How does truth remain hidden truth- Removing layers of ignorance

How does truth remain hidden truth- Removing layers of ignorance

Life teaches us at every second. How can you learn? Well, imagine you’re in a class and the teacher is lecturing. If you look outside the class for a minute to enjoy the scene, you’ll miss what’s taught. Same is the case with hidden truths that life doesn’t actually hide. It’s clear and right in front of you.

I was using my cooler for past few days since it’s hot summer in India. I was wondering why it’s not cooling. Today i checked the cooler and found that the holes that made the matting wet were blocked. And so it was obvious why it was not cooling. Since i had not used it since last summer (almost 1 year) , the layers of dust had settled over it.

The hidden truth can simply be revealed by removing the layer of ignorance that has settled in our minds. It is just like sun hiding in the clouds.

hidden truth? truth is out there

We do not need to search for the truth. It’s right under your nose. Meditation can help you realize this. This universal hidden truth has to be experienced. Once you experience it, it’ll pervade within you and naturally you’ll be successful.

Once it appears from the layers of ignorance it shines brightly. It permeates all aspects of your life. You become tuned to it and draw enormous powers of the universe that help you gain more bliss, peace and success in life!

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