Who is Buddha? Many claim he is the founder of Buddhism, a religion that is based on inquiring into self-nature. Was Buddha a human being, an idea or something else?

Yes, the person who was called the Buddha appeared as a human being. Buddha is however not a human. Buddha is not even an enlightened human being. Buddha is not an idea. What then or who is Buddha anyway?

The answer is:

Buddha is beyond your idea of what it is!

Yes you heard it. Buddhists will be shocked on hearing this. Even people who like Buddha or his teachings (supposedly his teachings) will be appalled by this fact. Buddha never appeared in any form on earth.

who is Buddha? Do you think the image on this page is that of Buddha? If you say  yes, you’ve got it all wrong. Who is Buddha? The people who follow  the image of Buddha will not see the truth. There are millions of people who sit before his idol and chant mantras. Will it lead them anywhere?

If you want to go to the root of what this man on the left was trying to show you, you must know that Buddha did not exist.

So what do we make of it? Buddha did not and will not exist as a human being or an idea or anything for that matter. The more you are looking towards this image, the more you will be fooled.

It is similar to people who worship or are great fans of celebrities in fields like Hollywood, Business, Sports etc.


A soccer fan is no different from a Buddha fan. A music lover is no different from a Buddha lover.

Who is Buddha and real Buddhists?

 Once you are free of all delusions, when you’re a FAN of nobody, you WILL see the Buddha. The real Buddha is not something… The real Buddha simply IS.


This capitalized IS is the Buddha. You’ll realize this IS only when you stop this race for knowledge, of knowing something. When you stop looking, you’ll see it. When you stop searching, you’ll find the BUDDHA.

The real Buddhists will be the people who will realize this IS-ness of things and of the world around them.

Buddhism is definitely the world’s nicest religion as it gives you an opportunity to ignore it’s founder, the so called Buddha. It gives you the Power to be the REAL YOU. This awesome ‘thing’ which i keep referring to in my previous articles will give you a glimpse of the truth. To experience the Buddha, you’ll have to stop forming an opinion about it. As soon as you are free of your beliefs, you’ll come to know WHO IS BUDDHA. (without any question mark) 🙂

Thank you once again for reading.