Zen and The Experience of Spiritual Awakening

A special transmission outside the scriptures,
No dependence on words and letters.
Directly pointing to one’s heart,
Seeing into one’s own true nature and thus attaining Spiritual Awakening.

— Zen

This special transmission beyond all words is Zen. Direct pointing to the heart of man instantly leads to Spiritual Awakening. That’s Zen!


The other day I was on an online forum where people were discussing ABOUT Spirituality! It was interesting to note that most of them were intellectuals! 🙂


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Many do not know that just discussing about spirituality is NOT going to help. Nor the one who discusses about it can be said to be awakened.

In fact, the more you discuss about Zen and spiritual awakening and stuff like that, WITHOUT ACTUALLY reflecting that in your life, it’s all worthless.


Real spiritual journey will start when there is nowhere to go. You will truly start on self-discovery the day you feel hopeless and when the world seems like a ‘house on fire’.


These days people think that they know more than anyone else does. They talk about Zen and Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment and music and often mix them with other concepts such as those of a philosophical or metaphysical nature.

People who just like to discuss and try to play and win mental games will NOT benefit from what I say or write on my blog.


Zen is totally different. It is a “special transmission beyond scriptures“. It is beyond all words and letters.

So what is it that liberates you? It is the direct pointing to your ‘heart‘.


Directly pointing to one’s heart,
Seeing into one’s own true nature…


What is this ‘HEART’ which once seen will lead to a whole new awareness?

In this article I will share my experience of what this ‘HEART’ is from the above definition of Zen.


Zen and Spiritual Awakening Beyond All Barriers

To reach ‘the heart’ of spiritual awakening, you MUST cross barriers. The obstacles lie in your mind.

The language, the words, and even the meanings need to be dropped.

Do not try to drop the Ego directly. Drop its crutches. Once you stop trusting all words and all scriptures, your Ego will disappear.

This is called ‘The Great Doubt‘ in Zen.


Once you lose all faith in the materialistic world, you will never go back to it. That is when your spiritual journey can start.

There are many barriers and you must cross them. You have to transcend everything you have been told. Give up all your knowledge and wisdom. Be completely innocent.


This is the first step in spiritual awareness.


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Direct Pointing – Direct Experience

So, what’s the next step in spiritual training?

Well, you’re already there. As soon as the first step is taken, the journey ends.


The day you directly experience everything without any past knowledge, You will be Free!



Have you ever been to a scenic place?

If you have been there at least once, you will not find it interesting. Why?

This is because you have seen it mentally. It does not appeal to you anymore. This is your ‘MIND’.

A Zen master goes to a scenic place. He doesn’t even know how it looked like. He may have seen it. But he doesn’t know. This is his ‘HEART’.


This heart is what Zen points to. Something in you which ‘experiences’. It is called ‘Heart’ because it is the very core of your being. It is You!


NOTE: Please do not confuse the heart you normally associate with emotions, with the Zen ‘Heart’! As long as words and emotions define your ‘heart‘ , it is not the ‘Heart‘ which Zen talks about.


It is not about being emotional or compassionate or religious. It is about seeing Your True Self.


Experience yourself beyond barriers of words or emotions.


Zen teachings via stories and parables try to reach your inner being. When these teachings appeal to you, it only reaches your emotional heart. But you have to go deeper.


To really benefit from Zen, you must go beyond its words or its teachings.

You must see what it is trying to show you. It is directly pointing to your ‘HEART’, your true self.


What Zen is Trying to Show You

Zen is like a finger pointing to the moon. To see the moon, you must STOP looking at the finger


The beautiful nature of your true self is the moon in above illustration. Zen is the finger that points to it.


How can you see the moon? By looking at it, right? If you just keep looking at the finger, you cannot see the moon.

To experience zen and spiritual awakening, you must directly experience the moon. This is possible only when you stop looking at the finger. That’s the essence of Zen. Go beyond all words and scriptures. Experience yourself directly!

And the beautiful thing is:

As soon as you go beyond all knowledge, you directly experience yourself.


In other words, as soon as the first stage of spiritual journey is complete, you are already liberated.

You must cross the barrier and directly experience the truth.


The Art of the Heart

The outside world is a reflection of your ‘Heart’. It is your own true self flowering in different forms.

Just like a lotus blooming, this world sprouts forth from our own consciousness.

As soon as you experience your true self, you can see the art.


This world is a painting. A beautiful art called Life.

It is your own inner glory.

YOU are the creator.

YOU are the artist.

YOU are me. YOU are you and YOU are everything!


Spiritual Awakening brings this great fact to life. There is nowhere to go. This place is THE place. This Moment is THE moment to live.

It is All Yours.

It is YOUR art. It is your place to BE.


If you truly understand my words, you will go beyond them. Then life will be magical. Then you will not try to change anything in your life.


Every moment of your life will become miraculous!


You will find Eternity in this ephemeral world. You will then be naturally inclined to help others see the reality.


Wherever you go and whatever you do will become an Art! Then you will truly appreciate life and death. You will discover this greatest secret of being FOREVER PRESENT!

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