One Moment Please – How Your Life Can Change Instantly!

One Moment Please – How Your Life Can Change Instantly!

You have a priceless gem with you. The beauty is that it’s present this moment. Even if you are in deep hell you can bounce back to heaven. All it requires is THIS one moment. Once you realize the miracle already present now, you can become free.


Imagine sitting with your worries and suddenly it’s gone. Suddenly a flash of imagination appears. You see a beautiful scenery. In that one moment of awareness you’re taken from hopelessness to hope. You see an image, a video, a child or anything that instantly puts you in the right frame of mind.


The whole process of spiritual awakening is only this. Waking up to this power of the present moment is enlightenment. Slowly but surely you make this awareness STRONG. When the power of the present moment becomes fully clear, you become enlightened.


Spiritual Awakening is the process of slowly realizing the power of the present moment!


When you fully realize this and never forget it, one is said to be spiritually enlightened. In this article we are going to see how we can develop this awareness so that suddenly we find ourselves, AWAKENED!


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The power of now

Yes there’s immense power in the now. This moment now has all you need. It can give you everything. Beware though that the universe is neutral. It does not care what you think is good for you. It has its own wise mind which knows what’s best.


One moment is all you need to enlighten yourself. It is not that hard, is it?

In his book, The power of now, Eckhart Tolle explains the miracle of living in the present.  Once you fully acknowledge that there is only this moment that is worth living, you are set free.


So the first step in our journey towards that one moment is this:

Realize the power of this moment. Realize that THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE. The past is only your imagination. The future is only your imagination. The present is the only thing which is real.


If you know well and truly and accept completely the present moment, you have begun your process of self awakening.


One moment please – focus on your breathing

This is considered to be the best meditation. Focus on your breathing.

This is actually a tool to bring your awareness to the present moment. With each breath, your attention grows stronger. The more you focus on your breathing, the more strong your awareness becomes.


This is the secret behind all meditations. To bring you completely in the present moment. All forms of spiritual powers and miracles are the outcome of being ‘completely present’ here and now!


So this is the second step and is more of an exercise. You must learn how to meditate and focus on your breathing.

Here is an interesting image to do this exercise. This image can be used as your personal meditation tool 🙂

deep breathing for anxiety


Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂


The more you become an expert in this, the more easily you can enlighten yourself.


The dawn of true happiness (BLISS) (FREEDOM) 🙂

Slowly as you practice this way, you will come to the peak. The peak of this moment. This is just like orgasm. Yes, you heard it right. The peak of your practice (of present-moment awareness) is the spiritual bliss.

The appearance of true happiness and dissolving of ego happens at the peak. When slowly your practice grows, there comes this ‘ONE MOMENT’ when you realize you’re free!


That is the magic of the single moment I spoke in the beginning. You don’t even realize when this moment came. When suddenly you realize that you have always been free. You’ve always been happy. You’ve always been living in bliss. You just didn’t realize this.


attention here and now


Then you realize that whatever you do is magical. The task at hand becomes your breath. The whole life becomes like breathing. Since focus on breathing is what you did to attain to the present. Now, this life seems like breathing. It pulsates with you!


This also gives rise to your beautiful Mind. Your superbly focused mind which I spoke about in my previous article. The superbly focused Mind brings with it a new quality to your Life. It seems like some magical power has been attained.


Once you gain complete awareness in the present moment, you become a magician. Everything starts to happen as per your wishes in a way you never thought. Sudden coincidences start to happen. You slowly start realizing your dreams and desires. Your life becomes magical.



To conclude (although nothing is final in the spiritual world 🙂 ) we just saw, in layman terms, how to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The more you develop this habit of living in the present moment, the more your life becomes less burdensome.

It is no hidden secret that this is the only way out. There are many fortune tellers and there are many past-lives readers. But all these sciences are not at all related to spirituality. KEEP IN YOUR HEART this little secret:


This present moment awareness is the ONLY way to find happiness.


The quickly you accept this fact, the sooner your life will change! And it all happens in this single moment. Whenever you are in deep worry, anger or frustration just remember: You are forgetting the present moment.

Do whatever you can to snap out of this UNAWARENESS. Your sleep, your unconsciousness is only because of two things:

  1. One, either you are dreaming of a bright future, OR
  2. Two you are regretting your past.


The only way to come out of this unawareness is to bring your attention to the present moment. Once you fully realize that LIFE exists HERE and NOW, you will be free. You will attain supreme happiness. You will attain immeasurable peace. Your life will become COMPLETE!

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