Focus on Spiritual energy for Youth

Focus on Spiritual energy for Youth

Youth has no age.”

Pablo Picasso

Youth is the time when you CAN and SHOULD make a difference! Connecting with your spiritual source is easy at this age. This is the time when you have unlimited physical and mental energy. This energy can be converted to spiritual energy for realizing your true potential.

The youth have the vision and drive to achieve the impossible. However, without spiritual energy your efforts can only lead you to temporary satisfaction. For complete and unchallenged authority and satisfaction, you should focus on developing your spiritual energy. It’s not an Add-on to your youth, it is a “MUST-HAVE”.


Spirituality is NOT for the OLD and FAINT

It is a common belief that the matters related to spirituality are for the old age. This is not true at all. What will you start in the old age and for who? Will you have the necessary courage and determination?

In one of my previous blog post, i had discussed about how urgent this matter is. Once the vigor and focus of youth is gone, you’ll have little hope.

Spiritual Energy for Youth

The time to start is NOW! If you incorporate spirituality in your life when you’re young and energetic, you will have really nothing to regret in old age.


Youth – Your Life depends on it!

Will you choose to be depressed at the later stages of your life? Or will you choose to be full of happiness and bliss even when you are dying? Whether you embrace meditation and spirituality in your youth or not will decide it.

This is the right time to know the true source of your being. Do not make the mistake of ignoring it. You can make money and enjoy all the richness of life. But if you don’t connect with your inner being, your success will be hollow.

The worldly circumstances will change. So if you’re rich now, you may be poor tomorrow. If you have good friends and family now, tomorrow they¬† may leave you. But if you are connected to your spiritual source, you can be sure that your happiness and bliss will NEVER leave you. It all depends on YOU, the youth.


Never Give Up

Spiritual path is long and arduous. Humans are however wired to sustain long and hard. This is the property of the undying human-spirit. The human spirit never gives up!

Perseverance is the key to focus your spiritual energy. In fact the two support each other. The more you persevere, the more you develop this energy and the more you develop it, the better you can persevere!

Whenever you have taken up work in hand, you must see it to the finish. That is the ultimate secret of success. Never, never, never give up!

Dada Vaswani

Do not procrastinate

The youth is a time when you are easily lured by material and glamorous pursuits. You should definitely give them a go!

Spirituality is not at all about renouncing your material pursuits!

Contrary to popular belief, meditation and spirituality is not at all against following your day-to-day life.

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It is not like a side to your pizza. It is not like an add-on to your browser.

It is like the air you breathe in, the water you drink.

Spirituality is a MUST-HAVE

The air you breathe does not interfere in what you do in life and the water you drink does not interfere in what you desire. Spirituality and meditation is just like that. They are absolutely necessary and they don’t interfere with your material pursuits!

So do not delay in incorporating meditation and spirituality in your lives. The youth is the only time you have and as Picasso said: “Youth has no age“. Once you realize this, you’ll understand that the time to possess this jewel of spiritual awakening is NOW!

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