it as a concept.

Only when you go beyond your mind, will you experience it.


timelessness quote

Spiritual awakening brings timelessness with it. Your worries disappear. Your expectations disappear. You live in the moment. Time is a concept that is relative. When absolute happens, time disappears. All relative concepts disappear.


  1. True Love Arises


True Love is born from a deep understanding.


Spiritual awakening is the understanding of the phenomena of the eternal. An understanding which encompasses every living and dead being. It is an understanding that everything is ONE. Everything and everyone belongs to this ONE UNIVERSE. And nothing is going anywhere. They’re ALL HERE and NOW.


This deep understanding brings with it True love. A love in which there is a deep compassion. A love which cannot hurt anyone. A love which nourishes everyone.


When one  becomes this way one can see its magic. Things start to happen. Hatred and violence cannot enter you. This is calling the magical power of love that does wonders. Only a spiritually awakened being can realize its power. True love can bring immense peace in the world.


  1. Fear Disappears

This is a remarkable experience. Spiritual awakening is noticed by a stark and complete absence of fear. You feel yourself beyond death.


My fear and doubts have vanished like mist
into the distance, never to disturb me again.

I will die content and free from regrets.
This is the fruit of Dharma practice.

Milarepa, from ‘Fruit of Dharma Practice


Fear exists because you don’t know what you are. Once you realize your true nature, all fears disappear, Forever!


There is a story of a great emperor who was so powerful that he almost ruled every country on the earth. Once he met an old monk lying on the side of a river enjoying the calmness of a river

The old monk did not move on seeing the emperor. This made him angry. The emperor said: “How dare you not greet me? Do you know who i am? I can stand here and cut you in two with my sword and not blink an eye”  To which the monk replied: “Don’t you know who i am? I will keep lying down while you cut me in two and NOT BLINK AN EYE!”

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Once awakened, there are no impossible things out there. You can achieve anything your put your heart at. This comes from the power of fearlessness.

  1. Instant Results of Actions (Karma)

You may have heard about the saying:

As you sow, so shall you reap!


After spiritual awakening the delay between sowing and reaping is minimal.

In fact one becomes fully aware of this cycle of action and result. The enlightened one enjoys what he is doing. He does not attach himself to the fruits of the action. The cycle of action and results becomes a video game for him.


Life is never a serious affair after enlightenment. Everything is done very lightly. Karma becomes a game to be played till death of the body. Everything is just like a dream.


  1. The power to change things around you develops

This is the most esoteric spiritual awakening sign. You develop the ability to alter things. It is not that you gain this power. You only realize that it has been with you forever. It is not something acquired, it’s realized.

This ultimate realization of power within you is exciting. Now I am not saying you can freeze water by looking at it. Spiritual awakening does not make you a magician. Yes there are miraculous powers developed on realization. But these are more related to a superbly focused Mind.

When you become a master of that mind, only then you attain the spiritual power.

Spiritual enlightenment is itself a great miracle. It is a wonderful thing. It is an achievement in itself.

The power to change which develops is on a personal level. You turn bad to good, unfortunate to fortunate, sick to healthy and so on.


People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All are miracles.
Thích Nhat Hanh


When you awaken, you will find ordinary things doing miracles. And all the while you thought only You could do it.


These were the spiritual awakening signs that are less talked about. Once you awaken to the reality, you’ll notice them easily.


The Ultimate Miracle

the ultimate miracle


When ego is no more, you can see the dance of the universe. And you are SO very much a part of it.


Entering into enlightenment is like entering daylight after a lot of sleep. Suddenly there is light all around. In this light you can’t see your small ego, your small self. It vanishes. During the course of day-to-day life you will notice your ego. As long as you live ego will be there. But now it is powerless.

You have discovered that it exists only as a dream. The ego is only a part of your dream. When you are spiritually awake, you no longer have a false sense of self. Your falsehood and your conceptions disappear.


This is the ultimate miracle. You are doing something without your ego troubling you. Isn’t that wonderful?

You dance without ego. You play without ego. Trust me it’s a different ball game altogether after awakening.


What also happens as a result of awakening is that you go beyond words. Your actions become more important. Not in what you do but ‘how you do’.

How you sleep, how you speak, how you eat, how you walk; your light is reflected in your way.

You acquire a charm. People recognize you as if they have seen you before.


There is nothing that stops you. After awakening you know no obstacles. The road becomes clear. Your vision becomes clear. You become stress free. You achieve everything easily. You are like an artist that performs effortlessly and with grace.


Have you ever seen a dancer performing? When you become the dance and there is no dancer remaining, the act of dancing becomes perfect. Then there is neither ‘dance’ nor ‘dancer’; there is only ‘dancing’.


The universe is a phenomena. It is a process. There are no objects. There are only processes. It is a constant river flowing. It is constantly moving, yet not moving to anywhere. It is moving but in no direction. It is ‘just moving’.

