Death – Does it really exist?

Death – Does it really exist?

Does death really exist? What is the basis of your fear? Is death real or just another idea in your brain? If you see it clearly, the concept of death disappears.

Are you scared the world is going to end? Are you scared of losing everything? If you want to understand the truth of death read on..

The body dies and along with it it’s ego and it’s possessions. You cannot preserve this body forever. However this body is not your true identity. The thing which inspires you, the spark in you that lives, your energy are all part of your true identity.

What is it that dies?

The body which is composed of five elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space make your body and upon aging, just like any other machinery collapses. You can’t keep a machine alive for too long, can you? Even big industries have to replace junk.


There is a full stop after the above quote. That is true. Death does occur only to the body. The spirit inside you, lives. No, this spirit is not some form like ‘aatma’ in Hindu Mythology. This spirit is not something that ‘lives’. Death does not happen to it.

Death is for those who are at a low level of consciousness. People who just know about their routine life. Death is for those that know nothing beyond this body. Death is for those that are scared of losing their bodies. The MORE you identify yourself with this body, the more you cling to this ‘concept’ of death. Death is for the weak and the meek. Death is for those that are attached to the world of forms only.

By the word ‘body’ i don’t mean just your body or a human body. I mean all things tangible

So the more you love those tangible objects, the more you WILL die. Death WILL happen to you.

Death – Where it does NOT exist

Really, it’s easy! Death does not exist when YOU exist. The moment you realize that you’re not the body, you’ll start on a journey. This journey will lead to you know who you really are.

deathDeath is a concept in the mind. When you are in tune with your truth, it vanishes. It is not a stoppage, it is not a deterrent. Nothing is going to stop just because the body has died.

It is not a matter of religious belief as well. It does not matter if your religion says death exists or it says death does not exist. You should see the reality as is. Make no more concepts around death.

Another interesting fact to know is that as soon as the concept of death disappears, the concept of eternal life is gone! There will be many who teach you that they can provide a glimpse to the eternal life. They will provide ‘how to guides’ for achieving immortality. The Truth is:

Eternal life is already present HERE AND NOW! There is nothing blocking us from enjoying this bliss!

You were made to live in bliss. Open your eyes and see! Everything happening at this moment is your opportunity to wake up.

Death is not something to be feared. A life truly lived will bring such awareness which will rid your mind of this concept.

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