What Does An Enlightened Person See?

An enlightened person is like a white bean in a bag full of black beans. Looks similar, does similar things but with totally different quality of BEING! The enlightened person is not an OBJECT or an Individual. He is a PROCESS. A process that is eternal and effortless!

The awakened one sees nothing. He just sees. It is just a process with no object in or outside of it.

The world is created and eternal bliss becomes manifest with the one who is enlightened.


The one who views the world as full of objects and subjects is sleeping. He is not enlightened.


The reason for this type of understanding is quite obvious. The world attracts you. Everything around you is built to catch hold of your senses. Obviously the senses including the mind take these as sense-objects.

A human being with average intelligence is always attracted by objects and is eager to possess them.


It does not matter whether you are intelligent or unintelligent. Intelligent people who use their brains cleverly also create object-oriented world. Their misery is more because they even create illusory objects.


I will try to put in words how the world looks to an enlightened person.


Nothing ever is important

For the wise, day-to-day life is all that matters. He has no ambitions and no plans. The reason is that he sees nothing worth achieving.

What is left to achieve once you are awakened? The greatest gift is already with him.

Living with his jewel of enlightenment he carries on his day-to-day tasks just as they come.


Once the day is over, all positives and negatives of that day are also over for the awakened.


During the day also, nothing special ever happens. What is considered of worth for ordinary beings is not noticed by the wise. Not because he is not present, but because he does not attach any importance to it.

This does NOT mean that the enlightened person simply ignores everything. All he does is this:

He allows the experience to happen and not makes it unique. For him it is just another moment!


Just like a river flows to the ocean without effort, the awakened one just goes on living each day effortlessly until he leaves his body and disappears to the ultimate.


24 hours a day?

I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein

The whole energy of a blissful being is concentrated on each day! Future does not exist for him. The future can be as simple and far as the next minute.


Eternity is found in each moment. Just as the moon is reflected completely in a drop of water. Just because it is a ‘drop’ doesn’t mean it won’t reflect the moon completely. Similarly for the enlightened person each day is door to eternity. He does not search far.


The wise lives his life completely this day. TODAY is the day for him.


His day does NOT have 24 hours. The awakened one has just 1 second in a day!


Each second is different from others. Each moment is alive and unlike others. Only because he experiences it different each time, he finds it unique!

For the ordinary, boredom sets up soon. The wise is NEVER BORED


Ready to die

No, he is not a fanatic. He is not even a nationalist or a religious freak. The enlightened individual knows that there is NO FUTURE.

‘No future’ does not mean pessimism. If a pessimist is reading this article he might confuse herself/himself.

The wise knows no death and therefore is ready for it.


He sees and experiences the eternal in each moment and therefore knows no death.

There is a story of a Zen monk who was faced by an angry emperor. The monk did not salute the king. When the king got furious he sought to kill the monk. The king said to the monk:

“…Don’t you know who I am? I will draw my sword and cut you in two, and not blink an eye..”

To this, the Zen monk replied:

“…Don’t you know who I am? I will stand perfectly still while YOU cut me in TWO and NOT blink an eye…”

Such is the awareness of an enlightened person. He knows no elimination. He knows no competition. He knows no challenge.


The nature of an enlightened person

Seeing into one’s own nature, a direct pointing to the truth and that’s all there is to attain.

The beauty of this nature is that it does not depend on words and language. What is eternal belongs NOT to the language but to the heart.

What i write in this section will not make much sense to your mind. But if you read ‘between the lines’ and OPEN YOUR HEART, you will understand.


It is my strong belief that what i say now will awaken you. Just OPEN your heart. DO NOT use your mind or your cleverness.


The richness of this world is a reflection of your own true nature. You are THE MOST powerful and THE ONLY thing that exists and can ever exist.

The fundamental element of this universe is You! When you find Yourself in everything that you ever see, hear, smell, touch or think, THEN you have AWAKENED!

There is no one you can dominate.

There is nothing you can possess.

There is nowhere to go.

There is nothing to achieve.

There is no death.

There is ONLY life.

The life which you are living NOW is the greatest miracle that will ever happen. Do not look for miracles. Even if you walk on water or disappear into thin air, this is nothing.


Once you are enlightened nothing bad or good ever happens to you. You still earn money, pay your bills, eat your food, buy stuff, love, hate, tell lies, quarrel 🙂

Yes, the negatives do not leave you.

The truth is that the body and mind continue to falter, while the awakened being dwells in his true nature.


The awakened one leaves no moment which is not lived. In this moment he finds perfection. He is finished and immaculate this VERY MOMENT.

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