Keep Going – How awareness in daily life can help you succeed

Keep Going – How awareness in daily life can help you succeed

Life is a continuous journey. Even death doesn’t stop it. You see everyday people dying, babies born. Every day something is added and something is lost. It’s a cycle that never stops. You get up in the morning, do your normal chores, do your duties, eat your food, chat with friends and family etc. And then in the night you go back to sleep. Don’t you do the same thing over and over again?

The new age meditation gurus will tell you to stop, pause and reflect. Yes that’s true only for a temporary relief. According to my experience meditation is not some still lifeless exercise where you stop your mind and just sit. Meditation is more about keep going attitude.

keep going

Most of us have dreams and aspirations. Those are future based. We think a lot about how we can shape our perfect future. That’s one way of looking at things and how you normally keep going. However, that consumes most of your PRESENT. Out of the 16 hours we are awake in a day (assuming we sleep 8 hours), we spend approximately 12 hours thinking about future. And the rest of it we waste in futile pursuits that don’t enrich our lives.

Daily Active Meditation

Meditation helps us become more aware of the lost hours of a day. My meditation is not something to be done by sitting with eyes closed. I am more interested in how to live my daily life as gracefully as possible and not losing any moment.

This is an art. You must be like a ball that keeps rolling and like a river that keeps moving. Because the more ‘in flow’ you are, the more fresh and energetic you’ll feel. You just have to practice and keep going. Over a period of time you become like a streamlined flow of energy. Not staying anywhere and not attaching yourself to any situation. In the previous article, i had discussed about how to toss yourself and give everything to what you’re doing. Once you give your 100% to any activity, you become fully aware. That’s what real active meditation is all about.

This active meditation brings you in tune with the universe. The real mystery of life and death is about the energy that keeps flowing. If you stop anywhere, you attach to an entity and that can become part of your ego. You identify with a particular set of traits as belonging to yourself. However when you actively involve yourself in whatever comes your way, you slowly lose your ego. Then you’re a part of grander scheme of things.

Succeeding even when you fail

The life that is lived in such a way that nothing holds you back will be a real success. If you practice this active meditation you are like a ball of energy that just keeps rolling. Nothing can stop you then. All failures will lead you to greater success.

For me, the more i am in tune with the universe, the more i can succeed. The more i am in tune with my ego, the more i will suffer. As simple as that.

I just hope you have gained something from my experiences. And to me success is NOT about money, wealth etc. It’s about being in harmony with mother nature, universe and the grand scheme of things and for that we just have to keep going according to the greater plan. Life your life to the full and let the universe play it’s music through you. If you know what i mean 🙂

Thank you so much once again for reading my blog.

Cya later!

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