The Cure For Insomnia – A Spiritual Answer

The Cure For Insomnia – A Spiritual Answer

I have seen lot of friends on Facebook complaining about insomnia. So I decided to help them, and wrote this article. The Cure For Insomnia lies in Spirituality. See how a simple exercise will instantly put you to sleep. Get relief from insomnia!


Why You are Awake All Night (or major part of it)

Let us first see what scientists say:

As per scientists and doctors, the common causes of insomnia are:

  1. Psychological problems and emotional distress.
  2. Medical problems.
  3. Drugs and medicines.
  4. Work conditions. (eg; Night shifts)
  5. Home conditions. (eg; Television in the bedroom)


APART FROM MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND MEDICATIONS (which is exceptional case), All Insomnia is man-made.


The reason why you can’t sleep is simple:

You do not want to sleep.

Yes you heard it. Plain and simple.


And if you want to argue on the above point, you have proved my point.


It is simple. People will say that they “WANT TO SLEEP”  but the fact is they don’t.


You think a thousand and one things at night. You are more interested in them than your sleep.


the cure for insomnia


Your attachment to things and people is leading to insomnia.


The Cure For Insomnia (The Exercise)

What I am going to show you is solid. This exercise will help you sleep even if you are suffering from medical conditions or are on medication. I am going to put this exercise in quotes. Here goes:


  1. Lie down in bed or couch in a comfortable position. You could also do this sitting. But if you sleep sitting you may fall 🙂
  2. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES COMPLETELY. Keep them half-shut.
  3. Keeping them half-shut, do not move your eyes.
  4. Just remember to keep your eyes half-shut.
  5. Slowly but surely you will sleep in 10 minutes if everything is done properly.


Now let me explain why this works.


When you keep your eyes half-shut and do not move them, your mind is confused. Continued this way for few minutes, the mind goes blank. You snap out of it and come into this moment.


Now the exact energy of the present moment in which you WANT TO SLEEP, will help you sleep!


Just remember, you have to come back to here and now. You have to snap out of your mind. When the mind stops working, at that very moment, a glimpse to present moment can happen. In that moment, anything you want can happen.

In a nutshell in order to sleep,

  1. You must want to sleep and not do something else.
  2. You must snap out of your mind.
  3. You must come back to this moment.


Tell me if this worked for you!

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