How To Get Rid Of Ego? – Being Egoless Means Bliss

How To Get Rid Of Ego? – Being Egoless Means Bliss

A surprise awaits you. Although the topic of this article is ‘how to get rid of ego?’, the fact is that you are already egoless. If this is your spiritual dilemma, then it is time to SMILE. The good news is: You are already free. Ego seems to exist because of your false notions. In reality, ego does not exist.


When your false ideas drop away, you see the reality of the ego. You see that the ego is not there at all. Ego was never there. The whole spiritual journey is about ‘getting rid of your false ideas and opinions’.


Here in this experience which you’ll read, you will realize that ego does not exist. If you go through this article with deep meditation, you will understand. You will discern that ego is a shadow. You will realize how living moment to moment sees the END of your idea about the ego.


What Is Ego? (Your preconceived notions)

You believe you are somebody. Well, you are of course somebody. But WHAT IS this somebody?

If you ask this question genuinely: WHO AM I?,   you will realize that there are millions of ideas popping in your mind.

You have ‘N’ number of ideas about yourself.

I am this. I am that. I am a handsome hunk. I am a beautiful girl. I am the rich guy. I am a follower of Jesus. I am a Buddhist.

And So On…..


But do you know that these are all IDEAS?


Whatever you ‘think’ you are, is JUST an idea of who you are! ALL ideas ‘about you‘ are false.


Are you just an idea? LOL. Sounds silly and demeaning. The truth is that these are all false ideas. In fact ALL ideas ‘about you‘ are false.


The Idea Of The Ego


That is THE EGO. All ideas about you and these are all false ideas. 100 percent fallacy. So whatever you call ‘yourself’ is false. Your EGO is false.


How To Get Rid Of Ego?

You’ve seen how the EGO is false. So now if you ask me ‘how to get rid of ego?’, I will say:

What is the need to get rid of it? How can you get rid of something which is JUST AN IDEA? Sounds crazy.

Getting rid of the ego is as simple as not believing in that false idea. An idea is just a creation of your brain. All ideas about you and your truth are FALSE. They will mislead you.


Once you realize that ego is false, dropping it is as simple as spitting. You spit it out. Otherwise it will ruin your taste of truth.


Here is an interesting article by Sadhguru: What is Ego? Does it need to be destroyed?


If you have an idea about yourself, you will live with it each day. You will try to match up to that idea. You will defend your ‘image‘. You will do a thousand and one things to protect your ‘idea of yourself’, which is your EGO.


An interesting observation is that when you live ONLY in the present moment , you become free of your idea. You become free of your ego.

This is because you are not trying to hold on to your ‘idea’. You are not trying to put up with your ego. You don’t have any set personality then.


On the other hand, if you live in the present, you will have all the chances in the world to discover your true identity!


One of easy ways to get yourself rid of false ideas is to Meditate. You must learn how to meditate. The only WAY OUT of your suffering is to meditate. Meditation will bring you closer to the NOW. Meditation will bring the beauty of present moment awareness.


how to get rid of ego



Egoless – The true way of being (Your original identity)

Ego is always the subject matter of philosophy and spirituality alike. This is because it is the HUGE and STRONG door which hides your true identity. Although it is false but if you STRONGLY believe in it, you will be GREATLY affected by it. The more stronger your belief in your ego, the more difficult will it be to experience your true nature.


Behind the veil of false ideas, lies your true nature. Your reality lies beyond ALL your ideas.


The ideas are only good for the external world. An idea about a new scientific innovation is great and useful. An idea about improving external conditions is awesome. However, You MUST NOT have an ‘idea’ about yourself. Don’t experience yourself as an idea. Experience yourself firsthand.


That’s right. You have to face your true self. Do not form a false idea.

Only when you discover yourself as vividly and directly, you will come to know what true bliss is. This is what spiritual awakening is all about.


Once you are devoid of false notions, your mind and heart becomes light.

You become light-hearted. Because all the troubles of the world is because of your EGO.

Sometimes a false idea is more powerful than the truth. This is because you believe in it.

Your own belief in your ego strengthens it.


So the ONLY thing you need to do on your spiritual journey is to stop believing in who you are. Great motivators and positive thinkers will ask you to ‘believe in yourself’. All these motivators do not know that they are leading you MORE towards your EGO.


Stop believing in yourself. That is my advice to you.


Yes, because only then you will start on a spiritual journey. When all faith in yourself is lost, you can truly begin on your spiritual path.


There are only 2 paths after all faith in your ego is LOST. There are only two paths remaining when you completely stop believing in yourself:


  1. You commit suicide or plunge deeply into depression.
  2. You embark on a spiritual journey which is true to the bottom of your heart.


Almost all spiritual leaders have begun their spiritual journeys from deep depression. Deep sorrow, either of themselves or others have led these people on a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey which is so deep that out of that has come forth a religion. The Buddha, The Mahavira and others have experienced that abyss. They have experienced that deepest meaning of suffering. And out of that have evolved a quest that led them to spiritual enlightenment.


So, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT. Start today and give up your false identities. Become completely naked and devoid of pretenses. Live an authentic life.


Once you give up false ideas (your EGO), there is no other choice but to live moment to moment. Now there is nothing to hold on to. No identities.

The only true identity is ‘flowing continuously’ like water. Your true nature is like water.


Flow from moment to moment. From one moment to another drift like a leaf on water.

Flow; and in this flowing you will discover lightness. Your heavy heart will become light weight. Your sorrows will disappear into thin air.

Keep flowing, keep flowing and then…………….. When death comes, it will be YOUR CHANCE to experience complete divinity!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Ego? – Being Egoless Means Bliss

  1. Interesting, but I still don’t know difference between “believing in one’s self” or knowing ones self. Is there knowing and believing; can one know ones self. Believing is accepting and supporting a false facade? Living moment to moment is knowing each moment now? And your relationship to it. This sounds very high maintenance . PLEASE ADVISE.

    • Dear L,
      Knowing and believing are both parts of the illusion, your ego! About an illusion, you cannot say whether it exists or not. It does and also ‘does not’ exist. Living moment to moment is AUTOMATIC when you get rid of false ideas. It’s like when you get rid of the polluted gas in your vehicle, it automatically starts moving smoothly! As long as there is dust in the fuel tank, the vehicle cannot run smoothly.


      • Do not believe any thought, yours or another persons. For they are only thoughts that mostly emerge out of nothingness and belong to nothingness.

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