The Eternal Bliss And Futility Of Volition

A step you take away from your being and you will miss the eternal bliss. Spirituality is not about the scheming mind. Anything you do will lead you astray! This is the reason why you are always tense. You are always trying to BE someone else.

The confusion is because you don’t know yourself. You are not aware of your real identity. You keep searching throughout lives but don’t find anything.


The only way you will find out yourself is to STOP doing what you are doing. Refrain and restrain yourself. Apply the brakes. This journey towards self-realization is beautiful.


Journey of Self-Realization – Starts Here Ends Here

People who are new on their spiritual paths need to understand this. There is nowhere to go. There is nothing to achieve. Realizing your true nature will NOT add anything to you. You will remain the same. The only thing that changes will be your experience of this world.


The eternal bliss springs forth from a fountain which is never depleted. When it flows inside and outside you, the experience is complete. In that experience, there is no object and no subject. There is only the vibration of that experience in the utter emptiness of this universe.


It is just like the reflection of moon in water. Before enlightenment only the reflection exists. After enlightenment, the real moon is seen. Both are already there at this moment!


Look at the beauty of this fact. The spiritual enlightenment is here and now. At this very moment all is present. You illusions, your attachments and everything that you so desire. They all are reflections in water and will soon disappear when the tide arises. However your inner self, which is the moon in the above analogy, is forever.

You must depend on your true nature and forget the mirage of the world.


The Weakness in Willpower

Not everything worth achieving is achieved with force. The moment you decide to do something, you block other possibilities. The problem with going on a task is that you miss out on the variation.


In spiritual matters you only need determination for sticking on the path.


You do not need to force your way to enlightenment. THAT DOES NOT WORK.

Rigorous yogic postures and fasting and other trauma that you bring to your body simply won’t count.

The more willpower you accumulate, the more ego you may acquire. Moreover, the will is only needed for achieving some goal. On the spiritual path, you must not form any goals.


Act without doing;
Work without effort

– Tao-te-Ching


You may not have noticed this. The day you spend less time worrying, you achieve more. Most of the work and effort you do is with your MIND.


This is the real meaning of doing less and achieving more. Most of your mind is occupied trying to be mentally strong and invincible. Instead it should be used less and made really weak on the spiritual path.


Eternal Bliss – Lost and Found

Spiritual awakening is like coming back home from a long journey. A journey that you do with your eyes closed. If you are unaware of the wonderful nature of your true self, you miss the grace. It is lost, not in the sense that it is not existing. When you open your eyes after a long sleep, you realize that it was already there.


You can only find your being, when you stop doing. You waste a lot of energy on the outside. How many times in a day you actually become fully AWARE?

Most of the time you spend on boosting your ego, your false self. Either you boost it or you protect it. That is what most of us do.

Instead of wasting energy on the above, you can preserve it. Invert the flow of energy INWARDS.


Again, it is important to note that on the spiritual path, you do not force things. When you let go COMPLETELY of everything, then you awake. Even letting go cannot be forced.


The only way to awaken is to let go of LETTING GO. The ultimate dropping of all things including let go attitude.


It is a place of utmost calm which you cannot force into. You must enter slowly.

Enter Here and Slowly

This is a secret which is open but no one sees. Therefore it is a secret. How to awaken to your true self? It is a question which many people ask me. The answer is simple.

The answer is “Do not overdo things. Do not worry about being awake or dreaming. Do your day-to-day tasks without force. And it is only possible when you no longer exist within your ego.


All the imaginations of the mind, its resolutions, its will, its stubbornness are going to lead you ASTRAY. Come out of the delusion.

So all goals including some mentioned below are not worth pursuing:

  • I will find spiritual enlightenment in this life itself.
  • I will join a religious organization.
  • I will not let anyone hamper my spiritual progress.
  • I won’t follow any other religion except mine.
  • I will practice celibacy.
  • I will renounce the world (and go to the Himalayas) 🙂
  • AND SO ON…………….

All the above resolutions are your EGO speaking. Do not heed to any of them.


The wise do not make any goals. They are the last in the row.


By being irresolute, you truly awake! The wise DO NOT KNOW.  This not knowing is the greatest knowledge.


This awareness of delusion is what is called as spiritual enlightenment.


Those who have great realization of delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings.

– Dogen Zenji (1200 – 1253)


I just hope my words can describe my experience. Do not plan for awakening, instead drop what stands in its way. That is the only way to see your vastly unbound SELF.


Once you realize who you are, life will become worth living. Then even death becomes magical. Everything becomes a door to heaven. Wherever you go, you find yourself!

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