Inner Peace – Simple Life Brings Everything To You!

Inner Peace – Simple Life Brings Everything To You!

Inner peace will bring everything to you! From material success to spiritual fulfillment, nothing is left unattainable. Being in tune with your spiritual source, brings you serenity. This is the experience of spiritual enlightenment

I am reminded of the story of a great emperor who was so powerful that he almost ruled every country on the earth. Once he met an old monk lying on the side of a river enjoying the calmness of a river

inner peace brings success outside
serenity inside

The old monk did not move on seeing the emperor. This made him angry. The emperor said: “How dare you not greet me? Do you know who i am? I can stand here and cut you in two with my sword and not blink an eye”  To which the monk replied: “Don’t you know who i am? I will keep lying down while you cut me in two and NOT BLINK AN EYE!

From my experience i can say for sure that once you discover this serenity inside you, not even death can scare you. There have been great people who will tell you that just by not losing their focus and maintaining calm inside, they’ve been able to succeed in life.

You are frozen in your inner peace in such a way that you will never come out of it. This is the crux of spiritual enlightenment. Meditation will bring this to you. It enables you to connect to your deepest source.

Now the MOST IMPORTANT POINT. This peace inside that i am talking about is not the one you would normally assume. It’s not like an ‘i don’t give a damn’ attitude or ‘come what may’ thing. From a spiritual point of view this is totally different.

This peace is of a mind that has stopped wandering. When there’s nothing left to be done or achieved. Everything comes naturally and effortlessly. The universe around us is not driven by us. When you realize that we’re just ‘like‘ a speck of dust in the vast universe and we don’t own it, immediately we’re at peace. I can vouch this from my meditative experiences. Once you’ve tried everything and failed, you realize that the moment you give up and hand over your reins to this invisible force, you attain this peace.

Meditation brings us this calmness as a gift. The more we give up the futile attempt to control, the more we become closer to this state of mind which is totally serene. The only way to achieve this is to meditate. To meditate is to go inside yourself and become aware of this universal peace.

Once we attain to it nothing is impossible. True success is achieving this state of awareness and the rest comes easily and effortlessly.


Inner peace is your light that will never go out!

When you do everything on the outside from a center inside that is always balanced and calm, you are guaranteed to succeed. Your actions will be articulate, suave and perfect.

The ancient art of samurai swordsmanship is based on this concept. When you are perfectly balanced, your moves will be perfect!

This inner peace which i am talking about is not superficial. It is achieved only when you are one with your eternal source. This is NOT attained by controlling your mind or forcing anything on yourself.

True inner peace is achieved only when you discover your spiritual source and be one with it. This is achieved when you attain to supreme spiritual enlightenment.

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  1. For you to be filled you have to be empty.For you to be clothed you have to be naked.For you to be led by Source you have to surrender

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