Spiritual Enlightenment And The Music

“Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.”

Alan Watts

The music you listen to can ignite spiritual enlightenment! Spiritual awakening is beyond all religions and so is music! Once you understand it, the mystery unravels! Music has a timeless resonance that easily co-relates with your source of being.


Not all music relates to your source, though. Loud, harsh and obviously distasteful sounds are NOT music. To understand what I am saying, first you must understand what Music is.


Music is not about sounds, but the silence that it creates. Sounds confusing? Read on.

The music that originates from the heart and goes to the depths of your consciousness, brings spiritual enlightenment one step closer to you!

Music is what comes out of an eternal emptiness.




Music – The eternal emptiness

Music is the sound coming out of nothing. When the sound originates from emptiness, it becomes music.

Have you ever noticed a unique feature of musical instruments?


All musical instruments are hollow!


Yes, the music is only produced when you have empty space. A flute has empty space. A banjo, a band, an accordion and even a piano. All the musical instruments carry empty space.

This empty space is also the source of your being. You come from nowhere into this world. When you die, you return to nowhere.

This empty source of your being is also the origin of the music!

While listening to the music you can feel this inside you. If you listen intently, you will go beyond the limitations of your body. This is a timeless experience.


Anything that is beyond time is empty. Empty of all characteristics and therefore peaceful, blissful and soothing. That is why the music which soothes you has the power to bring spiritual enlightenment!


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Returning to the timeless source

Why does music relax you?

Some answers:

  • It has the same source as yours
  • Music takes you to a timeless zone. You forget your past and future temporarily.
  • It brings you closer to eternity.


If you meditate then you should listen to music. Meditation is in fact music itself. Meditation is another form of music. Anything that leads you to a timeless state of being is music.


Those who are on the spiritual path should always listen to the music. It will help you in attaining spiritual enlightenment. Music will bring you closer to your timeless source. Not only that it becomes a process of meditation itself.


Music is Meditation is Music

Wonderful title isn’t it. 🙂  That’s true. Both are similar and there is absolutely no difference.

Once you understand this fact, meditation becomes easy. The path of spiritual awakening is quite natural and easy. People find it difficult because they think that there is a technique of doing it. The fact is just the opposite.


There is NO TECHNIQUE of meditating. Meditation is as simple as breathing or listening to music!


Meditation and Music is a similar process. Yes I have not used ARE and PROCESSES. They are one. Once you understand my statement, you will clearly go beyond doubts and attain happiness.


When you are listening to music you are actually meditating. And when you are meditating you are actually listening to music!

When you are meditating there is an unexplained happiness inside you. There is no reason to it. When you are listening to music, you cannot explain the bliss inside you.

This remain unexplained because the experience is beyond time. You are experiencing yourself. When you experience yourself, it is beautiful.


Spiritual Enlightenment – Experiencing yourself

You have five senses. You spend twenty-four hours a day experiencing this world. A normal person spends all her time experiencing this world. Even while sleeping you dream. You dream about this world.

A person on the spiritual path must however experience himself. Meditation will help you in this. Meditation helps you experience yourself. And music helps you do this EASILY.


Music is the aid that helps you awaken!


NOTE: You must understand that music, like meditation is a cure for a disease. It helps in curing self-delusion. Once you are awakened, you don’t need this ‘outside music’. Once you attain spiritual enlightenment you BECOME the music. You realize that you ARE the music.


Then the bliss flows by itself. You do not need meditation, music or any other aid. Then you create the music. You become a musician! 🙂

This art is rare and it is yours. You are the original artist. You are the original musician. Once you awaken to your true source of being, you create the music. And this Music resonates with the universe.


Spread the Love – Celebrate!

I have never written about love. You cannot write about Love. However, music sprouts love. When you share your wisdom and work for others you exude love.

A spiritual seeker must help others after experiencing himself. This is spreading the love. Once you are enlightened, there is nothing left to achieve. The only thing you can do is to help others.

The joy of discovering oneself is so extreme that it spills. Like a river overflowing you start celebrating life naturally. Life becomes a celebration. Then you automatically want to help others become awakened.

This is the true purpose of your life. Know who you are and then share the joy that you find.


Life is a celebration. Death is a celebration. Everything is a celebration.

Do not feel left out. You are the center of the universe. Meditate and experience music to find this gem of spiritual awakening.

The river of bliss is flowing constantly. It is right before you. You need to TUNE in to your own source. Music is an easy way to bring about this understanding.

Just like the musical notes, let your radiance shine and resonate!

Stay Blessed!

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