What Does Death Feel Like

What does death feel like? Well, you need to die to answer this. However, there’s another way to know this. Listen to the one who has awakened. On awakening, the phantom of death disappears.


One who has awakened has solved the mystery of life and death. So if you ask him, what does death feel like, he will answer thus:


Death is like a drop of water disappearing in the ocean. It is like traveling from a dark tunnel to a vastly illuminated space. It is like finishing everything up and taking on a whole new meaning!

So death is a CHANGE. How you go through this change depends on YOU.


A lot depends on what you know about yourself. It is easy to change if you know that you are NOT what you think you are! YOU DON’T CHANGE.





So how death feels like depends totally on how much you know your true self. When you know who you are, changing to that becomes easy. Death is not easy or difficult. Death is just how you take it. It is just a change.


What Happens When We Die

You do not know what happened when you were born, isn’t it? That is because you didn’t have a mind. Or, your mind was a No-Mind.

This original nature was born with you! This nature that all Spiritual aspirants seek to achieve, was born with you when you were born.

But you don’t know because it was a No-Mind. Your true identity is this, a DON’T KNOW!


So, what happens when we die? Well, I don’t know. And You shouldn’t worry as well.


To be honest, there is no death. The body is separated from here and now and there is pain and suffering therein.

But you remain a don’t know identity. You remain still and witness. Nothing happens to YOU!


Is Death Painful?

Are you looking for a YES/NO answer?

That, my dear, is the root of your pain. This limited experience you have tells you to get answers to all the questions. Death is death, it is the separation of the body from the present moment.

Death is a process that brings some changes. But pain is not involved. If you understand with your limited aware mind, you will see that it is painful. However, when you understand your true nature of a no-mind, you know that there is no pain.


When Dokuon was very sick, Tekisui came to ask after him. Entering the sickroom, he announced himself and then straddled Dokuon. With his face almost touching Dokuon’s he said,

“Well, how are you?”
“Sick,” answered Dokuon.
“Think you’ll pull through?”
Without another word, Tekisui got up and left.

A few days before Tekisui’s own death, Keichu came from afar to ask about him. “I hear,” he said to the porter, “the master is very sick.’
“Yes, sir,” said the porter.
“Here’s a box of cakes for him. When you hand it to him, give him this message: ‘You’re old enough to die without regret.’”
With that Keichu left..

When the porter brought the cakes to Tekisui and gave him Keichu’s message, the master smiled sweetly, as if he had forgotten all pain.

(Graceful Exits: How Great Beings Die compiled Sushila Blackman pub. Shambhala 2005)

Realize the simple truth of the never dying nature of your being! And death will be a piece of cake!


Is Death Necessary

Yes. There is beauty in brevity. Long stretched lives do not impress. Yes, there is a time span in which everything looks good.

A child is beautiful when she is playing. A young woman is beautiful when she’s a teenager. An old man is beautiful when he guides youngsters.

The thing is: All things are beautiful in their own time! There is a time to everything!

Life has a time. Death has a time. This is the beauty of nature. This is the beauty of existence.

All opposites beautify each other.


“When in the world everyone acknowledges beauty as such,
that’s when ugliness is already present.
When everyone acknowledges goodness as such,
that’s when badness is already present.

Therefore being and non-being generate each other,
difficult and easy complement each other,
long and short define each other,
tall and low hang down one towards the other,
before and after follow each other.

“What you want to contract you must first expand,
what you want to weaken you must first strengthen,
what you want to refuse you must first exalt,
what you want to take you must first give.”

-Tao Te Ching

This is the beauty of death. To complement life, death is necessary.


How To Escape Death

Well, if you read the previous paragraph, death is absolutely necessary and therefore we don’t need to escape death!


All these questions that I have sought to answer are actually the questions that arise out of a false perception. These are the questions of a limited mind.

However, they’re still good. You must ask these questions and get those answers. This article was an attempt to help you in getting those answers.


Death is really nothing to worry about. Simply realize your true nature and let go of this body and mind.

Once you become your true self, your consciousness expands to fill the infinite and boundless cosmos.

Then you drop attachment to this body. Once the attachment to the body is dropped, death and it’s fear ceases to exist.


Your concept of death is a PAINFUL DEATH. However, on awakening, you realize that death is there, but it is not painful. On the opposite, death is blissful. Just like any other phenomenon, it happens.

Death is the great drama that happens alongside life. Death completes the chapter called Life. These two complement each other!


I hope you have become a little more wise. Let the light of your true nature dispel all the pain and suffering that you may be experiencing. May you return to your true home. May you dwell in peace!

Namo Buddha!

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