The Infinite Source of Your Happiness, Wisdom and Peace

The Infinite Source of Your Happiness, Wisdom and Peace

You want to be happy. You want to be smart and forever young. You want peace and prosperity. But do you know about the eternal and infinite source of all this? That source is your home. That is your soul. Once you are spiritually awakened, you are connected to it. Just like a mobile phone never shuts down when connected to a power outlet, you will never know weakness of any form once you discover your original source.

Read on and you will get a glimpse of this eternal and boundless source.


Trying is just not good enough

Your whole life is a struggle. Admit it. You work ‘hard’. You know only about working hard. You have created your lives around it. Struggle is what you love. There are innumerable stories of getting what you want through hard work.

Thousands of quotes and stories exist that motive people to work hard.

Your aim is always to ‘try’ hard…., harder……, hardest.

Even thieves and swindlers work ‘hard’ to get the easy way out.



Your whole life is nothing more than an endless struggle. This is contrary to who you actually ARE.


People who are awakened have something remarkable about them. Have you ever met such a person? An enlightened person stands out subtly.

  • He has a glow on his face. Some call it aura.
  • He appears gentle. (Ever seen signs of struggle on a tensed personality?)
  • He has a subtle calmness in his demeanor. An utter state of balance.
  • A mystical smile is visible.
  • A charm resides in him.
  • His worldly activities gets completed without strife or struggle.
  • He knows no challenges and ALWAYS wins the play of life.


An awakened person NEVER works hard. I say it from my experience.

Physically, yes i may stretch a little but mentally, NO. Mind is used only as per requirements 🙂

Once you discover this spiritual source, you don’t try. You automatically get everything as if it is served on a golden platter.

Remember, You are a King. Don’t behave like a beggar.

Meditate and start your spiritual journey as soon as possible. You too can discover your true nature and become one with your infinite source of strength.


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The Artless Art

Do you listen to music? If you love listening to music you would have noticed how different you feel when you listen to your favorite.

Remember how nice you feel during orgasm. No, it’s not a taboo. Anything that carries the quality of the eternal bliss cannot be a taboo.

The above two examples give you a direct glimpse of the nature of your being. This is the quality of your infinite source. This is the nature of your boundless source.

It is like an art which comes from within. A beauty that is not fake. A beauty that is 100 percent ORIGINAL.


The beauty lies in the fact that it is NOT contrived. Once you become awakened, you become 100 percent ORIGINAL. Anything which is pure and original has a beauty about it.


You must have heard that the remake of a particular movie was not as good as the original.

Why a duplicate version seem tasteless as comparison to the original? It is because the beauty in the fake version is lost.


You cannot recreate original beauty. That is artful without imposing itself.


A duplicate tries ‘hard’ to impress. Remember what we discussed in the beginning?


Your whole life struggle has become UGLY. This is because you have deviated from your origin.


Once you find back your original nature, you regain your beauty. Once you are spiritually awake, you find your original beauty. This brings immense happiness, peace and prosperity which was always YOURS for the taking.


Again, you should start Meditating and advance on your spiritual journey towards the origin. You should do it as soon as possible.



Infinite Source of Bliss and Spiritual power lies within. The kingdom is within

The shopping mall is a lovely place. You get a lot of good things to purchase. Things that catch your eyes and senses. You want to indulge. The urge is irresistible.

But how long can you stay in a shopping mall?

You enjoy doing parties and hanging out with people. Nothing wrong with that.

But can you do it forever? Will you be able to enjoy it forever.


The law of the universe is that the human being is born, he ages, is dis-eased and ultimately dies. That is the truth of the body.


You cannot base your happiness on external objects. Youth is a time when you want to have fun. But how long can you find happiness there? It is your attachment that will give you trouble.


Attachment to external objects will take you away from your original nature (source).


It is only when you go within, will you find true happiness.


The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.
The Bible (Luke 17 NIV)


There can be no argument against it. All spiritual seekers know where to look. It’s within.

Once you discover this kingdom, you will realize that you are the King. And so is everything else.


The outward differences will exist only as a dream. It will be easy to navigate to and from this outer world to the inner. The duality will, no more, be a dilemma.


Needless to say that this source is THE source of everything. To the spiritually asleep, this can bring forth pain, pleasure, calamity, fortune, ups and downs. BUT for the spiritually awakened, it brings only the TRUTH.

Once you are aware of your true nature, you automatically derive the best out of your origin.

You become peaceful, quiet and remarkably blissful.

Your original source brings you THE ULTIMATE. Everything your mind and body found impossible, is now possible.

The whole experience is so beautiful. It is not something that was CREATED. It is something that is ALWAYS PRESENT.


This is the original. This is the pristine. This is YOU!

Let us go back to who we are and let us not dwell in dreams anymore!

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