The End Of Knowledge – Being Alive Beyond Time

The end of knowledge is the end of your mind. The end of your mind is the start of YOU

The dissolution of knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. All knowledge is of the mind. By gaining knowledge, you strengthen the mind. By learning to let go of your knowledge, you let go of your mind and arrive into consciousness.

Right now you are sitting, reading this article. Where is your mind? Is it needed to read this article? No.

That work is done by the brain. When you read, the signals from the eyes goes to the brain which then interprets it as language. Where is then your MIND?


Imagine yourself at the edge of the cliff in the picture above.

Where is your mind then? If you are sitting at the edge of a cliff, you are all excited. There is no need of any knowledge. There is no need of any calculation.

End of knowledge is the end of boredom. It is the abandoning of the known.

Being alive and experiencing your being fully, like when you are on the edge of a cliff, is the letting go of mind and stepping into consciousness!

Being Alive

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.
William Shakespeare

An actor needs to act. A player needs to play. A writer needs to write.

These are worldly acts and activities. Knowledge is required in these things. The end of knowledge bids adieu to the worldly activities. It is a clear indication that the interest in ‘ACTING’ is no more in you!


There is now a transition from being an ‘Actor’ to just ‘Being’.


It’s not even being for simply being there. It’s about ‘Being Alive‘. Once you move from acting to being, there is a tremendous beauty and revealing of your true nature.


Being Beyond Time

Are you conscious now? Yes!

Will you be conscious after death? No!

Consciousness is not the body. It is what makes you aware of the body. You are aware that you have a body because you are conscious. Consciousness is your inner core. And when the body dies, suddenly your consciousness STOPS being aware of the body. That doesn’t mean you are dead (LOL). That means your body and consciousness are now separated.

The body itself was formed of Nothing and it dissolved into nothing. Nothingness is what it is composed of. The only thing ALIVE is the Awareness or the Consciousness.

Being beyond time means that you do not dwell in this NOTHING (body). It means that you dwell in the AWARENESS (your true nature)

 Menu or Food?

If you go to a restaurant, do you eat the menu or the food? Do you drink the beverage or drink the paper of the menu?

The menu indicates the presence of food.

The mind and body indicates the presence of the Consciousness. Everything in the world is a finger pointing to the Ultimate Truth.

To realize this ultimate state, you need to stop attaching yourself to the pointers.

The mind is a pointer and it points via knowledge. The body is a pointer and it points via life and death.

But you must not be attached to Mind and Body. You must also not attach yourself to their pointers which are “Knowledge and Life/Death”.

See what these things are trying to indicate. These are indicating YOU. The real you. Your awareness, your consciousness! The quality of your awareness is totally different from your mind or body. It is a state of purity where nothing sticks, not even NOTHINGNESS. In such a state there’s pure bliss, a state of continuity which never gets bored of itself.

End of knowledge (Arrival of Eternity)

The preparation must end. One day you MUST live eternity from each part of yourself.

You prepare for an exam and one day the exam comes and you have to appear in it.

Your body lives its life in and out daily but one day it must also face death.

You get yourself educated but one day you must start working and get a job.

If you are a sports person you cannot practice and practice all the time. You have to go out there in the field and show what you’ve got.


All these examples indicate that you cannot HIDE. You cannot hide behind your knowledge and your mind. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR TRUE NATURE. You must arrive finally to your destination. You cannot and should not keep traveling.

A distraught man approached the Zen master. “Please, Master, I feel lost, desperate. I don’t know who I am. Please, show me my true self!” But the teacher just looked away without responding. The man began to plead and beg, but still the master gave no reply. Finally giving up in frustration, the man turned to leave. At that moment the master called out to him by name. “Yes!” the man said as he spun back around. “There it is!” exclaimed the master.

– Credits (TrueCenter Publishing)


To know yourself, you need to come out of the fancy world of form. To arrive, you must get off the vehicle that brings you to the here and now!

Stop the engine of the mind, park it away and enter your true self. It’s like coming back home. You just park your car outside and get inside your house. You cannot keep sitting in the car.

So you must throw all knowledge away. You must put an end to all thoughts and wisdom.


If you’ve reached this far in reading this post, I assume you must be tired! LOL

I request you to go back to being yourself. Just forget what you’ve learned from my words so far. Understand what I am trying to show you and you won’t regret.

I hope you know! I hope you don’t KNOW.


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