What is the truth of life – A zen approach

What is the truth of life – A zen approach

Today i sat down to eat my dinner. I switched on the television and started watching the news. There was this political party meeting organized to support the causes of poor farmers. As i watched it in detail i was surprised to hear that a farmer came to the meeting and in front of all the leaders committed suicide by hanging himself.

None of the political leaders came to help. On the contrary they were busy with their speeches which kept on mentioning the poor farmers and their state of affairs in the country. What is even more surprising is that the farmer was right in front of their sight and they were even discussing about him. But no one came to the rescue. Eventually the farmer died.

This brought me to a remarkable truth about life. There are many truths however this one is great. It is this:

“The Menu is NOT the food”

the food is to be eaten, not the menu
The food is not in the menu

Talking about food is not going to ease your hunger. “The menu” is really not the food. One of the fundamentals of zen mysticism is that you SHOULD NOT LEAD AN ARTIFICIAL LIFE. Be true to yourself. Don’t eat the menu. Eat the food please.

The more we live a life that’s true to your deeper self the more we live a fulfilled life. Zen meditation is all about seeing eye to eye with whatever is. No running away. Once you know how to live like this there is no fear from death as well. Being true , being naked, being zen.

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