Everyone Can Live Beautifully Rich Life

Everyone Can Live Beautifully Rich Life

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”



What if i tell you that starting today, You have a rich and blissful life ahead? Did someone tell you recently that you are unfortunate? Or did you have a passing thought about your misfortunes. If you believe that you cannot be happy and live a rich life since you are following the spiritual path, YOU ARE WRONG.


The truth has not been told. You have a lot of lies around you. The problem is that there’s a lot of competition. People want to be happy and successful but they do not want others to get ahead.

In the Spiritual World also, ego and desire can easily creep in. The so called seers and gurus will tell you that according to law of karma, if you have done bad in the past, you will pay for your sins. While this may be true, the fact of the matter is that, the promise of a beautifully rich life is always with you.


Your true nature of bliss is always with you. The truth is that YOU ARE BLISS itself.


The suffering and bad luck is nothing but the dimensions of your dream nature that you can easily LET GO.


Your bad luck and misfortunes are part of your ego that you can easily disassociate with. Once you do that, your misfortunes will turn into tremendously blissful and rich experience.


YOU Cannot Be Destroyed

Yes that is right. Stop disbelieving your own nature. Stop crying and whining. If Buddha saw you crying and lamenting, he would become a ‘laughing buddha’ LOL.


How can the sky be destroyed? How can the vastness of this universe be contained? No, it’s not possible.

You ARE that sky. You ARE that vastness.


The only problem is that you do not believe in yourself. You doubt your true nature. The only thing that keeps you from attaining a rich life that you deserve, is YOU.

There is no OTHER. This is true for everyone. This is the beauty of the world. In a dream you can be frightened by your own shadow. In a dream you can do anything stupid. But once you are AWAKE, you understand that all this stuff in the dream is not true.

Similarly when you will wake up from this dream of life, you will see your indestructible nature.


Know Your True Nature, Be Effortless

It does not have to be painful. Life is not a struggle. Good things will start happening as soon as you sit back and rest in your true nature.


So, what is your true nature?

Your true nature is of Nothingness. You Are NOTHING. In this fact itself lies your greatest power. This nothingness is powerful. Everything comes out of nothing.


And when you effortlessly stay in this understanding, Miracles happen.


When you are fully aware of your own power, your bad karmas and bad luck just do not stand up. They burn in the bright fire of your own true nature.

This is how you KILL YOUR KARMA.


This is the secret of success. That is how you put all thoughts to rest. That is how you smother all notions of your misfortunes. That is how you go beyond what people tell you about your bad luck.


The truth is that everyone can be happy and live a rich life. You just have to see that it’s coming!


If you have read this far, come with me further. I will be sharing a program that you can enroll for. This is what i call the BRL (beautifully rich life program). In this I will show you exactly how you can start living a life that is YOURS for the taking.


This is not something that i give to you. This is something you ALREADY have. I will just show you how it is yours.


Beautifully Rich Life (BRL) Program

No it’s not a 2 weeks program. It is not something i intend to start for money. I’m not a money seeker. In fact the more i stay away from it, the more it seem to come.


This is a program for you for FREE. Just send me an email from the contact page on my website.

This program will feature meditation techniques, one on one session and mutual group disucssion.

So what are you waiting for? Send me an email.


Start Living Beautifully NOW

There is no one who can stop you. One moment of shift in your awareness and there it is, right before you.

Even if you are not believing all this, the spark is right there burning in you. The fact that you are reading this, indicates your intention of becoming spiritually awakened.

Start now and the best will not be far away!


Stay Blessed!

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