Simply Living – The Art Of Zen

Simply living your life, you can attain everything you need. As soon as you ask “How to live?”, you fail. You have deviated from the mark!

Let your mind wander in the pure and simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their course.

Chuang Tzu

All of this conundrum has a very simple solution. The solution is to go back to “Just Being You“.


When you are simply YOU, when you are simply living and not thinking about it, you have arrived home. No addition no subtraction, Just You! You sit silently and do nothing. The spring comes and the grass grows, all by itself!

simply living

Philosophy’s Death

In Zen, we don’t brood. If you are being led by a philosophical idea, you will have to leave it behind. Ideas do not exist in real. Zen is REAL.


I am doing something but not thinking about it. Whatever is happening, I become one with it. No judging the situation. That is simply the opposite of any philosophy.


Simply Living is the death of philosophy. Philosophy does not lead to truth. Living life with your whole being brings experience of the ultimate!


The problem with philosophy is that it divides you. Dissecting mind, body, soul is at its core. You DON’T need separation, you need unity!


Every Moment Comes Alive

Once you awaken to bliss, every moment comes alive. And how do you wake up? 🙂

Huike said to Bodhidharma, “My mind is anxious. Please pacify it.”
Bodhidharma replied, “Bring me your mind, and I will pacify it.”
Huike said, “Although I’ve sought it, I cannot find it.”
“There,” Bodhidharma replied, “I have pacified your mind.”


This beautiful story of Zen master Bodhidharma and a man called Huike illustrates how to wake up.


You seek and search with great effort. This causes you great anxiety. Huike was also anxious because he desperately wanted enlightenment. But Bodhidharma cut the roots of his anxiety by pointing out that the anxiety is only imagined and there is nothing in real to worry about.


Once you realize that and come out of your imaginary ‘mind’, you start living with your ‘Being’ rather than with the mind. Each moment of your life comes alive. You don’t ignore anything then. You don’t inspect and brood over every situation.



Right Here Right Now

See this whole thing called life. It is RIGHT BEFORE YOU!


  1. a) Are you going to ‘THINK’ about it?


b)Are you going to ‘LIVE’ it?


Your choice will decide whether you will delude yourself more or awaken!


Once you decide to throw your philosopher mind away, things become clearer. The more you decide to let go of your thoughts and your brooding mind, the more easy it becomes to awaken!


Let’s say you go to this amazing place called “Disneyland”. You are amazed at the atmosphere there. Everything is so alive and kicking and you feel the thrill.

Now, in such a place, would you sit down at a place, close your eyes and meditate?


If you do this, you’re missing the point. The very thrill and energy of the place you’re supposed to feel, you’re missing.




You don’t hide somewhere and meditate. You live it and experience it fully!


If you decide to hide behind your mind and thoughts, you will miss what life has to offer. And believe me, life offers BLISS.

Life offers enlightenment!

Life offers awakening!

Life offers opening your true nature!

Life offers Buddhahood!


It is YOU who are blocking it. Get out of your thinking mind and let the fresh air come in!



Simply Living

You should keep your mind simple. Do not overindulge in thoughts. Let them come and go but do not be disturbed.

The way of simply living and not thinking is called Zen!

This is the art of zen. It is a path where there are no rules. There are no boundaries and there are no precepts to be given. There is no teaching. There is no master. There is no Buddha.

Zen allows life to simply come to you. It allows enlightenment to flower inside you.

Once you make way for things to happen, things WILL happen.


Sitting silently, doing nothing. Spring comes and grass grows by itself.

This is the heart of zen. This is the art of zen way of achieving awakening!

Let it come. Do not force. Simply live and see the magic unfold. You must have full faith in this process. Because when you surrender and stop making efforts, you have complete trust in the ultimate!

The daily chores of life like eating food, drinking water, collecting firewood, sleeping, washing dishes, cleaning the room, sitting, talking to someone etc.. need to be done with full awareness. Give these guys your 100 percent attention. Take them to be your master, your guru. They will guide you to the door of awakening and supreme bliss.


There is something marvelous about simplicity. The simple is powerful. Zen masters show this in the way they speak, act and behave. They show their awakening, their enlightenment!

A cup of tea has more meaning in life than an entire book in you head

– Ankush


When you begin to see the magic in simple things, you will find the meaning in my words.

Start realizing the magic of awareness in things around you.

Do not waste your effort in studying philosophies, theories and religions.

Do not waste your time in worshiping idols, gods and goddesses.

Do not waste your moments in stupid endeavors.

Let go of these and start putting yourself in the simple things around you.

Touch a flower, smell it. Take a bath in the river. Do simple things. Make a paper boat, fly a paper plane.

Do all these little things and with your utmost love and attention! That is important. Do not expect anything from these innocent activities. They are there to open your mind to the beauty hidden inside them.

Open your eyes and see these doors to bliss that are present all around You!

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