The spiritual secret of success

The spiritual secret of success

Secret of success, not just worldly, but of a spiritual nature, lies in a simple thing. The trust in the ultimate. Trust in the universe! Whether you want to have personal success or you want professional success, you should utilize the power of the Universe to fulfill your dreams. The universe is all-powerful and can fulfill your needs. The secret of success lies in realizing this simple fact!

secret of success


Five Steps to achieve success through spiritual way

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Following are the five steps to sure-shot success in everything your heart desires:

  1. Know this well that the universe has the power to fulfill your desires.
  2. Patience is a virtue. You need to keep it throughout your journey.
  3. You must let it come in your life, not in your mind. Do not keep planning. Let the Universe plan it out for you.
  4. Live ONLY in the present moment. That is because all the energy of the universe is concentrated 100 percent in the present moment. That’s where your dream will come and meet you!
  5. Co-operate. Yes, you need to cooperate with the universe by working towards your goal (do the karma) and not fighting with others (compassion).


five spiritual secrets
five spiritual secrets


Once you follow the above five golden spiritual secrets of success, You will 100 succeed as I have.

Let me tell you my story:

I was practicing so hard and trying to awaken myself. I faced a crisis when i was supposed to earn bread for my family and I was devoting 100 percent of my time meditating. The tension was so much that I gave up both the desire to awaken and also the need to nourish my family.

Suddenly one day, all the tensions were no more. I arrived in the present moment. I lived moment-to-moment and suddenly everything fell into place. I realized that this moment now has the power to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Nothing Personal

Yes, nothing personal exists ever. You have many possessions and beliefs but in the grander scheme, those are not counted. Have you noticed sometimes how your deepest and honest prayers go unanswered? Somehow nothing happens according to your plan. That’s because it may not be a universally sound idea. But one thing you easily miss is how your needs are being met continuously, only if you trust this universal nature.

The faith in the grander universe and not over-exerting yourself is THE SECRET OF SUCCESS.

Just remember, Please don’t overdo and over emphasize yourself. The universe has a way of taking care of things. If you co-operate, flow and trust you’ll find it very easy to find happiness, success and whatever you may want!


Letting go v/s Letting it come

Most of us fear letting go. We do not want to let go of things,people etc we like. Letting go is not what we’re comfortable in. However you need not let go at all.

What you need to do is: “Let it come

People, things, money, food etc. you want in life only come to you if you allow them to come. The nature takes care of you. We must connect with this universal source if we want to succeed in getting what we want. As soon as you’re in tune with this universal essence, you relax and allow things to happen on their own. You’re not afraid to let go because you don’t have to. The things you want are always around.


Secret of success lies in relaxing

When i started meditating, i felt uncomfortable. I read many spiritual books including scriptures. I just wanted to achieve peace instantly. I forced myself but was quite unhappy inside. I was not able to attain peace inside. Feeling frustrated i just gave up on the ‘idea’ of being happy or peaceful or stuff like that. Many years later it all came naturally.

Yes, the effort is required. But only to realize that it was not of use.

Meditation brings you closer to reality. Once you get connected to your abundant source, you find that it’s quite easy to move through life. Yes, there will be challenges and tough times but those are only to add flavor to your life.

All challenges and tough times in your life bring something new to you that you’ll cherish! Again you have to be in tune with your source if you want to attain those goodies!

Life is a miraculous and beautiful journey. Please don’t waste it grumbling all along. Instead channel your energy in realizing your true source. The place where you and i come from. The source where we truly belong. That source is the true guarantee of our success. Once you realize and connect to it, there will be no secrets left!

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10 thoughts on “The spiritual secret of success

  1. Hi Ankush,

    Good to be over at your blog 🙂

    You are absolutely right about all that you wrote. We are all one, a part of this massive Universe and that is where our success lies, in believing it to be true.

    Oh yes…meditation helps a great deal, and more than anything else, to connect to our inner self and thus being one to one with the Universe. It takes time to reach that stage of bliss when you meditate, but once you do, you never feel like leaving meditation.

    I agree there is a time for everything, and some things take time to come naturally to you, which you should allow, instead of forcing them. If you do that, they can turn negative too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Very true Ankush. I especially concur with you on the article – ‘Letting Go v/s Letting it come.
    Kudos on the in depth and simple description of the Perception of Life.

  3. Hi Ankush
    Visiting your blog for the first time 🙂
    You made a powerful statement in the beginning. Yes, we are not separate from the universe. We all are one. There is no division. We only create all the divisions
    I really love the way you have explained the difference between “let go ” and “let it come”.
    Meditation is definitely a perfect way to realize our true aims. By meditating, we discover a deep connection within. By forming this link, we embrace the vastness of our inner world.
    Thanks for spreading so much positivity.

  4. Hi ankush, I was searching for the ultimate trust. Luckily I met your blog the trust in ultimate. The happiness I felt that the whole universe can work for you to make your all dreams come true, only by your thoughts is ultimate.

  5. I feel like reading this article because it experiences are true. To succeed easily in this life everybody need meditation. Even I boast my curiosity by making research on how to succed in this life and I read many book on principles of success of Dr Canfield Jack, talk about this. He says that ‘Anyone who succeds is the one who knows himself through thinking and inner self knowing…’ I agree

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