The Miracle of Ordinary Life

The miracle lies shining all around You at this moment now! Yes, the ordinary life that you’re so bored of. This life you’re living now is the door to eternity!

The daily life of a mystic and the daily life of an ordinary person has one difference. The spiritually awakened lives each moment beautifully. Each moment brings with it the wonder and joy of eternal life.

Even if an enlightened person is passing through misery and agony, he makes it beautiful.

Each day, the work that you do, the people you meet and the experiences you have are ALL your gifts!

You may ask:

What is so special with this day? What is special about THIS MOMENT?

The answer to this:

What makes you think so?

Just dig deeply into above question and you will find the miracle.


The bliss is overflowing. Will YOU join us?

It’s really sad you are missing out. Each second, the wonder of the life all around you is visible. Yet you are not aware.

A candle lights up the whole world but JUST BELOW THE CANDLE there is darkness. Similarly Your eternal radiance lights up the whole world and yet you are gloomy.

How do you come out of this situation? Well it is really simple. You must see the truth with your Eyes!

You must experience this eternal truth. Then you will find the wonder all around you!

This is called entering the realm of Mystics. There is just ONE MOMENT that separates you from the eternal peace, and that moment is NOW. You can enter that realm now, if you truly see the nature of things.


The Ordinary Life

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to live an extra-ordinary life?

I know your answer. All of us want to live an Extra-Ordinary Life.

  1. You dream of becoming rich.
  2. You want to fly all the way to some other part of the world.
  3. You want to have a mansion.
  4. You want to have a luxury car.
  5. You want to have a super-suave lifestyle.

and the list goes on…….


Now imagine a person who:

  1. Lives here in this moment and does not dream of future.
  2. Enjoys his food daily and loves his daily drinks.
  3. Savors fresh air and loves living in natural surroundings.
  4. Does normal work each day.
  5. Lives peacefully and sleeps well at night.
  6. Is not afraid of Life and its hassles.
  7. Is not afraid of Death and its pain.


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The above 7 activities is what is truly magnificent. Each day if you can truly achieve these 7 acts, You will be free! The fact that you constantly try to escape the ordinary life is the reason you cannot see the miracle.


What You Are Missing Each Day

Let me tell you the importance of this moment!


  1. Whatever happening now is important. Whether you are eating or walking, in a meeting or relaxing, angry or happy, depressed or elated, THIS MOMENT IS ALIVE! You have the power to discover your true nature and the grand scheme of universe!
  2. There is Energy flowing in this moment. When you think about the past, you are applying the energy of the moment to things which YOU CANNOT CHANGE. When you plan for the future, you are using the energy of the moment to create something.
  3. Everything STARTS NOW! Whether you are trying to achieve anything on the outside or you are on your spiritual path, The moment to start is THIS MOMENT!


When you are NOT living here and now, You are missing the opportunity to CREATE THE FUTURE YOU WANT. You are also missing the Opportunity to be ALIVE. You also miss out on creating a STARTING POINT on your spiritual journey!



To Tap The Power of Now, BE ORDINARY!


Your attempt to be different, will lead you to suffering.


You will not be able to relax. You will be lost into a land of utter darkness. This will happen because you will be uprooted! Leaving your true self and trying to be something will lead you astray!

The marvel of the universe lies in this utter ordinariness. The awakened one knows and sees this wonder inside himself as his true identity.


Let me try to explain to you the miracle of this ordinary life:

Few months back, I met with an accident. There was a fracture in my right shoulder and it was severely bruised. Surprisingly i did not feel lot of pain when I met with accident. However when the nurse was applying medication to the wound there was immense pain. She told me to let the would be open since it was too deep.

This is an ordinary incident. However let me tell you how it was actually a miracle. During my moment of pain, i experienced it completely. I was not trying to put my mind somewhere else. The energy of the moment helped me overcome the pain since i am completely in the present. The experience of this pain made me aware of life and death in the most vivid manner. I was in pain but aware of my true and eternal self.


When you are absolutely yourself, you are not exerting yourself. You are simply what you are!


When you are spiritually asleep and not aware of your true nature, you do not live in the present moment. Since you are searching, you are NOT HERE. That is why you cannot see it!


The Miracle is Happening…….NOW!

Yes, the ordinary life in front of you has everything you need.


At THIS MOMENT, what is that which you lack?

Zen Master Rinzai


If you try to answer Zen master Rinzai’s question above, you will understand what i am saying. IT IS NOT THE ANSWER WHICH MATTERS.

This question is not an ordinary question. 🙂

Yes this question is a method to bring you to HERE and NOW! Just see right now, forget the past, forget about the future. When you look at this way, you will develop a vision. This is the Mystic Vision.


When you are present in this moment completely, you’ll be able to utilize the energy of the cosmos. All your dreams will have the energy to transform into reality!


Another important point to note about the present moment is that to be in it, you don’t need to exert yourself.

When you are completely here and now, you are at a position of eternal rest and ease!

This rest, this utter relaxation will bring all bring your true nature to the fore.


Be Here and Know Yourself

This is the ultimate secret. If you exist completely in this moment now, you will know everything worth knowing and you will achieve everything worth achieving.


The miracle will unravel and all your miseries will disappear. You will realize who you are. You will realize that you are NOTHING SPECIAL. You are the utter ordinariness, you are the mundane.

You will merge with everything around you so permanently that at the same time, two things will happen:

  1. You will lose your personal identity.
  2. You will gain eternal oneness and thereby realize your TRUE identity, Your true nature!


Once you are one with nature, Your heart will fill with LOVE for everything! The knowledge and wisdom will turn to LOVE. Your life will be transformed.


The End of All Spiritual Journeys Happens in LOVE. All your wisdom and realization will turn to LOVE once you are awakened.


When you realize your oneness with everything, your heart will be filled with so much love that sometimes on seeing agony and poverty and distress of people around you will cause you to Cry.

This is the final stage where you need to learn to live for others.

Realized humans live for others. They devote themselves to service of others.



This is the miracle of ordinary life. Do not set your target to become rich, wealthy, famous or anything else. All these ambitions will take you away from THIS PRESENT MOMENT. All these will snatch your true treasure and true source of richness.


The only way to achieve everything is to attain to the present. The wonder and the amazement of the world around you will fill in your body if you truly LIVE right now!


Look clearly at the world in which you live. See the goodness and beauty in simple things. A cup of tea, A newspaper, a bird chirping, the sound of crickets, shoes creaking, or any other thing which you hardly notice, all have the power to enlighten you.


Once you are able to hear this unheard music of the nature, you will begin to understand.

Then you will find pleasure even in such an ordinary thing as rain falling or dogs barking.

Once you merge with the present moment you will find bliss in ordinary things and only then will you truly awaken!

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