The Miraculous Nature Of Non Living Buddhas

The stone, the water, the wood are all Buddhas. The miraculous nature of inanimate objects defies LIFE and DEATH and is right before your eyes! We have never pondered over this. All the time we are busy in the living world. Do you ever notice that the world around you is all Awake!!  Even non living things are proof of eternal consciousness.


Once you look at a stone carefully, you will see its wonderful nature.

You will see that it changes its form. A stone may break and it can also disappear. It remains still when broken. A stone hurts when it hits us. A stone gives happiness to a child when he finds it on the shore. A stone is a stone and it follows its true nature, Always!


Most modern-day gurus will tell you to be MINDFUL. They will say, “Look at the seer”. “Look at the one who is awake! Look at the one who observes.”

But I say to you this:


There is no observer. There is no observed. There is no conscious or sub-conscious and no unconscious. There is ONLY THIS.


When you can enter this moment bereft of all concepts, you will achieve the ultimate. You will discover the wonderful nature of everything around you, be it a stone or your friend next door.



You and A Brick

There is absolutely No Difference between you and a brick. If you believe yourself to be superior, you are wrong.

In fact, A brick is superior to you. Let me explain.


  1. A brick is still.
  2. It does not waver in heat or cold.
  3. It is inanimate and cannot feel. Yet it is present in this moment, beautifully.
  4. You can use a brick but it does not hate you.
  5. A brick has the power to awaken your true nature.
  6. A brick is the inanimate Buddha.


YES, the brick is not spiritual or religious, It is itself. It is true to its nature!

That is why I say, “A brick is superior to you”.


Wash your self away and you will be a brick again!


The Healing Power Of The Five Elements

The earth, fire, water, air and space are powerful. Your body is composed of these elements.

You are alive due to the life force within you. This Life force is the fabric that brings all the elements together. Not to be confused with the ‘soul‘ or ‘aatman‘. The life force simply vanishes when the elements disintegrate.


When you are sick, just connect with these elements.

You must have observed that when you are not well, you want a break from your routine life. You want to go to some natural surroundings to rejuvenate.


The inanimate Buddhas bring life back to you! The living and the non-living are connected inextricably.


All dis-eases are born out of the weakness of elements inside you. Once you know what your body lacks, that element has the power to heal you!


As time goes by, the body ages. The elemental force decreases and you become frail. The five elements nourishes you as long as you want.

The ancient sages lived for a thousand years and as long as they wished. They knew the art of healing.


The point is this:

A stone has the wonderful nature of being just as You! Once you Awake, you will see it clearly!


The Miraculous Buddha Nature


When the broom sweeps away the dust, you can see the floor clearly. Where you sit is where you stand!

– Ankush



It is only when the clouds move away, do you see the Sun.


I write about spiritual awakening because i want to clear away your clouds. Pay attention to what I am trying to show you instead of what I write!


The whole effort of a Zen master is to sweep away the clouds. Once the clouds are swept away, your own light will shine!


The Buddha nature is your source. It is WHO YOU ARE.

Why is it wonderful or Miraculous?

This is because once you realize it as yours, it will put you at peace. Your mind will stop wandering. You will become the Buddha.


The supreme enlightenment or the realization of this nature as yours places you right in the eternal bliss.


There are moments in which a Zen student attains enlightenment. An ordinary cat, a stone, a stick or anything can bring about that moment of awakening.


There is great power in the natural way. There is an enormous beauty and potential in all things including the ones that are Non-Living or appears to you as inanimate!



Wake up in the morning and take time to observe. See and feel everything from a cup of tea to your newspaper. Spend time with the utensils in the kitchen. Listen to the kind of sounds they create. You may find the music that may enlighten you.


It is only when you learn the art of seeing, will the miracle unfold.


Seeing into your true nature, you will understand where the bricks originate.


The beauty and the wonder of it is that you will never feel disconnected. The cause of all your stress is that you feel disconnected. The more you feel separate from other things, the more you will feel unhappy.

The ultimate realization knits you again to the fabric of life. You are able to lead a stress-free life.


The world around you is your creation. It is your play arena. All the gates to happiness and bliss are open. You just need to open your eyes to it.


The enlightened ones do not see anything as living or non-living. All distinctions have dissolved for them. It is a state where life and death do not exist. It is the miraculous world of the Buddha.

You are not even an inch away from the land of freedom. It is right here under your nose. Your very own nature is shining brightly in everything.


Rise, awake and Be the Buddha you are!

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