When you realize this nature of universe, you will be free. Then there is no identity crises. In a flowing river the water has no identity. There is only a river. The water in the river is identified as only River. The water in the ocean is identified only as ‘the ocean’.


Flowing this way, your life becomes beautiful. You realize the ultimate and never go back to sleep.

Secrets of life and death – Not For Intellectuals

secrets of life and death

The Secrets of life and death are not for the intellectuals, period. The effortless art of living cannot be cultivated by the mind. It belongs to the heart!

This journey of discovering a jewel that you already possess begins with intellectual reasoning but the intellect cannot take you to it. At a certain point in time, you’ll have to drop it to proceed further!

Any spiritual discourse or a teaching that gives you a hint about this art of living cannot be perceived by the mind. That is why there are not many who are interested in spirituality in the first place. It is quite difficult and challenging to drop your own intelligence! 🙂 There are those who never give up.

You must be like a child to understand this secret.

secrets of life and death

Surrender your intellect!

Again, spirituality is not for your intellectual mind. It is not a subject in school or college. It is the ultimate subject of life and death. Stop chasing it with your intellect. You will never get it.

Yes, there are doctorates and degrees in philosophy. M. Phil. s and PhD s exist, but really they are just nonsense things to possess. Merely reading books about religions and spirituality and critical analyses of those subjects WILL NEVER make you spiritual.

It is the Jump which is discussed in a previous article, which is needed to reach that ultimate point.


What is lacking in the intellect?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Albert Einstein

What a great thought about that which thinks! Our analytical mind tries to count our Buddha mind. The Buddha mind is that mind which really matters (counts). This mind can also be called your ‘intuition’. Remember this is just a name. Again your analytical mind races to understand it. But it will not be able to fathom.

Your analytical or intellectual mind is actually an integral part of your ego. Unless you drop it, you won’t understand this art of life and death.

Both these minds are in different realms. So you cannot use the analytical mind to understand the Buddha mind. Also since both are essentially connected to the same source, they are in essence, ONE. This is known as the dilemma of the rational mind. Both of these minds are separate and both are unified. Take that! 🙂

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The Buddha mind is our identity. It is who we are. This mind doesn’t think. It is called the ‘HEART’. The jewel , the secret lies in here.

The secrets of life Unravel

When you put your mind aside, you become a noble person. There are Buddha’s four noble truths. You can easily understand them if you have successfully dropped your intellectual mind.

It is like a child loving you unconditionally. This unconditional detachment from your ego is called refraining from using your analytical mind. The child is innocent and has immense potential. That’s because she does not have the analytical mind a.k.a the ego.

The spiritual journey may begin with your intellect bending towards the subject. But you’ll only cover less than 1 percent of it if you remain stuck with your mind.

The jewel, the secret, the art of life, the spiritual and the eternal are the source of immense bliss and happiness. You MUST devote yourself to it instead of just letting it be an intellectual subject for discussion and argument.

Life is short and time is less. Get introduced to your true nature as soon as you can. This is of urgent importance! And you should start on your journey as soon as you can.

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Life becomes beautiful when you uncover the secrets of life. We are really born to connect to our true source. This journey is originally intended to be playful and joyous. But most of us live life with a long and sullen face.

Wake up, rise and shine! Claim your true place in the world and enjoy the beauty that lies around!

Focus on Spiritual energy for Youth

Spiritual Energy for Youth

Youth has no age.”

Pablo Picasso

Youth is the time when you CAN and SHOULD make a difference! Connecting with your spiritual source is easy at this age. This is the time when you have unlimited physical and mental energy. This energy can be converted to spiritual energy for realizing your true potential.

The youth have the vision and drive to achieve the impossible. However, without spiritual energy your efforts can only lead you to temporary satisfaction. For complete and unchallenged authority and satisfaction, you should focus on developing your spiritual energy. It’s not an Add-on to your youth, it is a “MUST-HAVE”.


Spirituality is NOT for the OLD and FAINT

It is a common belief that the matters related to spirituality are for the old age. This is not true at all. What will you start in the old age and for who? Will you have the necessary courage and determination?

In one of my previous blog post, i had discussed about how urgent this matter is. Once the vigor and focus of youth is gone, you’ll have little hope.

Spiritual Energy for Youth

The time to start is NOW! If you incorporate spirituality in your life when you’re young and energetic, you will have really nothing to regret in old age.


Youth – Your Life depends on it!

Will you choose to be depressed at the later stages of your life? Or will you choose to be full of happiness and bliss even when you are dying? Whether you embrace meditation and spirituality in your youth or not will decide it.

This is the right time to know the true source of your being. Do not make the mistake of ignoring it. You can make money and enjoy all the richness of life. But if you don’t connect with your inner being, your success will be hollow.

The worldly circumstances will change. So if you’re rich now, you may be poor tomorrow. If you have good friends and family now, tomorrow they  may leave you. But if you are connected to your spiritual source, you can be sure that your happiness and bliss will NEVER leave you. It all depends on YOU, the youth.


