Spiritual Evolution: Blessings you don’t notice

Spiritual Evolution: Blessings you don’t notice

Spiritual Evolution – What is it anyway?

Spiritual Evolution thankfully does not depend on humans. The universe and its ways are independent. Universal benevolence happens to you without you knowing about it.


There are many definitions of spiritual evolution. But they are like candles shown to the sun. Evolution is a term used to describe changes happening over a period of time that are supposed to make for better adaptability. An evolution that is spiritual in nature will bring spiritual growth and ultimately, enlightenment.


The universe is not concerned about individual enlightenment. The natural way is to keep everyone blissful. Therefore, Spiritual evolution is not individual but happens on a cosmic level.


A human being will awaken when his consciousness is exactly in tune with the universal consciousness.

The great benevolence – Your constant providence

The original nature of this universe is blissful and full of wonder. Any deviation you see or experience is an outcome of your own effort.


The universe is wired to remain constantly at peace with itself. Spiritual evolution brings everyone to this core. The great energy around you always aims at maintaining this state.


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In a day, 24 hours, you are constantly worried. You are occupied by thoughts of how to keep yourself happy. You make a lot of effort. Some efforts yield good rewards while others do not. This is the law of cause and effect, the law of karma.


A human being will continue this way until spiritual spark is ignited in him. For the first time, he sees something more. Spiritual evolution manifests itself beyond the law of karma. This force works even when you are not doing anything. It is beyond you and that is good!


The beauty of universal consciousness is its nature. No matter what happens, the eternal peace is always present. You and me are part of this consciousness. Even if we create a chaos, the eternal quiet is present.


The mechanism of spiritual evolution is always functioning. The great oneness will always work in favor of you. No matter how far you wander, you will always be brought back to the blissful center. This is how spiritual evolution works.


The white background – The Quiet behind the hullabaloo

Have you ever noticed how black looks awesome on a white background. Just like this page you are viewing now!

There is something marvelous about it. It is like the sun shining behind the clouds. Even though the clouds temporarily ban the light, the sun will come out.


Spiritual evolution is the white background. It’s always there and present. It functions independently of whatever happens in the foreground.

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Believe it or not, this mechanism of universe is functioning. It is always bringing you closer to spiritual enlightenment.


You may not know this. A stroke of bad luck in your life can suddenly turn into a bright future. Continuing to fall into despair you can see the hope. How does this happen?

Keep in mind, i am NOT giving you dreams to knit. I am not talking about worldly hope and despair. I am only indicating the strength that we are born with.

This eternal source of being is our true nature. And this world that we live in is nothing but the process of spiritual evolution itself.


There are many things which we are unaware of. Following are certain examples:

      • You think nobody loves you. The fact is that you don’t know who loves you.


      • You feel you are not wealthy. The fact is that there are thousands of people who are poorer than you.


      • You feel you are powerless. The fact is that there is nobody like you in this world. You are unique.


      • You think you are unhealthy. The fact is that you are NOT doing healthy things. (like eating good food, exercising etc.)



These are real world examples intended to indicate limitations of your knowledge.

The fact is this:


The truth is beyond all ideas about it. The truth is unrelated to what you think or do!


The white background will always make you superior. It is your support. It is your divine providence. It is the machinery of spiritual evolution.


The mystic phenomenon – There, but in oblivion

Your senses are limited. You brain is limited. Is there anything you can use to experience the mystery of this nature?

The answer is NO.

The above answer does not mean that you cannot discover this mystery. When you come out of the circumference of your senses and the mind, you will experience it.

Spiritual evolution is always happening. It will lead you to bliss and grace. The only thing you need to do is, RELAX.

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Understand that very well. You are the gold dust that belongs to universal quiet.

Nothing special needs to be done to achieve enlightenment.

This process is natural and is expedited by you understanding of this simple fact.

This is known as allowing things to come to you. This is the great mysticism that lies before you, yet you do not notice.

There are many words which can be used to describe our incapability to understand our own true nature. Call it unawareness, frustration, desperation, arrogance or anything.

The great forgetfulness about who we are is only laughable matter. Because it is right before you to see, yet you are always blind to it.

Yet, spiritual evolution won’t leave us wandering forever. You will come home sooner or later. Sooner is better, always


That is to say, even if you forget God, God won’t forget you. There are blessings you do not see. There are people helping you don’t see. This eternal mystery is forever hidden. Only when you are ready to let go of yourself, can you see through it, SOONER.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Evolution: Blessings you don’t notice

  1. Hey Ankush, again, I read a post on your site and I feel uplifted and peaceful. Thank you.

    I really needed to hear these truths again today. It is wonderful to read your words.

    I’ve been thinking about judgement and shame, and reading these particular words: “There are many words which can be used to describe our incapability to understand our own true nature.” have truly helped me seat myself in the reality that no matter how skewed many of us are in fear right at the moment, the natural state is abundance and acceptance – love.

    Thank you.

    Take care,


    • Hey Jenn,
      Thank you so much for taking the time out to share your love!
      Sorry i was away and couldn’t reply earlier!

      All the glory of the universe is with us each moment. We just need to wake up to it!

      Take care.

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