Stress Relief The Spiritual way!

stress relief

Stress relief comes naturally if you are truly spiritual. There may be turmoil in the outside world, but being one with your source brings immense peace! When you have the wand of spiritual light in your hand, you are always blissful. Stress exists! Yes it does. As per Oxford dictionary, stress is: A state of … Read moreStress Relief The Spiritual way!

Secret of Life – First You Lose Then You Win

secret of life

This is the primordial and timeless secret of life. First you have to lose, and only then you Win. The Spiritual discovery requires you to follow this Art. Normally, people are too anxious to embrace success, peace or anything else they desire. It is not by chance that a great personality has said: “Patience is … Read moreSecret of Life – First You Lose Then You Win

The spiritual secret of success

spiritual secret of success

Secret of success, not just worldly, but of a spiritual nature, lies in a simple thing. The trust in the ultimate. Trust in the universe! Whether you want to have personal success or you want professional success, you should utilize the power of the Universe to fulfill your dreams. The universe is all-powerful and can … Read moreThe spiritual secret of success