Hi everyone! Greetings!

The Purpose of this website blog:

This website (ankushchauhan.com) aims to help anyone who is looking for happiness, success and peace, achieve it!

This website is the result of my immense desire to share my enlightenment with you!

When i discovered what i really was, my life changed.

I am now fulfilled. The universe is taking care of my physical body and it’s needs. Inside i enjoy the fruits of enlightenment and outside it takes care.

It is my heartfelt desire to share this love with You! That is how i decided to start this blog. I am 100% sure all seekers shall find their Glory!

Who am I?

My name is Ankush Chauhan. I live in India. Since my childhood i was interested in spirituality. I was eager to know who i was and where i came from? I practice zen meditation. It has changed my life tremendously. Not only i feel contented and happy inside, but also feel that i am more successful in material pursuits. I feel connected to my spiritual source within.


My Story

I grew up in a small town in the heart of India. My parents are both teachers and we belong to a middle class family. I was good in studies however i did not believe in getting good marks only. Whatever i studied, i wanted to use it in my everyday life.

I was spiritually inclined and my parents were worried what would happen to me. 🙂 They thought i would not be able to sustain myself and make a living. However, i was a free soul then and i AM still .  I just do what i feel deep down inside. Something in me always guides me and takes care.

It’s been quite a long spiritual journey now. I got a chance to read many books and scriptures, not to mention some of them by self-styled gurus. However i soon became disillusioned. I practiced hard to find who i am by reading spiritual books, religious scriptures etc. but none of it helped.

After a lot of struggle and frustration, i realized that the truth is not in books or scriptures. What i was searching for cannot be obtained from books. So i stopped reading them. I then started meditating when i came in touch with zen about 15 years ago.

Zen meditation has changed my life. It has brought me closer to reality. It’s simply amazing! It has inspired me to share my experiences with you. That is why i started blogging about it. This website you are now browsing is a result of this desire to share my spiritual experiences with You!

What do i do?

I am a software engineer by profession. I write about my spiritual experiences in hope that it can help others who are treading on the same path.