Timepass Meditation Versus Serious Spirituality

In recent times, there has been a rise in number of people doing meditation. Most of them view it as a part of some ‘health’ routine. Meditation is increasingly being viewed as something which keeps you mentally and psychologically fit.

However, the original purpose of meditation is to discover your true nature. It is to discover who you are! Serious spirituality is about discovering who you are! There is a lot of difference between timepass meditation and serious sprituality.

I choose to call people doing meditation as a health routine, as people who are NOT spiritual. True spirituality is about getting world-weary. It is about finding that you are not AWAKE. It is about finding that you are LOST. And lost you are……..

Meditation is a word which seems to come from ‘Medicine’, which is what I choose to call it. It is a medicine to cure your ‘World-weariness’. When you finally grow intelligent enough to know that there is something beyond this world of ten thousand things.

My thought for today is this:

Do take meditation as a health supplement, but do not forget that it is actually a way for you to know yourself. Meditate and you will see into your own nature. However, it depends on YOU.

A medicine will cure you or not depends on YOU!

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