Never Give Up

Spiritual path is long and arduous. Humans are however wired to sustain long and hard. This is the property of the undying human-spirit. The human spirit never gives up!

Perseverance is the key to focus your spiritual energy. In fact the two support each other. The more you persevere, the more you develop this energy and the more you develop it, the better you can persevere!

Whenever you have taken up work in hand, you must see it to the finish. That is the ultimate secret of success. Never, never, never give up!

Dada Vaswani

Do not procrastinate

The youth is a time when you are easily lured by material and glamorous pursuits. You should definitely give them a go!

Spirituality is not at all about renouncing your material pursuits!

Contrary to popular belief, meditation and spirituality is not at all against following your day-to-day life.

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It is not like a side to your pizza. It is not like an add-on to your browser.

It is like the air you breathe in, the water you drink.

Spirituality is a MUST-HAVE

The air you breathe does not interfere in what you do in life and the water you drink does not interfere in what you desire. Spirituality and meditation is just like that. They are absolutely necessary and they don’t interfere with your material pursuits!

So do not delay in incorporating meditation and spirituality in your lives. The youth is the only time you have and as Picasso said: “Youth has no age“. Once you realize this, you’ll understand that the time to possess this jewel of spiritual awakening is NOW!

The spiritual secret of success

spiritual secret of success

Secret of success, not just worldly, but of a spiritual nature, lies in a simple thing. The trust in the ultimate. Trust in the universe! Whether you want to have personal success or you want professional success, you should utilize the power of the Universe to fulfill your dreams. The universe is all-powerful and can fulfill your needs. The secret of success lies in realizing this simple fact!

secret of success


Five Steps to achieve success through spiritual way

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Following are the five steps to sure-shot success in everything your heart desires:

  1. Know this well that the universe has the power to fulfill your desires.
  2. Patience is a virtue. You need to keep it throughout your journey.
  3. You must let it come in your life, not in your mind. Do not keep planning. Let the Universe plan it out for you.
  4. Live ONLY in the present moment. That is because all the energy of the universe is concentrated 100 percent in the present moment. That’s where your dream will come and meet you!
  5. Co-operate. Yes, you need to cooperate with the universe by working towards your goal (do the karma) and not fighting with others (compassion).


five spiritual secrets
five spiritual secrets


Once you follow the above five golden spiritual secrets of success, You will 100 succeed as I have.

Let me tell you my story:

I was practicing so hard and trying to awaken myself. I faced a crisis when i was supposed to earn bread for my family and I was devoting 100 percent of my time meditating. The tension was so much that I gave up both the desire to awaken and also the need to nourish my family.

Suddenly one day, all the tensions were no more. I arrived in the present moment. I lived moment-to-moment and suddenly everything fell into place. I realized that this moment now has the power to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Nothing Personal

Yes, nothing personal exists ever. You have many possessions and beliefs but in the grander scheme, those are not counted. Have you noticed sometimes how your deepest and honest prayers go unanswered? Somehow nothing happens according to your plan. That’s because it may not be a universally sound idea. But one thing you easily miss is how your needs are being met continuously, only if you trust this universal nature.

The faith in the grander universe and not over-exerting yourself is THE SECRET OF SUCCESS.

Just remember, Please don’t overdo and over emphasize yourself. The universe has a way of taking care of things. If you co-operate, flow and trust you’ll find it very easy to find happiness, success and whatever you may want!


Letting go v/s Letting it come

Most of us fear letting go. We do not want to let go of things,people etc we like. Letting go is not what we’re comfortable in. However you need not let go at all.

What you need to do is: “Let it come

People, things, money, food etc. you want in life only come to you if you allow them to come. The nature takes care of you. We must connect with this universal source if we want to succeed in getting what we want. As soon as you’re in tune with this universal essence, you relax and allow things to happen on their own. You’re not afraid to let go because you don’t have to. The things you want are always around.


Secret of success lies in relaxing

When i started meditating, i felt uncomfortable. I read many spiritual books including scriptures. I just wanted to achieve peace instantly. I forced myself but was quite unhappy inside. I was not able to attain peace inside. Feeling frustrated i just gave up on the ‘idea’ of being happy or peaceful or stuff like that. Many years later it all came naturally.

Yes, the effort is required. But only to realize that it was not of use.

Meditation brings you closer to reality. Once you get connected to your abundant source, you find that it’s quite easy to move through life. Yes, there will be challenges and tough times but those are only to add flavor to your life.

All challenges and tough times in your life bring something new to you that you’ll cherish! Again you have to be in tune with your source if you want to attain those goodies!

Life is a miraculous and beautiful journey. Please don’t waste it grumbling all along. Instead channel your energy in realizing your true source. The place where you and i come from. The source where we truly belong. That source is the true guarantee of our success. Once you realize and connect to it, there will be no secrets left!