Find your balance – The Ultimate Guide to Happiness

Find your balance – The Ultimate Guide to Happiness

Finding your balance is THE most important thing in life. Not just in the spiritual world but also for ordinary people. Once your find it your life becomes peaceful. You start realizing your true potential. This balance is a state of utter harmony with the universe.


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton

finding your balance

It seems we’re not in control of our lives. Some strange power is making us work and harder for nothing. If you look around, you’ll find all of us running. From morning till night we just follow a routine and live like zombies. We have forgotten the art of life. We are completely out of tune.


We’ll discuss how we can achieve this balance in our lives.

The only way out is to realize our true nature. We must know who we are. Once you realize that you are NOT this body and you are NOT the mind, you find peace. This moment of spiritual awakening is the key to finding your balance.


For spiritual awakening, awareness of your spiritual source  is a step forward towards inner peace. What you are out to find is already present. The equilibrium you want is already the way of this universe. You just have to tune into it.


Ever listened to a radio? The music is already on air. You just need to tune into that frequency on which it is playing.


Life is an art

An artist when creating a masterpiece is completely immersed in his art. A masterpiece is created only when he is completely engrossed, forgetting about everything else. This is a kind of detachment. When you are completely immersed in the present moment, you are detached.

This sense of detachment is again misconceived by many as not caring about the world you live in. It’s actually the opposite. Once you are detached, you’re not greedy anymore and you can GIVE.

You can start to care about others. You become more aware of the unity of life. More particularly about life and death. Even life and death are one and the same thing.

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Again, you must not overdo. Spirituality is not for people who want to gain something. It’s about people who want to SLOW DOWN and DEMYSTIFY existence.

Finding my inner balance is very important to me. I have faced numerous instances in my life where it was a DEAD END. It seemed like I should just give up. But magically something inside me pulled me out of all such situations.

How to find your balance

Meditation is needed to find your inner balance. This equilibrium is essentially present in the nature around us. You just need to be more aware.

Get out and enjoy the beauty of the trees, plants, butterflies. They are all enjoying the wonderful stability and rhythm of nature. Nature is already balanced and perfect.

We just need to open our minds and hearts to this fact. You don’t need to do anything. As soon as you are in tune with the nature, you find your balance.


Bliss is the rhythm of universe.

Once you are completely in tune with nature, you rest in this equilibrium. The silence of the universe descends on you. You become quiet inside and more aware.

This is like a soothing music playing. Finding your balance is as easy as listening to the music. Spiritual awakening makes you come alive to this music of the universe.

Listen intently, beyond your worries and tribulations, beyond your egoistic world, beyond all your conceptions and beliefs, lies this precious gem. Music of the universe is constantly playing.

This is the art of living. How to leave all your worries and monotony behind?

You don’t have to accumulate or learn anything. The secret is to leave and drop what you are clinging to. That is why you will not find me teaching anything to you.

All i am saying as per my experience is this:

To find your balance aka the bliss, don’t accumulate or learn anything, Unlearn and let go!

Once you get rid of this burden that you are carrying, you will find true spiritual freedom! The door of spiritual enlightenment will open!

Start meditating now!


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