Zen And The Art Of Spiritual Health

Zen And The Art Of Spiritual Health

Health cannot be defined. You can only define a disease. You want to be physically and mentally  healthy but do you know that when you have spiritual health, you automatically achieve a perfect state of health. Recently I was asked about how to get rid of physical ailments. In this article I would love to explain the relation between Zen, spirituality and health.


True health is when you are happy with yourself. It is not just an absence of disease. Health is just not being disease-free. It is about being happy in the great awakening.


What is health?

This is the beauty that you cannot define health. It is also a remarkable boon that you cannot define it 🙂

Precisely because you cannot define health, you can enjoy it thoroughly.


In the spiritual world, whatever you can pinpoint will become like a ‘pointed pin’ and will be painful.


defining enlightenment



Health is similar. The more you try to pinpoint health, the more sick you will become.


A perfect state of health is when you don’t even know what is health. It is only when you are sick that you start talking about health, medicines and so on.


On the spiritual path, once you become aware of the nothingness of existence, you allow perfect health to come into your life. This ‘Nothingness‘ is a great effortlessness. You become so lightweight that even a serious disease becomes ‘NOTHING’. You just laugh all the way.


Nothingness of Existence – An Open Gate

Your health will remain intact when life energy flows freely. It is like when you allow fresh air to come in and stale air to go out.

This is the principle of Yoga. You take in vital life force through eyes, nose, mouth. And you clear out the waste from your body exits. Once this continues unobstructed, you remain healthy.


Similarly when you understand the fundamental nature of existence, you attain perfect health.


The fundamental nature of existence is like ‘An Open Gate‘. This whole existence is full of ‘Emptiness‘. It is a vast space. A vast empty space with freedom to create anything. And everyone and everything in the universe is a ‘Nothing‘.

You, me and everything else is nothing. We are just spaces. This is realized after meditation. This is our true nature. A limitless and boundless freedom with unlimited health and richness.


Once you realize this nature of existence as your own true nature, you realize that the gates of your perfect health are OPEN. They are open 24 hours a day and they never close.


Nothing bounds you and nothing makes you sick except yourself. The more acute your vision of your existence, the more sick you become. The more ego-centric life you live, the sicker you will become. Let’s see how.


The Meaner you become, The Sicker you get

Spiritual health is about being awake to perfect health. The only health is spiritual. It is the base of all ‘healths‘.

Your doctor may have told you many times that health is, more often than not, a state of your mind. The more positive you feel about life in general, the better health you will have.

More negativity in your mind will breed bad health.


An unaware mind has a limited view of self. When you are spiritually asleep, you don’t realize your boundless nature. Your scope is limited. Hence your chances of being negative are more. The chances that you will become sick is more.


The more ego you have, the sicker you will be.


It is as simple as that. More ego as a result of your false sense of identity will bring lots of anger, frustration, lust and bad energy. This will lead to poor health.

The more carefree and closer you are to your spiritual awakening, more healthy you will be.



Here it is interesting to note that on your spiritual journey, you develop a ‘SPIRITUAL EGO‘  which is stronger than a ‘Normal Ego‘.

Hence during spiritual journey, some people will find themselves more unhealthy and sometimes fighting with grave diseases like cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.


Hence one must leave ego behind. Learn how to Meditate properly.


The sooner you realize the pinnacle of your spiritual journey, the better it would be.


Spiritual Health and Zen Awakening

Zen does not distinguish health or sickness. In fact, we don’t care whether we’re sick or healthy. A zen student simply has no preferences.

Zen way is the natural way. And in following the natural way, we are naturally healthy!


Our way is easy and happy-go-lucky kind. Everything comes to us. We don’t choose and hence we appreciate everything.


The Zen Awakening brings a practical approach to spirituality. Zen masters and students are practical. We are not interested in concepts. We do not think a lot.

We just live our lives as is. The plain and simple way is our way. We eat when we feel hungry. We sleep when we are tired. We argue when it is necessary and we do what is necessary for the moment.

There is only one thing that we do at the end of the day. We let go of everything. Each moment is new for us. Each second is a new birth for us.


We are not constrained by anything. We do not constrain anything.


The great awakening is boundless and eternal. There are no restrictions anywhere. As soon as you realize this nature, you become happy and healthy.

This is the secret of spiritual success. Be it spiritual health, physical or mental health, worldly or outworldly success, this is the entry gate. You must realize this true nature of existence as yours.


Liberate yourself from your chains because there aren’t any! 🙂


It is not just about health. Anything that helps you will come to you automatically once you are in tune with your true nature. Become what you already are and then the ultimate source of happiness and freedom and health will be yours for the taking.

Stay blessed and stay fit!


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2 thoughts on “Zen And The Art Of Spiritual Health

  1. Yeah, this rings very true. I have been suffering from stronger and stronger migraine attacks for many years until I started meditating. Whenever my mind turns to negative thoughts the migraine is always around the corner.

    Luckily meditation taught me to be aware once negative thoughts appear for no apparent reason. Sometimes I’m just hungry, tired or frustrated and then I stop to eat, rest or move around and I feel better.

    Of course I adapted my diet, activity levels, screen time etc. as well in order to minimize the risk of migraine. I have also embraced a TCM therapy with herbs and acupuncture but at the core are the negative thoughts. When the ego runs amok I have to shut it down in order to prevent the pain.

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