This Moment Now is your last!

This Moment Now is your last!

This moment now is your last moment! This very second you are alive! A moment ago you WERE, A moment later, you MAY NOT be! This is the greatest freedom! Here lies your greatest opportunity to be free from the stress of life and death. The present moment is a part of the eternal. As soon as you focus your mind on the present, all worries disappear.

If you worry about future, you miss the opportunity to find the Eternal life. I say to you Do not miss these moments. Can you tell me what will happen in next 1 minute? You can’t. That’s because that next moment is still not present. You only have THIS MOMENT!


When you enter the moment, you actually go beyond the limitations of your physical body. This is because it is beyond any concept of time.

At this moment you may be:

  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Doing some boring work. (in office?) 🙂
  • Fighting (with your friend?)
  • Sick
  • Frustrated

The list is endless.

This moment now you can be in any state of mind. But remember, this is going to end! That is the beauty of it! Dying is an art, a beautiful one, and death is not something to fear.


It is like a water drop dropping in the river. The present moment is when you are all set and ready to drop. To really ‘live in the moment’ is to learn this art of dying.

You can only learn this art of life and death, if you are one with your existence. When you are fully aware of your spiritual source which is also the source of all that which you see around you.


this moment now
this moment now is your last


Living is Dying

If you have NOT been a regular reader of this blog, you may feel a bit perplexed about this fact. What I have experienced, I am sharing with you.

Life looks paradoxical and it IS so. Since life and death are the only secrets worth discovering; and they are the two sides of the same coin.

The fact is this:

When you learn the effortless art of dying, you would know how to live!


This moment now quote


All your worries, stress, problems will disappear when you die to them. Dying to them does not mean running away from your responsibilities. Dying to them means you do everything in a NON-serious manner. If you succeed, you succeed, If you fail, you fail. It doesn’t matter.

So all these are interconnected:

  • You learn the art of dying
  • You start living in the moment
  • You say goodbye to modern-day stress and worries.



The Art of Dying

When the fear is gone, life becomes livable. It becomes lively. You are alive!


“Life and death are important. Don’t suffer them in vain.”



  • You are not born to suffer.
  • You are not born to stress out.
  • You are not born to worry.


  • You are in this world to enjoy and relax.
  • You are alive to live in the present moment.
  • You are alive to discover your true nature.
  • You should devote your time to understand the true source of yourself.

The art of dying is to detach yourself from your false identities and to connect with your true nature. When you are free from these burdens that you carry:

your ego, your possessions, your money and everything you call YOURS.

You will be able to live truly in this moment NOW.


Seeing your true nature

A special understanding outside the scriptures,
No dependence on words and letters,
Direct pointing to the heart of man,
Seeing into one’s own nature.

A Zen Verse


Your fear of dying will vanish when you have seen your own true nature. When you are fully aware that you are beyond any life and death issues. YOU are NOT an object of life and death. Instead you are a witness that SEES life and death.

There lies a great secret waiting to be uncovered. You already have that within you. Your own nature is always with you, whether you know about it or not.

This present moment is where you will eventually find your own true nature, your true source. Running around, doing rituals and religious ceremonies will not help. When you stop in the moment and die to everything else, you will discover your own identity.


This moment now is your last.. and key to your everlasting peace!

When you enter the present, you are actually PRESENT. Otherwise you are absent! Or shall I say ‘absent-minded’. Acting from such a state of mind is in fact, absent-mindedness.

It would be wise to say that you may not have really experienced ‘the present’.

The present is actually beyond any theory. It is THE ONLY moment you have and that is why it is always your LAST moment. If you think about what it is, you will miss it!


You can only enter this moment NOW. There is no preparation for it.

In fact, if you prepare to live in the present, you will never be able to experience it. The only way to do it is to die to everything else. You should not start to conceptualize this wisdom. Dying to everything else does not mean discarding all else. It only means the importance you are giving to your ego, your possessions etc. is to be forfeited.


Once you attain your true nature, one that you never lose, you start to experience this moment. All your worries, tensions and stress disappear like they never were.

An uninterrupted bliss descends on you. You come back to being what you always were but overlooking due to the mirrors of greed, ego, lust etc.

This is why spiritual awakening is considered as coming back home. Heaven is not some place far and beyond. It is not up in the air. It is not given to you by anyone. It is this moment now, which you have to enter by unlocking the door which separates you from it.

Living in the moment leads you beyond your physical body and hence this art is called ‘conquering death’. It is timeless.


Let us not waste our moments in past or future. Let’s cherish each moment. Life is composed of these moments. There is a possibility that you will find eternity between these moments. But when you think about the past, future or analyze things, you waste these precious jewels.


I exhort you to dive into your spiritual nature and discover it before you die. You won’t want to miss it for ephemeral things and materialistic possessions.

Wish you all the best in your spiritual endeavor. May your own light shine and show you your present moment!

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  1. Hi Ankush,

    Wonderful indeed 🙂

    I agree with all that you’ve written and wish more people would understand this simple fact. The moment we need to treasure is the ‘now’, so just be in it – there are no two ways about it as I believe strongly about it myself.

    Once you take your present moment to be your last, you’d appreciate and value it the most.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    BTW – Would be lovely if you share your posts at the ABC with everyone too 🙂

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