How to Meditate and Find Peace

It has been the secret of the sages. Now it has become a need. Meditation will lead to pure bliss and a stress free life. Let us learn how to meditate so that it may lead to total peace and spiritual enlightenment.



Look at the picture above.


This picture sums up the answer to the question: How to Meditate?


Meditation is NOT:

  1. A sleep inducing exercise.
  2. Done with eyes closed.
  3. Sitting comfortably.
  4. Done to relax temporarily.
  5. Related to Buddhism or any other religion.


Meditation IS:

  1. Talking to your child.
  2. (As shown in picture)
  3. Playing games.


The difference between what meditation IS and what it IS NOT is this:


When you are fully present in whatever you are doing, You are Meditating.

When you are thinking about something else while doing something else, You are Not Meditating.


In the above picture, while skydiving one hardly is thinking about other things, hence it is a form of meditation.


By sitting idly any thought can come into your mind. And this will make you lazy. You will begin fighting with thoughts. Although mostly used, this form of so-called meditation will be tough and is not normal


How To Meditate

If you really want to find true peace, you will learn to be completely present.

Here’s how you meditate in your daily life:


Do not take out any separate time for doing this. Simply involve your whole being in whatever you are doing.  That’s Meditation. Forget the past and ignore the future. Simply LIVE in the present moment. That is how you meditate.


The beauty of this form of meditation is that you go beyond all concepts.

The moment you are beyond all concepts, you will be free.

By meditating this way you will be free from past and future.

This freedom from past and future will create SUPREME BLISS AND SATISFACTION in your life.


Trust me, there is no other way to enlighten yourself. There is no other way to meditate.


People these days do meditation only for relaxing. They think it is a pastime. It is not.


Meditation is not something that is to be used just as a tool for stress relief or relaxation.


Meditation, if made a way of life, can bring about a complete transformation in your life. You will become whole and free.


Meditation will lead you to your own truth. It will make your life playful.

Most importantly, it will help you realize the Unity of all things. You will not feel left out. You will feel yourself a part of this cosmos. You will find yourself one with everything. The fear of death will vanish.

You will let go of the need to be in control. You will enjoy all moments in your life and even in death there will be complete peace. You will experience beauty in giving, sharing and loving.


Meditation is walking when you walk, talking when you talk, sitting when you sit. It is the act made perfect in itself.


Just follow this way of meditation and you will surely find bliss and content in your life!

Stay Blessed!

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  1. Woke up to an email notification that you posted , I immediately opened my eyes still half closed , anyway you get the picture.

    Thank you for this reminder.
    Sending you much appreciation!!

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