Never gives up – The human spirit

Never gives up – The human spirit

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali

The spirit of going on without stopping or giving up is the human spirit. This human spirit is essential even in the path of meditation.


One must use it to endure the affects of leaving the ignorance behind. Ignorance is just like a disease. One doesn’t know the truth, that’s ignorance. To cure a dis-ease, one must take pills.


Meditation is a pill that cures the ignorance, not once but for ever.

This human spirit endures the pain and never gives up when the strong bonds of attachments are destroyed.


The path of self awareness is long and arduous. Unlike the often-heard zen quote of ‘sitting silently doing nothing’, it actually takes a lot of effort to tread this path. And the only thing which gives you the courage to go on… is this Human Spirit. Once must never ever give up or even think about it.

never give up the bold human spirit




Of course there are types of human beings based on whether they heed to this spirit. Deep inside there lies hidden your divinity. It’s actually shrouded in ignorance and attachment to worldly things. It’s up to each individual to realize this by constant meditation practice using the courage of the undying human spirit.

The Endless Road Ends – the human spirit prevails

That’s true. This life that seems so hard to tread becomes so much more bearable once you have the courage to face it. Not just the life but death too.


This circle of life and death can seem endless but once you become aware of this system, you can get out of it.


Once you’re aware of the uselessness of the whole thing, you’ll laugh. This long journey of self awareness or enlightenment seems a joke in the end. Everything is so clear so calm. The bonds that appear so hard to break are not non-existent. That’s the truth and that’s what you realize at the end of this journey.


However one mustn’t forget that you can undertake this journey of self realization ONLY if you don’t give up. Just don’t let the HUMAN SPIRIT die and you can be sure that you’ll see the HOLY SPIRIT.

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