Secrets of life and death – Not For Intellectuals

Secrets of life and death – Not For Intellectuals

The Secrets of life and death are not for the intellectuals, period. The effortless art of living cannot be cultivated by the mind. It belongs to the heart!

This journey of discovering a jewel that you already possess begins with intellectual reasoning but the intellect cannot take you to it. At a certain point in time, you’ll have to drop it to proceed further!

Any spiritual discourse or a teaching that gives you a hint about this art of living cannot be perceived by the mind. That is why there are not many who are interested in spirituality in the first place. It is quite difficult and challenging to drop your own intelligence! 🙂 There are those who never give up.

You must be like a child to understand this secret.

secrets of life and death

Surrender your intellect!

Again, spirituality is not for your intellectual mind. It is not a subject in school or college. It is the ultimate subject of life and death. Stop chasing it with your intellect. You will never get it.

Yes, there are doctorates and degrees in philosophy. M. Phil. s and PhD s exist, but really they are just nonsense things to possess. Merely reading books about religions and spirituality and critical analyses of those subjects WILL NEVER make you spiritual.

It is the Jump which is discussed in a previous article, which is needed to reach that ultimate point.


What is lacking in the intellect?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Albert Einstein

What a great thought about that which thinks! Our analytical mind tries to count our Buddha mind. The Buddha mind is that mind which really matters (counts). This mind can also be called your ‘intuition’. Remember this is just a name. Again your analytical mind races to understand it. But it will not be able to fathom.

Your analytical or intellectual mind is actually an integral part of your ego. Unless you drop it, you won’t understand this art of life and death.

Both these minds are in different realms. So you cannot use the analytical mind to understand the Buddha mind. Also since both are essentially connected to the same source, they are in essence, ONE. This is known as the dilemma of the rational mind. Both of these minds are separate and both are unified. Take that! 🙂

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The Buddha mind is our identity. It is who we are. This mind doesn’t think. It is called the ‘HEART’. The jewel , the secret lies in here.

The secrets of life Unravel

When you put your mind aside, you become a noble person. There are Buddha’s four noble truths. You can easily understand them if you have successfully dropped your intellectual mind.

It is like a child loving you unconditionally. This unconditional detachment from your ego is called refraining from using your analytical mind. The child is innocent and has immense potential. That’s because she does not have the analytical mind a.k.a the ego.

The spiritual journey may begin with your intellect bending towards the subject. But you’ll only cover less than 1 percent of it if you remain stuck with your mind.

The jewel, the secret, the art of life, the spiritual and the eternal are the source of immense bliss and happiness. You MUST devote yourself to it instead of just letting it be an intellectual subject for discussion and argument.

Life is short and time is less. Get introduced to your true nature as soon as you can. This is of urgent importance! And you should start on your journey as soon as you can.

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Life becomes beautiful when you uncover the secrets of life. We are really born to connect to our true source. This journey is originally intended to be playful and joyous. But most of us live life with a long and sullen face.

Wake up, rise and shine! Claim your true place in the world and enjoy the beauty that lies around!

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