Overlooking the present moment and the endless search for something

Good morning! Are you there?

You say ‘yes’ and then continue doing what you’re doing. You make a plan for today. What is on your plate? You say, “I want to do this, this and this…….” Okay let’s go!

In Spritual sense, this is not the start of the day we are looking at. Your constant planning for today and tomorrow is misleading you. This notion that if you plan something, it will happen, is not very intelligent.

Okay so you have plan B, C and so on.


Life is not like that.

If you want to understand the riddle of life, watch it right here! Untie the knot in front of you and then you may proceed.


Just like in a maze game, you cannot proceed if you haven’t got rid of the obstacle in front of you, similarly you have to watch what’s in front of you and then there may be a hope of your freedom.


It’s not up there, it’s not over there!

There’s nothing in the future. When the future comes, it becomes the present.

In spiritual world, there’s nothing in future. There’s no future. There’s nothing over there. There’s ONLY HERE.


Whatever you may hope to find, it’s here, right in front of you!


And remember; in worldy pursuits as well, If you let it come instead of striving for it, It will definitely come to you!


This is a fundamental rule of everything. This the universal nature. Everything happens here and now!


Okay, so the next time you hope to gather something in the future, think again. It’s not going to happen.


All efforts should be in the NOW. If you make the right effort in the NOW, this moment, you will achieve whatever you put your mind to.


Future is just a projection of the mind. Come out of this illusion of the mind. See that you exist right here and not in an image of the future. All things exist the same way. Never forget This!

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