The Endless Circle Of Life And Death (Perceive It and You’re Free)

The Endless Circle Of Life And Death (Perceive It and You’re Free)

The circle of life and death is never-ending. Once you carefully meditate about the whole thing, you are set free! What will you identify with? The waves or the ocean? If you deeply ponder you will understand that you’re neither the waves nor the ocean. What can you call your own? Even your self is not your own. Get rid of all attachments and then the great spiritual awakening occurs!


The pattern of life and death is before you! What can you call your own? The wise do not possess and are not possessed by anything or anyone! They silently slip into the unknown!

circle of life and death


Most of us do not realize that it is a vicious circle. Life and Death happens continuously. Not one single moment it ceases. It is endless. So your attachment to anything is meaningless. Nothing is permanent. The moment you realize this completely, you are free from all identities.


The Circle Of Life and Death

Let us look closely at this circle. A life is born and then passes through youth, old age, sickness and finally death.


Life and death are happening continuously. The whole existence can be compared to the Ocean. Life and death are like the waves in this ocean.


Whether you believe in rebirth or not, the fact is that Life and death processes are happening continuously.

Somewhere around you a life is born and there is happiness there. And then somewhere around you is a death happening and there is gloom there.


If you ponder like this about life and death, you will understand that there is nothing you can call your own. You cannot possess anything. Death will take all away.


Ordinary people are too afraid to ponder over the issue of life and death. That is why they are tied in life and death processes and attached to things.

However on the spiritual path this leads to a great thirst for awakening.


A spiritual seeker looks beyond life and death and finds the eternal truth.


Seeking Beyond Life and Death

Once you begin to understand the vicious circle of life and death, you start seeking something beyond it.

Your spiritual quest takes on a different meaning.

However, beyond life and death, there is nothing to ‘seek’


There in lies the secret of spiritual awakening. Beyond life and death there is nothing to seek. Your very understanding of this vicious circle leads you right to the doorstep.


You should know who is it that seeks beyond birth and death?


Ask yourself this question over and over again. Who is it that seeks? If there is nothing beyond birth and death, What are you seeking?

Meditation will lead you to the awareness of the fact that there is Nothing to seek beyond the present moment. Meditation will help you get rid of the seeker and the sought. In reality, there is nothing to seek.


Many spiritual quests go haywire when you keep looking. You keep looking for something extraordinary. You keep looking for something magical, something extra-ordinary.


But the secret of spiritual success is to stop looking, stop searching.


No Object No Subject

In the transitory world, you don’t belong to anyone. Nothing belongs to you. There is no subject who perceives and no object perceived. There is only one eternity!


If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

~ Zen Proverb


Nowhere will you find an IDENTITY.


Your view, my view, or any other view doesn’t matter. It is just a viewpoint.

Things out there, in here or anywhere don’t matter. They’re just thin air.


Nowhere can you place a finger and say, “THIS IS TRUTH.”

Nothing can completely satisfy you.

Nothing can help you identify yourself with.


All efforts to pin-point the truth are useless. The truth is nondescript.

The beauty is that once you understand this, The truth is clearly visible.


So, the fleeting world is not just something to run away from. It is not just something to detach yourselves from in order to lead a spiritual life.

It is there to help you realize the drama.

It is there to make us understand the truth.

The formless beauty of the eternal self.


Once you realize this drama of life and death. Happening again and again and again……………….


This dead routine, dying and living and doing it for EONS.


The wise will simply break through. Just by watching the whole process of life and death. Just by viewing this process, a tiring and relentless occurrence.

The only thing left to do is coming out of it. You can only drop off from this endless cycle of life and death.


The natural process after eons of life and death cycles is to simply AWAKEN.

Awaken to the facts and awaken to the eternal music. Once you come out of your sleep, it will then be YOUR CHOICE to stay in this circle or simply drop out of it.

Great sages have the power to continue to be reborn or to quit this cycle.


A Bodhisattva choses to come back again. A buddha choses to come back again and again, just to help others get rid of the suffering.

You may not realize but this endless cycles of births and deaths is causing you great grief. And over and over again you fall into the same dreamy trap.

Even if you do not believe in the cycle of birth and death, you are not free. It is only when you awaken will you truly be free.


The time to start is NOW. Start watching life and deaths occurring. Ponder over sickness and death. Observe the trees flowering and then withering.


Observe how a child and an old person go through almost the same set of life circumstances. Both need diapers. Both need someone to hold them. Both need help.


Life has its own graph. If you observe carefully, when you are a child you are weak. Then you start accumulating energy. You gain a lot of strength and things. When you enter middle age you have everything. Then slowly you start losing your health, vigor vitality and energy. You become weak again. And then, Die.


Just see that you are not your body. Just see that you are not your mind. Just see that you are nothing. You are neither this nor that.


Once you clearly begin to see things, you will see your true self.


Then the circle of life and death will continue…….. but you will not be there. You will have disappeared in thin air. You will have become eternal bliss!


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