Avoiding The Truth – Why you are simply not fulfilling your potential

Avoiding The Truth – Why you are simply not fulfilling your potential

The truth is not out there somewhere. The truth is here. You appearĀ fake and do not put your real self in front. You are not true to yourself. You’re just living a life of ease and not truth. Most of us are simply living through life like a blind person. Like a cat who has buried it’s face in the sand thinking that the dog is not around anymore. We like to feel safe. We feel safe around familiar objects. Yes, familiar objects! You simply like to grow old around your stinking false truths built by ego.

You have friends and you go around with them. Honestly, would you be willing to sacrifice your ego for them? No, it’s not possible. We like to help but only within our limits, so long as we are within our comfort zone. No one really has the courage to cross this comfort zone. The truth of this life, the mystery that’s hidden cannot be uncovered by staying within your comfort zone.

The frog in the well

Yes that’s the limit you create around you. This is my limit and i cannot go beyond it.


That’s the reason why there are not many enlightened people in the world. Most of us choose to be cowards. The truth is for the courageous. Those who have the courage to go beyond their comfort zone.

the truth is for the courageous

To surf the sea, you need to set sail. To experience the sky, you must JUMP off the plane. You must get out of the well.

Getting ready to take-off

Life is moving. And moving fast at that. You don’t realize but you’re slowly inching towards death. Each day you die!

One must learn to flow in this river of life. Because if you don’t know how to swim, you’ll drown. Life is a river flowing towards the ocean of death. If you see the truth, you can begin to learn to swim in this river.

You MUST begin now! Shake off your limitations. Breed courage and get ready to take the plunge. If you begin well, you can be sure the journey will be quite exciting.

Ever jumped off a cliff? You must look down and judge the depth of the valley? NO. You should just look down and jump. The title of this paragraph is itself wrong. I apologize. You simply can’t get ready. Because you’ll waste time in getting ready. My suggestion is to simply JUMP. The truth is not a boring subject. Trust me, it’s a super exciting journey and worth it.

Don’t Avoid The Truth – Because it won’t avoid You!

You think you’re successful? You think you’re rich? You think you’re super awesome. I agree. BUT if you avoid the truth of life and death, it’s all useless. The possessions of the world are nothing as compared to realization of this universal mystery. Because it gives me and you the immense and unlimited success, richness and everything that truly makes life worth living.

And the beauty is that if you avoid the truth, you will regret it at the time of your death. It usually happens. Death is something everyone has to face. If you hold the gem in your hand, you’ll never regret anything. But only the super courageous can tread on this path. Start early and tread steadily on this path.


The Truth Of Life and Death in Spiritual Awakening


Don’t forget you’re not out of this scheme of things. You’re not separate from the universe. In a way you can’t avoid it. It follows you. It’s in you. You are born out of it. Just like the fish can’t avoid the ocean.

SEE IT and realize the truth. you won’t regret!

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