The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

You want to be absolutely sure you have experienced the ultimate spiritual awakening. But is that possible? Recently I’ve received questions from seekers about the final self-realization. Yes there may be stages of attaining enlightenment. But spiritual enlightenment is not a science. This experience of eternity cannot be divided into segments of time.


You will obviously ask: “How do I know I have awakened?”

You are so eager to declare yourself ‘awakened’. You are so desperate to find something. You are in a hurry to find peace. You can’t wait to kick out despair and depression from your life.

Being this way, you are completely out of tune. You are no way near achievement.


The State of Mind You’re In

If you ask me scientifically, I would say, “Just watch your state of mind.”

If you insist on finding your ‘stage’ in awakening, just watch your mind.


You will find yourself correctly if you look into Your Own Mind.

  1. Are you still looking for something?
  2. Are you still comparing yourself with someone?
  3. Are you still searching?
  4. Are you still looking for a sign?
  5. Are you confused about your spiritual awakened state?

If you are doing all the above, you are not awake!


Because once you have awakened, there is no way you can’t see. Your doubts and discomforts will vanish.


Just watch your mind. Observe your mind. Observe how it behaves. Observes its actions.


Watching this way, you will ultimately discover your true awakening! When your doubts and discomforts vanish, you have achieved the ultimate spiritual awakening.



Your doubts and discomforts disappear!

I like to use this term to denote the ultimate spiritual awakening state.


What do we mean by ‘doubts and discomforts vanishing‘ ?


We discussed above how your state of mind depicts your awakening.

The state of mind in which it becomes boundless and unpredictable is what I call ‘doubts and discomforts disappearing‘.


When Your Mind touches the eternal, it becomes boundless and free. This is when your ‘doubts and discomforts disappear!


doubts and discomfort vanish



Whenever you find yourself in doubt about your own spiritual awakening, You are TRUE.


Of course if you are unsure of your awakening, you are right. You have not awakened. In the ultimate state, there is hardly a doubt left.


When your mind is completely FREE, you are free of all doubts and discomforts. Then you just do all the actions without restraint.


To summarize, your doubts and discomforts can be said to have vanished:

  • When you act without restraint. When you eat you simply eat, when you drink you simply drink. When you eat and drink you simply eat and drink. When you eat, drink and read the newspaper, you simply eat, drink and read the newspaper. YOU DON’T DOUBT.


  • When you think without restraint. When you put your point across like an ‘arrow straight out from a well-formed bow‘.


  • When you live without restraint. No fear of death remains. No negative or positive remains.


These three are probably THE ONLY TRUE INDICATORS of the ultimate spiritual awakening!


The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

the ultimate spiritual awakening


Spiritual enlightenment is like one water bubble crashing into another bubble. Once it happens there is neither two bubbles, nor one bubble, nor such a thing as a BUBBLE.


When the bubble of your intellect crashes with the bubble of your ego the true awakening happens.


Yes, the ego is your bubble of perception. Your five senses and its objects create the bubble of your Ego.


The bubble of your ego is your false perception of who you are. This is your physical ego. Your small ego.


Then there is the bubble of your intellect. This is your higher Ego. You feel closer to God. You find yourself as formulator of theories.


All agnostic people have bloated intellectual bubble.


When both these bubbles collide, When your smaller ego and your bigger ego collide, then the ultimate spiritual awakening occurs.


How does this happen?


When you are detached from the sensory objects and the five senses, Your small ego feels suffocated.

When you are detached from all intellectual theories and their nuances, Your higher ego feels suffocated.


When the above happens, You are neither satisfied nor feel comfortable. There is then, nowhere to hide. The two egos collide with each other. One ego tries to find solace in another which another fails to provide.

When the Higher and Lesser Ego fail to provide solace to each other, they collide just like two water bubbles colliding with each other.


What results is called, “The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening.


Both the lesser as well as the higher ego disappear. Only the Boundless Mind remains. This boundless Mind is the Buddha.



Spiritual awakening is the dawn of a new Mind. A completely unfettered and non-obstructing Mind. A mind which does not stop itself. A mind that does not hinder itself. A mind that does not seek itself.


Such a boundless mind shines brightly everywhere. The innumerable things and phenomenons which you see in this world are nothing but creations of this brightly illuminated non-obstructing Mind.


When you have achieved this Mind, you can be said to have truly attained Self-Realization.


The point to note is that THIS MIND already exists Here and Now!

If you are not enlightened, it simply means you are unaware of its presence.


This awakened state of Mind is of Not Staying, Not Returning. When you achieve awakening, you don’t stay there, nor do you return from it.


Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂


Therefore now to answer the question about the “final stage of self-realization“, I have only THIS to say:


Spiritual Awakening is a state of No Stay, No Return.


You can’t stay 24 hours in that state as long as you have this physical body.

You can’t return from that state in that you don’t fall from the bliss!


There is nothing else to say about it.


You must look into Your own mind. You must identify the state of Mind you are in.

And only then you can realize the nature of your own being. Only then you will realize the stage of your own spiritual awakening!

Stay Blessed!

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening – Not Returning Not Staying

  1. Thank you for writing this article. I especially liked the sense-Ego/Intellect-Ego part. I had noticed that though I had taken care of the sense-Ego part in the last year or so my intellect was still busy in analyzing and comparing. This was lessened somewhat after attending the 9-day Byron Katie’s workshop last October but what I didn’t realize that the intellect is part of the Ego as you pointed out.

    However, my inquiry into the Awakening/Realization difference (if there is such) was based on my observations. I found that on one hand you have Sages like Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie: Noble, even-tempered, no mood swing, compassionate yet detached, fatherly/motherly. On the other hand ( I know I am comparing again) we have Adyashanti (shown temper), Osho (greed: 96 Rolls Royales), and Rasputin (power-greed, character flaws) and they are considered to be awakened as well. It could be that they simply had “siddhis” and not true awakening but that’s how I came up with this notion where I saw a clear difference in one set of realized with the other.

    I met a Ukrainian girl during Byron Katie’s workshop who had an awakening experience after reading “ A course in Miracle”. Her experience which was very similar to what you had described lasted for about 10 days. Right when she was entering the “impersonal” phase, she became very concerned because she was supporting her parents who were living in the civil war conflict area. Right then she said it all simply ended like someone switched off the TV. She hasn’t been able to regain that since then.

    I also realized now after reading your article that in the end what really matters is one’s own awakening rather than a critical analysis.

    Knowing that there is no difference between awakening and realization was a relief. It reminds me of an occasion where Ramana Maharshi advised someone who had an awakening experience to simply “abide” in that state.

  2. Dear Shazad,
    It feels so good to hear that you found the article helpful.

    Once true awakening occurs, who cares if Ramana Maharshi was awakened or not Or wheter OSHO was greedy or not 🙂 What’s the fuss!

    I can just relax in eternity and enjoy the show!!

    Stay Blessed.

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