Life and Death – Two sides of the same coin!

Life and Death – Two sides of the same coin!

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

Khalil Gibran

Life and death are the only events that are spiritual. If you can understand them, you will rest in peace. This is the ultimate mystery.

We are so busy in our normal routine that we fail to witness this fact. Life and death occurs simultaneously each day. Did you ever notice?

Every breath you take in IS life. Every breath you give out IS death.

The difference between an enlightened person and a normal person is this:

An enlightened person lives fully aware every moment in a day.

An ordinary person doesn’t even know what life is or whether he/she is even alive.

As long as you are dreaming, there will be pain. As soon as you wake up, you are enlightened and you will begin to see life and death as they really are!


Once you realize the beauty of this moment now and live in it, you will start Living


Is it The beginning or the End?

Life and death are probably the only mystery that needs to be solved. The conundrum needs resolution if peace is to be attained. All the activities that we do daily are related to these two aspects.

Life is a mystery. And so is death. Once you are able to see through this mystery, enormous peace will descend.

Let me try to explain life and death:

In a day, there are 24 hours. You wake up and do your daily chores. You eat, sleep, do other things and in the night, go back to sleep.

Just observe this journey that continues each day. Life is when you wake up in the morning. Death is when you sleep at night. It is very easy to understand.

I was listening to the news today and it showed how a huge earthquake had claimed many lives. Really, such news is shattering and disturbing. Life and death are probably the only phenomena in this universe that are more mysterious than any other. Once you discover this mystery, you’re free. The only problem in this world are either related to ‘life’ or ‘death’.


But are life and death totally different? Once a baby is born it starts breathing which is inhaling and exhaling. Every incoming breath is life and every outgoing breath is death. They’re really two parts of the same stuff called breathing.

life and death

If you look carefully everything in this world is composed of two very different parts, very unique, yet have the same root. Birth and death, pain and pleasure, hot and cold, black and white, yin and yang etc. Life and death are the parents of other dual phenomena. In other words, life and death give rise to all other dualities. And duality leads to problems.

The seers and sages have always stressed the need to understand the phenomena of life and death for this very reason.

Life and death – Both the unity and duality

It’s beautiful. The mystery is discovered when you flip the coin. How do you see both sides of the coin? You flip it and toss it in the air, right? That’s the beauty of this thing called life and death. To discover it’s mystery, just flip and toss it up. I mean, literally, be so light and playful that you see both life and death in your daily life. 24 hours a day see both life and death by being aware. Listen to the news of the earthquake, go out and enjoy the rain, laugh, cry, give it everything. JUST TOSS IT UP!

Once you toss yourself and take the plunge by breaking all attachments, you’ll see this mystery. I have personally experienced it. It’s just awesome and out of this world experience. Just go all out and live every moment and you’ll see both sides of the ‘coin’. You’ll see the beauty!


Stay blessed~

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