Eternal Life – A simple proof that YOU are forever!

Eternal Life – A simple proof that YOU are forever!

This simple fact that you’re about to understand will change your life forever. You ARE ETERNAL. There is nothing to do to achieve it! Sounds crazy? Read On..

When i was a child i used to wonder where i came from. I pondered deep about life, whether it is just temporary or eternal. I used to get really excited simply by this thought running in me that we have been here in this universe forever? Has this place existed forever? The place where you and i and all things seem to exist and live.

You and i are not different from this universe. We are it’s inherent parts. All the troubles of the world are only because we feel we are separate from this universe. The fact is this:

You, me, plants, animals, mountains, valleys and anything you can think or not think of ARE INSEPARABLE PARTS OF THIS ENTITY that we call the universe. In reality, this so called ‘universe’ is also our companion in that it is also a part of “THIS“.



The universe is itself a part of what i am trying to explain. In deep meditation you’ll discover this. It has been here since eternity and it will be here forever. It’s eternal. The body or the ego with which you identify yourself is like a bubble in the ocean. It’s not you. When you connect yourself to the eternal reality that is your own, your troubles will vanish. This eternal ‘thing’ which i am trying to explain is the only substance that is present in this universe and beyond. And you, me and all universes are an integral part of this ‘thing’.


How do you realize this eternal ‘THING’?

In deep meditation. Yes it’s like plugging a dead cellphone into a socket of electricity! The only difference is that this ‘electricity’ is subtle and calm. The nature of this eternal thing is not of turbulence. It’s more like a subtle blue cool and pacifying energy. You have to meditate to experience it. Once you’re connected to it you become that. This means there is only ONE that remains and you disappear.

Then the normal troubles , worries of daily life seem not to exist at all. They’re are there they just don’t ruffle you. You become calm, quiet but not inactive. You continue to perform your daily chores. This is what is excellent as far as i know. This is brilliance and the only thing a human being must persevere to achieve. This brings you success and happiness. This makes you a real human being!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Cya soon!

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